Title: My Evil Veela Mate

Author: Jaeye

Pairing/s: Voldemort/Harry

Warnings: This has slash, and so far, I haven't finished an actual story, so let's hope I finish this one. And it's been sometime since I've read the HP books so I'm a bit rusty in this verse.

Disclaimer: Oooh… I forgot all about this. Okay, this doesn't belong to me :P I own peanuts.

A/N: I've added a little to this chapter since I uploaded it yesterday… I think it ends better now.


Prologue: Transmogrification


/Potions Classroom/

Harry Potter hated Potions. It was such a miserable subject to learn. It wasn't that it was especially difficult or impossible to do. It was just extremely hard to concentrate on all the steps when you had a slimy nosed git passing by every few minutes to harass you.

Harry stared at Professor Snape's back and glared with all his might, willing him to trip and fall. He glared so hard that he didn't notice the dungbomb that flew over his shoulder until it splashed into his cauldron with a thick sloppy sound. The thick swirly maroon liquid turned an instant ugly yellow-brown and started bubbling and churning fiercely. Oh, shit. Imminent explosion.

He ducked under the desk, his Quidditch honed reflexes saving him from being drenched by the gloop that imploded in the cauldron, which cracked and hurled Transmogrifying potion every which way.


"Professor, I didn't- " Harry stood and attempted to pick up what remained of the dungbomb, when suddenly it shimmered and in it's place was a huge juicy dungbeetle. Everything else the potion had drenched had been transmogrified as well, and Harry tried to look as innocent as he could while what remained of his Potions kit made a break for the floor.

"Enough!" Snape looked livid as he crunched a runaway lizard underfoot and waved his wand, changing everything back to normal. Harry winced as he noticed his silver weighing scales under the potion master's boot. "Detention. Tonight, and the following nights until you get this potion right."

"But- "

"But nothing!" He leaned close to Harry, his greasy hair swinging forward to frame his sallow face as his black eyes glittered maliciously. "One more word Potter, and I will suspend you from this class, I don't care what Dumbledore says. You have the gall to play around behind my back, you should at least be man enough to accept your punishment," he sneered before sweeping to the front of the class.

Harry slowly turned around to face Malfoy who he knew had thrown the dung bomb. The blonde Slytherin was stirring his perfectly brewed potion, smirking as he observed Harry's face. Harry decided not to give him the satisfaction of seeing his anger and kept his face smooth. He knew the blonde would be out to get him. Malfoy blamed his rival for getting his father into Azkaban, and had threatened him from the first day on the train. To Harry, it was just another facet of their animosity.

He spent the rest of the lesson clearing and cleaning his table and potions kit, then observing as Hermione finished her potion at the table in front of him. Advanced Potions was a small class and they didn't work in partners. It was just as well, as Harry couldn't have kept up with Hermione and he didn't really know the other people in the class excepting Malfoy. But nothing would have induced him to pair with that pure-blooded bastard.


/The Great Hall/

Dinner at the Great Hall was a short affair with the joy of detention awaiting him. He spend more time listening to Ron complain about Snape for him and Hermione as she interjected to comment or reprimand Ron for speaking with his mouth full.

Harry was more interested in staring across the Hall at Malfoy. The boy was glaring at him. He watched as Malfoy stabbed a potato with his knife and then pointed the tip at him as he Incendio-ed the tuber, reducing it to charred cinders. He rolled his eyes and ignored him, knowing it would piss him off more.

"Let's transfigure him into a ferret and chuck him into Aragog's nest," Ron snarled as he observed Harry observing the Slytherin.

"Ron! You know we're not supposed to used Transfiguration on people." Hermione reproached.

"I don't care. I know how now. What's the use of learning all this stuff if we never get to use it?" He chuckled darkly and Harry could practically see his thoughts as he remembered Malfoy's stint as a ferret in third year. Ron thought of it as one of the most precious memories he had at Hogwarts.

"Ron!" Hermione opened her mouth to continue, and Harry, sure that a lecture on the importance of learning and the proper use of magic was to follow, quickly got up and interrupted.

