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Chapter 25

After days of negotiations the Kalena command team were finally able to return home. Their alliance with earth now firmly in place with strict rules and plenty of escape clauses should they need them.

Neither side were getting particularly much out of the agreement but at least it meant that they didn't have to avoid each other off world. It also meant that the people living in Kalena could visit any family they had left behind and it made things a lot easier for their allies.

"It is so good to be back" Jack stated as they arrived in Kalena "Don't gat me wrong, I love and miss earth but this is home"

"Alright well both me and Lauren are exhausted so we're going to bed" Janet stated as she walked out of the gate room.

"Kyle and I both fully support that plan" Sam said as she too walked out of the gate room.

"So Daniel, Cassie and Teal'c wanna go to the commissary and get something to eat?" Jack asked.


- - -

Jack watched SK1 returned through the gate from yet another successful mission. It had been a year since they had made the Alliance with earth and so far everything was going well. The Myenans were still wary of Earths intentions as was Jack but for now there were no problems.

Cassie had taken to helping out in the infirmary almost full time, the rest of the time she was attending medical classes. She was just like her mother and Jack was sure she was going to be just as good a doctor.

Kyle and Lauren were now a year old and there wasn't a single person on Kalena or Myena for that matter who didn't adore them. They were both curious children who were already a lot like their parents. General Hammond had fallen in love with them both from the moment he had seen them.

Visits to Earth were a regular occurrence now for most of the Kalena personnel. General Hammond was always glad of their visits but Jack suspected that was mostly because he wanted to see Cassie, Kyle and Lauren. Don't get him wrong he knew the General missed the rest of them but it was the kids he was really interested in.

Jack had finally got the opportunity to meet Sam's brother and whilst it was doubtful the two would ever be good friends they got along.

Teal'c was spending far more time with Bra'tac and his son. Daniel and Janet could not have been happier if they tried, he and Sam were already discussing another kid and both were particularly keen on the idea. Sam joked that he could carry and deliver this one if he wanted it but he knew she would never trade places with him.

They were all happy and that was what truly mattered to Jack and he knew they would be happy for many years to come.


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