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Ginny's smiling again.

The sight should make Hermione's breath catch, eyes stare and hands shake. But instead it makes her scowl. Ginny's smile is beautiful, yes, but...

Ginny's smiling at Dean.

Blissfully unaware of the scrutiny they are under, Ginny and Dean lean their heads together and talk softly. Dean grins and Ginny throws back her head and laughs. The sound is beautiful, but no more than the sight of wind-tossed hair and bright brown eyes,

Ginny is beautiful.

There is a strange charm to her. She isn't as pretty as some of the other girls - Daphne Greengrass or Parvati - but she's so...alive. This casts a glow on her, that no other girl can match, even in their entirety. She is a flame and Hermione is the unsuspecting moth. The sorceress has cast her spell and everyone has fallen into it.

But why would Ginny want Hermione? Dean is...well, he's a boy to start with. And there's not only Dean, there's a whole range of boys out there. Why would she settle with Hermione?

Ginny is a bird, a creature of great beauty. Creatures of great beauty don't settle with bushy-haired know-it-alls. They choose people with a spark, like Harry, or beauty, like Malfoy, or kind and placid, like Dean.

Hermione sighs and glances at Ginny and Dean. Then she drops her gaze to her homework.

Ginny's still smiling.


I finished my test 15 minutes early and this came out of it. My first foray into femslash.