"Er, I'm going now, Snape's already left dinner and I don't want to be late." He patted Hermione's bushy head as he passed her by, "And at least Ron's studying, eh, Mione?" he grinned, leaving her to figure out whether it would be best to scold Ron for studying just to know how to beat Malfoy up better, or to be thankful he was finally interested in it. Studying, that is.


/Potions Classroom/

At detention, Snape merely ordered him to brew the ruined potion again before leaving him alone.

Harry, thankful for the privacy, set out his repaired cauldron and potions kit on the table and proceeded to complete the potion once and for all.

A couple of hours later, he was done. All that was left was to add in the transmogrification factor, or the essence of the entity that was to be created from the transforming object. But as Snape was going to test their potions himself the last ingredient wasn't needed yet, and so Harry left his potion to simmer and set, satisfied that Snape couldn't penalize him and give another detention. It was so obvious, that the reason why he couldn't always brew proper potions in class was Snape himself. And Malfoy.

"Bloody freaky ferret face," Harry whispered as he smiled down at the glittering crimson potion. "Take that, you git."

"I wouldn't call others freaky if I were you, scarface."

Harry jumped and spun around. Malfoy stood behind him, flanked by his henchmen, Crabbe and Goyle. "Malfoy," he spat.

"Potty," Malfoy shot back obligingly. Crabbe and Goyle sniggered beside him. "Pity your mudblood bint and weasel sidekick aren't here." He waved his wand and cast a locking spell on the door. "Then you'd have someone to take your curses for you. Just like your wretched fool of a mother and your cowardly father."

Harry's eyes narrowed and he pointed his wand at Malfoy in a dueling stance. "Funny you should say that, when you're the one with Dumb and Dumber as backup. And I don't recall your dad being any kind of hero. He ran like a yellow bellied chicken when Dumbledore came, and I bet even now, he's screaming his guts out at Azkaban."

Malfoy snarled and whipped his wand through the air. "Flipendo!"

The jinx blasted Harry backwards, and he fell, cracking the back of his head against his cauldron. Blood flowed down his neck, and his vision wavered. He scrambled to his feet and aimed his wand at Malfoy. "Pileruo!"

Malfoy's eyes widened as the curse hit him square in the chest, then screamed as chunks of his baby blond hair was ripped out by the roots and sent flying every which way. Unnoticed by Harry, several floated into his cauldron, where upon contact, the potion turned into a lovely glowing pink.

Meanwhile, Malfoy's hands were grasping his remaining hair and he had tears in his eyes. "GET HIM!"

Crabbe and Goyle charged in unison, prepared to pound Harry to the ground. He twirled his wand, "Confundus!"

Crabbe, blasted by the spell, stopped running and flailed as he spun around confusedly. Goyle was smacked in the face by his housemate and the both of them tumbled to the floor, slipping and skidding on bits of blonde hair.


Harry looked up, just in time to avoid the curse from Malfoy, however, he realized too late, his potion was a sitting duck. "Acci-"

Before he could summon it, his cauldron exploded once again and he was soaked through with the sweet smelling potion. "Damn you, Malfoy! Furnuncu-"


Harry and Malfoy's wands rose up in the air, and landed in Snape's outstretched hand. The potions master loomed in the doorway, beetle black eye's flashing in anger.

"POTTER!" Snape strode into the room. "And Mr. Malfoy." Then he noticed Crabbe and Goyle scrabbling on the floor. "I see the lot of you have nothing better to do than WASTE potion materials," he glared at Harry " and RUIN the potion lab."

"It was Potter's explosion-"

" -Malfoy came and started the fight, sir. I had just finished the potion," Harry tried to explain.

"And ended up wearing it." Snape glared at him, his gaze sweeping up and down Harry's drenched body. "It takes two to fight, Potter, I want no excuses."

Harry sighed and licked his lips, gagging as he tasted the potion. "More detention, sir?"

"Precisely, Potter. You are going to replenish the potions cupboard with shadowroot from the Forbidden Forest. It can only be harvested, in the light of the full moon from the midnight blooming plants, and has to be immediately preserved. I trust you will have no problem," he snapped.

"You, Mr. Malfoy, are going to pick up every strand of hair here, and you two had better help him." With that, he slammed both their wands down on the table and stalked off, a black miasma seeming to surround him.

