Prompts: 30 kisses - # 6 - the space between dream and reality

Interpretation: Naruto dreams of Sasuke and of happy endings.

Disclaimer: Naruto, and its characters, doesn't belong to me.

Warnings: angst, "post time skip"

If there was one person who understood the distance between Dreams and Reality, it was Naruto.

During the day, Naruto would train hard, eat his fill of ramen until he felt like his stomach would burst, annoy Jiraiya and declare powerful words of hatred towards his rival.

During the night, Naruto would flop tiredly to his sleeping bag, hands burned from chakra concentrations throughout the day, legs shaky from the intensive

taijutsu practice, mind foggy from thinking up all the things he hated about that bastard.

He would speak out words of distaste and promises of pain. He would think of words of affection and promises of return.

He would declare that he hated the bastard to the very core of his being. He would reminisce the times when their lips overlapped in a flurry of surprise, stress and sudden wanting.

Sometimes, Naruto would sleep in, despite how hard Jiraiya kicked his stomach, despite how cold the water dumped over his head.

Because when his eyes were closed, he could imagine Sasuke, leaning over him with a smoky look on those dark eyes, lips touching in a thousand ways that he couldn't even describe.

Because as soon as he opened his eyes, his lips wouldn't be kissed by Sasuke's memories and his skin wouldn't be slathered by freezing-hot touches.

Because as long as he was "asleep", he could try to hold on to his dreams of Sasuke and ignore the sting of reality.

He knew that someday, there'd come a day, when his dreams would come true, and it wouldn't be dusty ground and hateful words that would make his days. Someday, when he could finally manage to leave the comfort of his dreams.

Sometimes, dreams are even more painful than reality...

I'll take you back, Sasuke.