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A New Beginning

Chapter 1

The sight that greeted Colonel Jack O'Neill a he stepped out of the Stargate would cause even the most emotionless person to feel sadness. The Stargate looked to be in the centre of what once must have been a great city, now however it was a site of complete devastation and destruction. He looked to his team instinctively to make sure they were all present and accounted for. Major Samantha Carter was sending the MALP back, Dr Daniel Jackson was just slightly ahead of him taking in the scene that surrounded them and Teal'c was standing close by his side.

"What happened here?"

"Whatever happened let's hope it's long gone?" Jack said solemnly.

A movement ahead caught his attention and he could see the form of a person hiding slightly behind one of the ruined buildings. Daniel had obviously also seen the same thing.

"Hello, we're not going to hurt you, I'm Dr Daniel Jackson, this is Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter and Teal'c"

The figure behind the building stepped out, it was a man who looked to be in his mid 40s, he had short greying hair and wore clothes that looked like they'd seen better days. He looked around first at Daniel, then Jack, then Sam and finally Teal'c. A flash of panic crossed the mans face as he looked at Teal'c.

"He is Jaffa"

"Yes but he's one of us now, he fights with us against the Goa'uld"

The man seemed to relax a little but continued to regard Teal'c warily "My name is Bashenne, welcome to Myena or what is left of it"

"What happened?" Jack asked unsure he wanted to know the answer.

"First what do you want here?"

"We come from a planet called earth, we're explorers" Sam answered

"And you fight the Goa'uld?"

"Yes we do"

"You do not believe they are Gods?"


"Then you are most welcome here"

The team followed Bashenne to a building that appeared to have sustained a little less damage than most of the others. When they entered the building they saw a large group of people of varying age all wearing clothes similar to Bashenne and all looking equally worn. Bashenne led them into a room in the back where there was a long table and chairs that reminded Jack of the briefing room back at the SGC.

"Now we can talk" Bashenne stated simply as he took a seat and motioned for the others to do the same.

"So what happened here?"

"The Goa'uld" he stated simply as if that was all the explanation that was necessary and really it was but he took a deep breath before he explained further "I'm proud to say that we were a fairly advanced peoples, and I'd like to believe we were very ethical. We used our technology to fight the Goa'uld all the while remaining anonymous, they never knew where we were coming from at least not for many years.

They learned the location of our planet and before we even knew anything about it they amassed an entire fleet and dropped into orbit. The planets defences were activated but there was little they could do against a fleet that size. The Goa'uld quickly took out our defences and attacked the city from orbit.

Most of our people were killed in the attack and almost everyone who wasn't killed by the initial attack, were captured and killed by the Jaffa that came into the city afterwards. A few of us were able to escape and hid for several months. When we returned the city was in ruins and the Goa'uld had left. Probably because they believed there was no one left alive and anything that would have been of value to them was destroyed in the attacks, that was many years ago now".

"Why didn't you escape through the Stargate when they arrived or use it to leave now?" Daniel asked curiously.


"Yeah, big round thing back there" Jack answered.

"You mean the great circle, we did attempt to use it to escape when they arrived but they were able to establish a wormhole to this planet before we could establish one off. As for using it to leave now, we do not want to leave Myena, it is our home. We tried to use it to get help but the planets we tried were never willing to help as we had nothing to offer them in the return".

"Well we my be able to help you out with some of that" Jack said

"Really, what do you want in return?"

"You're friendship and perhaps we could trade knowledge" Daniel replied.

"An interesting proposition"

"Come back with us through the Stargate and talk to our people, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement that benefits both our peoples"

Sam was sitting at the briefing table in between Jack and Teal'c opposite her Daniel was sitting next to Janet, which seemed to becoming a somewhat automatic action for the two of them. Sam had noticed that recently whenever the two of them were in the same room they would automatically move close together. Sitting at the other side of Janet was her latest patient, Bashenne. Janet had checked him out when they had brought him through the Stargate and she had told them he was suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration and had several cuts and bruises but nothing some half decent medical care wouldn't fix.

They had told General Hammond of the situation on Myena and he had spent the last twenty minutes on the phone in his office, the rest of them had taken Bashenne down to the cafeteria where he had eaten a decent meal and they were now sat waiting patiently for General Hammond to come back out of his office. They didn't have to wait much longer, everyone looked up as Hammond walked back into the room. Normal military protocol would have had them stand up but nothing was normal at the SGC, besides if SG1 stood up every time Hammond walked into the briefing room when they were already in it they'd be up and down like yoyos.

