Pairing: Niou/Yagyuu
Warnings: Shounen-ai

Yagyuu Hiroshi felt a strange pang somewhere near his heart as he watched the young woman in front of him unblinkingly. She'd pulled him aside after school while he'd been on his way to tennis practice, asking for a word. He'd assumed it was about schoolwork or something similar, a situation he often found himself in with his classmates. A confession of love was the last thing he'd been expecting from the petite, delicate girl in front of him.

As he listened to her list of reasons, he tried to define what the pang he was feeling might be. She was attractive, at least according to the other boys in their shared classes. There seemed to be a great deal of debate over what she wore under her uniform, and the size of her various body parts, if that was anything to go by. Thinking about those things, however, didn't seem to strengthen the pang any, or attract his interest in anything other than an academic way.

So it wasn't physical attraction, which most likely ruled out the possibility of love. Yagyuu wasn't the type to fall in love with someone he wasn't at least somewhat attracted to. The fact that he couldn't even fully bring himself to focus on what she was saying indicated that her chances at true love with him were practically non-existent.

He continued debating with himself until her speech wound down, when he found that the pang was still there. It wasn't until he felt a familiar hand drop onto his shoulder that Yagyuu managed to define what the source of that unusual sensation was. Turning to look at his doubles partner, he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not late yet," he reprimanded mildly, indicating that there was no need for Niou to have come all this way to fetch him for practice.

"I had to drop a few things off in the storage room," Niou replied easily, his eyes focused on the girl in front of them.

That was when Yagyuu was able to give the sensation in his chest a label. Pity. Not for the rejection he would have offered, but because she'd done something that would catch the attention of his partner. Worse, Niou was clearly unhappy about the situation. Unhappy enough to come find him, and from the look of things, more than willing to do something about it.

"Then let's get going." Yagyuu suggested, his mind already moving towards the practice ahead of them. "I'm sorry," he said as he bowed politely to the girl, "but I don't return your feelings."
As he walked away, the scene behind him forgotten, Niou turned to smirk at her lightly before following his partner. Tossing an arm over Yagyuu's shoulders, he offered suggestions for new ways they could beat their teammates and cause trouble. In his mind, the poor girl had apparently suffered enough as she burst into tears and ran off.

After all, everyone with any sort of brain in their head knew Yagyuu was his. He was just waiting for the other boy to figure it out.