Prompts: 30 kisses - Perfect Blue # 15

Interpretation: Contact lenses

Disclaimer: Naruto, and its characters, doesn't belong to me.

Warning: Fluff, weird shifts between POV O.O;;

She allowed herself to be dragged around by her excited teammate, though she couldn't really feel too much irritated about it--because Naruto looked so endearingly, adorably, childishly happy at the moment.

And, she reminded herself dully, she was the one who showed Naruto the magazine she was squealing over about. The same magazine that featured contact lenses of different colors as the newest fashion trend.

It was all fine and fun, she guessed, but she never thought finding the correct color for Naruto was going to be this hard.

Green didn't look good on Naruto, because it only succeeded on making Sakura feel as though she was staring at a long-lost brother. Black made Naruto look too normal--and it was one word that Sakura never wanted to associate with her blond friend. (Of course, the words intelligent and composed also never fit the blond, but it was a different matter altogether.)

Violet looked nice, though a bit too unnatural, but it made Naruto look exceedingly mature and that's also something that Sakura didn't like. Naruto was best at the "innocent look"; maturity didn't seem to be the best thing to link to the other's personality. Red reminded that two of them of the same person--so the blood-colored contact lens of choice was discarded immediately.

Pink looked too weird; yellow looked too bright; brown looked too plain; white looked too Hyuuga-ish and therefore, plain freaky.

Sakura squealed loudly as she found the baby-blue color that she wanted, and she gestured for Naruto to try it on. Naruto, who was already quiet fed up with none of the colors matching him, eagerly tried the new one.

The blond blinked, and he looked at the mirror. He looked... strange. He mentioned that to his company, but the pink-haired girl simply waved him off and purchased the contact lens, saying something about this being her advanced birthday present.

Naruto merely nodded, still feeling a bit strange with eyes almost the same color as Ino's.

"Ta-da! It looks nice, doesn't it!" Sakura asked gleefully, gesturing to Naruto's eyes. Kakashi agreed, adding that the blond looked more feminine than usual--which earned him an unsuppressed giggle from the female, and an unsuccessful punch from Naruto.

"Naa, Sasuke, what do you think?" Kakashi asked, a sly note on his voice that Naruto thoroughly missed.

"Yeah, Sasuke-bastard, I look much cooler than you now!" Naruto brightly exclaimed, though he moved towards his other teammate and peered close to the other's face, showing off his powder-blue contact lens.

Sasuke's unfathomably dark eyes gazed back at him emotionlessly, before the pink lips that were so close to him stretched into the familiar mocking smirk.

"You're such an idiot," Sasuke said with an air of superiority, causing the shorter male to make an indignant face.

"Who're you calling--"

And Sasuke moved so quickly, warm lips pressing against his own, uncaring about Sakura's wide-eyed look and Kakashi's perverted leering, silencing and rendering the blond immobile effectively.

And Sasuke's hands deftly removed the contact lens from the unmoving blond's eyes, and he threw them to the waters of the river that ran underneath their usual meeting area.

"Wha--What, WHY?" Naruto managed to string a slightly-incoherent string of syllables, mind still tripping over the fact that Sasuke just kissed him--and in front of Kakashi and Sakura-chan!

Sasuke smiled slightly, a sight that was truly a sight to behold, before he smirked smugly at the dazed teen once more.

"You already have the perfectly blue eyes."