Prompts: 30 kisses - # 2 - news/letter

Interpretation: News/letter is Tsunade's order

Disclaimer: Naruto, and its characters, doesn't belong to me.

Warnings: Fluff, mild language

"You've got to be shitting me."

Uzumaki Naruto spoke those words with an utterance of disbelief and anger and happiness all rolled into one. Blue eyes regarded the bearer of the news, who looked nonchalant and unaffected. Uchiha Sasuke, ex-S-class-missing-nin, stood there, face blank and eyes hard, not showing any of this thoughts regarding the arrangement the Godaime has imposed on them.

Said arrangement was in danger of being ripped into many indistinguishable pieces, as Naruto's tanned, callused hands were trembling, shock imprinted on his features as permanently as the mental scar of walking on the Old Hag and the Pervert Hermit--

"Are you just going to gawk there, or are you going to let your visitor in, Naruto?" The blankness chipped away, little by little, like those humungous icebergs that warmed up and fell to the depths of the surrounding seas. Amusement at Naruto's reaction now reigned freely over the elegantly-sculpted face, while Naruto settled for shifting the glare to the paper signed by the Old Hag.

You are to let Uchiha Sasuke stay in your apartment until his permanent residence has been properly taken care of...

Really, he could swear that Kakashi-sensei and the Pervert Hermit suggested this to Granny Tsunade, because no way she'd know of his feelings for--


"You've got to give me something in exchange for this, bastard," Naruto weakly countered, still feeling cheated and betrayed.

Sasuke pondered about this for a moment, before that devillish smirk made itself pronounced once more. The look on his best friend's face didn't really calm Naruto's already-frazzle nerves.

"How about..." Sasuke's voice possessed a breathy quality, and Naruto wondered again if Sasuke somehow knew. "How about a kiss?"

The shock from the question didn't even properly register at the smaller one's mind, as the Uchiha swooped in, and claimed those lips that were saved just for him--

--and soon after, Sasuke pulled away and sauntered over the door that Naruto was blocking earlier, and called out to his friend, rival, enemy--

"Don't tell me you're going to stay outside?" There's a slight tone of affection there that jolted Naruto out of his stupor, before he suddenly smiled, as though a revelation suddenly came to his senses.

"What! Who said you were done paying!" Naruto asked, fuming adorably as he stomped into his apartment.

Sasuke's face looked as though he was afraid for pushing his secret lo--friend too much.

"The rate is one kiss PER HOUR!" Naruto exclaimed, though the adorable tinge of pink remained on his face, with Tsunade's letter to him already forgotten on his messy floor.

And Sasuke smirked ferally at those words, and he spent the entire afternoon paying Naruto in advance.


Yes, silly, yes, I know. One kiss per hour isn't such a bad rate, hmm?