"You're dead." Malfoy sneered, already crawling on the floor to pick up his precious hair. "Shadowroot is to werewolves what catnip is to cats. You'll be ripped to pieces by that mangy canine," he chuckled darkly.

"Better that than bald." Harry countered, blowing Malfoy's hair off his chopping board. "Better wear a wig, egghead."

"Gimme those, you bloody oaf!"

Harry tossed the hairs at Malfoy, finished packing and left, making sure to step on several large chunks as he went.


/Gryffindor Tower/

"Bloody hell, Harry, what have you been rolling around in?" Ron gaped as Harry trudged into the Gryffindor common room, resplendent in pink.


"You've been rolling around with Malfoy?" Harry glanced at Ron, amused to see his jaw drop.

"No, Ron," He sighed. "I finished Snape's bloody potion, then Malfoy came with Crabbe and Goyle, and we fought, and he exploded my potion again, and then Snape gave me another detention, only I have to go to the Forbidden Forest tomorrow to get shadowroot, and I don't think he's going to give me another chance to do the bloody potion, and I think I'm this close to failing." Harry held up his hand, with his thumb and finger pressed together.

"Hell." Ron looked him up and down. "I hope you gave him as good as you got!"

"I did," he grinned. "I hit him with Hermione's hair wrenching curse. He's going to have bald spots till he grows it back… or he can just use a hair growing potion…" he shrugged.

"Nah. He'll have to wait till it grows back. When Hermione wants something done, it gets done right," Ron laughed. "Hey, Colin, where's your camera?"

Harry left Ron plotting devious plots with Colin Creevey and went to wash the potion off himself. He was beginning to feel a little queasy, covered in pink gloop.


Harry couldn't sleep. The potion had been hard to wash off, slimy and sticky, and it felt like a layer was still left on him. He would've scratched his skin off if Hermione hadn't done a whole-body scouring charm for him when she finally came down from the girls' dorm with Ginny in tow.

He tossed and turned in the bed, feeling as he did sometimes, that the curtains were too confining. He got up and drew them back, then quietly padded over to his favourite spot near the window, tucked away behind a fold in the wall, and sat down to sit and think as he stared out the window.

Hagrid's hut was illuminated. He stared at the little stone cabin, wondering what Professor Lupin was doing so late at night. Hagrid had gone off on another expedition to the Giants with Madame Maxime, and Professor Lupin had been offered the post of Care of Magical Creatures teacher and Gameskeeper. Harry smiled. The class was really wonderful now. They were learning about humanoid magical creatures. Lupin had a gift with teaching. He was able to bring the most weird and wonderful creatures to life from his descriptions. And sometimes, rarely now that they were in the advanced class, he brought a real magical creature to class for them to see.

Harry watched the light and how it contrasted with the shadows, a beacon in the dark. It was so peaceful, sitting here when the castle was so quiet. It felt cosy, and private, and secret. He hugged his legs close to his chest as he gazed at the light until when he close his eyes, the afterglow was imprinted on the inside of his lids. He curled in tight and buried his face in his knees. A faint tingling started deep within him. It was a soft tickle that made him shudder. It ran up his spine and his neck, hunching his shoulders. At first he thought nothing of it. He'd felt it before. He felt it on that rocky island when Hagrid punched down the door of the shack, knowing it was a beginning. He'd felt it as he walked into Ollivander's shop and when he finally held his wand in his hand. And again the first time he saw Hogwarts, from across the gold-black ripples on the Lake, lit like a fairytale castle. It was like the shudders of excitement he felt anticipating quidditch matches.

The shivering warmed his body and Harry started to doze off; his eyes slid shut and his body slumped to the floor. Outside, it started to rain. The flashes of lightning lit the sky, as bright as the glow that flashed from the window of the 6th year Gryffindor boys' dorm.



I put together English words translated into Latin for the hair wrenching curse, here are the translations:

pilo: to shave, cut the hair.

eruo: to dig up, pull out; raze, demolish

A/N: Was the transformation too vague? I didn't know how detailed it should be. Please comment, and tell me what you think! Comments and criticism are very, very appreciated :P