"Well we have the go ahead to provide whatever assistance we can offer you" Hammond said as he walked into the room.

"Thank you, any help you can offer us would be greatly appreciated, may I ask that I deal with as few a people as possible and that SG1 remain involved and do most of the interactions between our people"

"Why us?"

"Our dealings with other races have never been good, I would rather deal with as few a people as possible, no offence intended but I do not know that I can trust your people. The less people I interact with the more I will be able to learn to trust them"

"I suppose that's understandable"

Daniel was standing by Janet's side as they reported into the SGC through the gate, they had been on Myena for several days now and they were already beginning to see the impact their actions were having on the few people that were left on the planet. After their briefing with General Hammond when they had been given the go ahead to help these people, SG1 had returned through the gate with Janet, a medical team, a few other officers and as much food, water, clothing and medical supplies they could bring at the time. More were constantly being sent through the gate and things were really starting to look better here.

"And we'll need a few more antibiotics sir" Janet was saying, they had found that most of the Myenans were not as lucky as Bashenne in terms of their health. They all suffered from dehydration and malnutrition as he had and also had many cuts and bruises but most of them also had infections and other illnesses. Janet and her medical team had been working around the clock to help them.

The wormhole disengaged as they finished making their report and Daniel and Janet turned and headed back to the rest of the team. Daniel had not had chance to spend much time with Janet in the last couple of days and he had found that he had missed her much more than he would have thought.

"Where the hell did he go?" Jack asked as he and Sam went in search of a young boy who had disappeared from the main building all the surviving Myenans were living in. Bashenne told them that it was not uncommon for some of the younger children to wonder off when their parents weren't looking. However they had quickly learnt that this planet was far from safe especially for wondering children. A lot of the buildings were on the verge of collapse.

"He can't have gone far, his mother said she saw him playing with the other kids about fifteen minutes ago" Sam answered as her eyes scanned the buildings they walked past, looking for any sign of movement. A quite cry caught her attention and she turned to look at Jack who had obviously seen it to.

"It's coming from over there" he stated as the two of them made there way over to a partially collapsed building.

"Tieran" They both called hoping the boy would hear his name. They climbed over some rubble to get into what was once probably a house. "Tieran"

"There" Sam said pointing to a small form sitting against what was left of one of the walls. She and Jack made there way around the rubble and partially collapsed ceiling to the boy.

"Hey" Jack said kneeling down in front of him. "Why are you crying?"

"I fell" the boy answered.

"Did you hurt yourself?" Sam asked getting a nod in response.

"Where?" The boy moved a hand of his knee to reveal a small cut. "Well why don't we take care of that" Jack said as her reached into his pocket and pulled out a small band aid.

As Sam watched the scene she could feel the full extent of her feelings toward the man knelt down in front of her. Not the she could ever admit to them out loud, she had come to accept them herself over the years and had been forced to admit to them out loud once. That however had been carefully covered up and she and the Colonel had kept an emotional distance.

Jack helped the boy stand up and Tieran took hold of his hand and reached out for Sam's. She hesitated only for a moment before taking his hand and the three of them exited the building hand in hand.

"I cannot thank you and your people enough for all that you have done for me and my people"

Jack had returned from Myena along with Bashenne, Janet and the rest of SG1. They had spent almost a month running back and forth between the SGC and Myena, most of their time had been spent on Myena and they had been able to watch first hand the impact they had had on the Myenans.

"I have a proposition for you" Bashenne continued "Before the attack on our planet we had been working on an off world base. Due to the increasing war with the Goau'ld we had to temporarily halt construction on the base and recall our people. The base had still not been completed when our world was destroyed. With our help you could finish construction on the base in only a few months".

"What exactly are you suggesting?" Hammond asked

"If you can complete the base you can have it"

"You're saying you'll give us this base?" Daniel asked

"Yes, however there will be conditions"

"Such as?"

"SG1 and Dr Frasier must be in command of the base"

Everyone looked at Bashenne with their eyes wide and a shocked silence filled the room.

"And this position is non negotiable?" Hammond asked finally breaking the silence.

"That is correct General, there will be other conditions as well but this is the main one"

"Well draw up a list of conditions and I'll place a call to the white house"


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