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Chapter Four: I'll Take Thee Away

After practice, Kevin was sure to be in the showers first. Once he was all done, he ran into the school to get his things from his locker, but he found himself walking back to the locker rooms. What had gotten into him lately? He was running to see Rolf. It was stupid; he really couldn't like the taller male. The notion itself made him feel like an idiot. No, he just didn't like that Rolf was ignoring him; he must be on a man-trip. He couldn't be gay, and he thought Kevin was. Yeah, that had to be it. He just had to explain it to Rolf, that was all, and then they'd be fine, right?

Once he finally reached his destination, Kevin sighed some and looked about. The lockers were lined up in twos on each wall, with several walls of just lockers between them. Wooden benches were spread evenly among them, and a few even resided in the showers. His dark eyes flashed through the room, but there was no sight of the cobalt-haired male. It was somewhat strange, actually; he just couldn't find him for the life of him. It was at this moment that he realized he heard the showers going. Crap.

He took a few calming breaths and sat on the nearest bench, smoothing his green shirt and looking at his black pants carefully; they seemed to shrink under his scrutiny. He glanced up like a deer in headlights when he heard the water suddenly shut off, and he prepared himself for a strange sight; what he was met with was something he'd only really think about when definitely by himself.

Water still trickled down well-formed abs, clinging in spots and refusing to let go until a second plush towel whipped them away. Its friend was wrapped discreetly around Rolf's waist, and the young man didn't seem to notice Kevin there quite yet. He trekked to the other side of the room and opened his locker, fishing inside for his clothes. Tossing his wet hair out of his eyes, he yawned wide and began muttering to himself. It was when his hands carefully slid to his towel that Kevin finally pried his eyes from the other's muscular back and found his voice.


All he really needed to say was in that single word; there were more things tangled and laced inside of it than Rolf had ever experienced. The taller male blinked and turned, before smiling sheepishly and holding his towel a little harder.

"Kevin." His slightly thinner accent turned the word into some kind of paradise, and a light blush crept up on Kevin's face without alerting his brain, first. Both boys stopped and stared at each other for quite some time, eyes daring to rake across the other body, examining each other and sizing the other up. At some point, Rolf had begun to let his towel slip and he turned around, using it as something of a curtain to shield Kevin's eyes from his rather firm rear. Though, soon enough, he found it wouldn't work and he simply slid into his tighty-whiteys and then his pants, hopefully so fast Kevin wouldn't be bothered with his body. Each and every rippling muscle was lightly dusted with hair, and for some reason, Kevin found himself comparing Rolf and that stupid twerp Eddy. However, before he got too far in his comparison, he was interrupted by the son of a shepherd's words, finally.

"Kevin..." He started again, hesitant at first but slowly growing momentum as he flung himself into speech. "I think we need to talk about Friday." He chose his words carefully and tried to remain casual as possible as he yanked his shirt on. The striped fit him better, now, yet the shirt didn't; it clung tight to his stomach and chest. He sure was one chiseled guy.

"Yeah…sure, dude." Kevin managed, not quite sure what was wrong with him. He shook his head and sighed, "I think I should have said something before I did that." He offered carefully, chewing at the inside of his cheek. "It was just practice."

Now it was Rolf's turn to shake his head and sigh, but he did it much differently than Kevin had. "I see." He uttered slowly, pursing his lips in thought. Several times he opened his mouth to speak before he lost his words and closed up shop again. Finally, he just shrugged and tried for a smile. "Alright."

Kevin didn't seem to read his friend so well and stood up with a smile, "I'm glad you understand, dude. We still on for DDR tomorrow after practice?"

Oh, the dreaded Dance Dance Revolution. How Rolf detested the game; it wasn't meant for farmers. The flashing lights and loud music and sudden movements of one's feet…oh, he loathed it.

"Sure." He'd picked up that word from Kevin. With a sigh, he slipped into his large shoes and looked back at Kevin before getting a bit of curious want inside of his chest. Blinking a little at the new idea, he climbed over the bench and moved to Kevin, both now fully dressed. He couldn't help his next actions; leaning forward and down, he pressed his lips to Kevin's one more time, just to see if he could get away with it. Once he was done, and Kevin had eased out of shock, the blue-haired male gave a smile; a genuine Rolf smile, and stepped away, heading back into the school for his things.

"See you tomorrow, Kevin."

And Kevin stood there for at least ten more minutes, blinking and trying to untangle his thoughts. Rolf had just kissed him. Kissed him. What did that mean, exactly? In all honesty, he was just ready for this day to be over. Sadly, he had something else he had to do, now that it was all taken care of with Rolf. Or was it? He really wasn't sure.

Plugging his iPod into his ears, he closed his eyes and switched it on Shuffle. A heavier song came on suddenly and he smiled a bit at the familiarity of it all.

And this love will be the death of me
Blank eyes see no end
Pulse is weak
Your skin is turning blue

Okay…that was a little strange. The song seemed to fit them at this moment; kind of. It did to him, at least. With a sigh, he started up a new playlist. He assembled songs that reminded him of Rolf into that list, followed by saving it after he went through all of his songs. He then moved on to one that reminded him of his real reason for kissing Rolf; Nazz. If he really wanted to be popular, he had to get with a girl that would soar his reputation. And if she didn't work out, there was always Eddy, he supposed. The short guy had caught his attention for some time, now.

As he tried to break his mind away from these thoughts with different music, he started his walk home; he usually waited for Rolf, but he needed time away to think.

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