Title: Yearning for the Life of Leisure

Author: Lacey

Fandom: Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Characters: Rolf, Kevin

Warnings: Slash, yaoi

Summary: Kevin has always had an urge to try something new. Rolf has always had an urge to take the day off. When these urges collide, will it bring heartbreak or true love to the col-de-sac? contains slash, yaoi, BOYS KISSING BOYS! Don't like don't read.
Author's Note: Yeah...this was written because I feel the need to post something. Was watching Ed, Edd, and Eddy when I started writing, so I had to write something for that...it's something new. And I'm sorry if the paragraphs are all short...it's kind of a long chapter..

Chapter One: Only a Kiss

"Hey, Rolf!" That gruff voice was the first thing that met the foreigner's ears after the yams were let out. The tan boy knew exactly who that was; Kevin. His best friend, and the only person he could really confide in. He had many memories of Kevin, yet he had no idea that the boy ever took notice the the blue-haired, musky-smelling, non-commoner that was him.

Sometimes things like that wore on his nerves. He only paid attention to the scantily clad go-go Nazz girl. Or the stick in his mouth Ed-boy. So the indigo haired youth was strange. That didn't mean that he needed to be treated different just because he was different. Did it?

He saw no reason why he shouldn't be treated as an interest to the boy who obviously spiked much interest in him. Though he could say that love, or anything similiar, was anything short of perfect, he would have liked to know at least one person he liked would enjoy him right back.

Rolf sighed, smiling a fake grin like he'd grown used to. His dark eyes studied the other form, and Kevin wrapped a calm arm around the taller boy's neck. The sensation shot tingles down Rolf's body; he had to hide himself to not show what had been the result of this.

Kevin watched his somewhat shaky companion with an odd glint in his eye. Today would be the day. Usually, the boy wasn't one for scheming, but it was his first year in Highschool, and he had to do something daring to get noticed by the older kids.

Something as simple as this would never come to the mind of Eddy, or even Double Dweeb. Nobody would care...and nobody would find it faulty or disturbing. They were older now, and not as immature. Or, at least he could say that for everyone but the Ed's.

With a smooth aire to his steps, the green and black-clad boy led the way into his house, and away into his room. Rolf had grown used to the door being locked; it was Kevin's default setting these days. It was all normal. But there was something heavier in the air; he couldn't quite place what.

Once the blue-haired boy sat on the plain bed, in the middle of the plain room, Kevin turned from the door and gave a rather odd grin. Rolf had never seen that look on his handsome friend's face, but merely turned his head to the side and let his slightly shaggy mop of hair fall into his dark, questioning eyes.

The raven-haired boy was on the bed in seconds, leaning his chest against Rolf's arm and making him uncomfortable. He made several 'snarf'ing noises, clinging to his mental state tightly as Kevin leaned in closer.

This was just for practice. He'd do this with his best friend; his companion, and now, his secret. Their lips inched closer until Kevin went in for the save, stealing both Rolf's lips and his breath. He'd never felt so alive.

The jolts running through Rolf's body were like lightning bolts, and his form seemed to thrive on them. He wanted more; timidly he pressed his lips to Kevin's slightly harder, finding that the other boy pressed back.

It was an exciting moment for Kevin, as well. He'd always dreamed of the perfect kiss; the shocking sensation as the jolts of pleasure scoped out his entire body. But even though he was feeling it; he knew it wasn't something to keep. Rolf was just an experiment, nothing more. Who else to do it with than your best friend before moving on to bigger and better prey?

So...how did you like it so far? I know I kind of skipped around a little, but...this is the best I could do with this. Its a new fandom and I haven't read any stories for it...so yeah. Slight cliffie..but I'm not good at those sometimes. XD Bear with me, and comments are like chocolate chip mint ice cream to a Lacey...absolutely necessary.

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