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Oh yeah, before I forget, this isn't an actual diary, it's just what's going on Cloud's head(which is why it's all in italics)...I just liked that title.

Diaries of a Broken Man

A Night Out

She said yes. She smiled that beautiful smile and said yes...I can barely believe it. After everything I've done to this woman, she looks up at me and smiles yes. I'll have to thank Denzel and Marlene later. Those two little rascals know us better than we know ourselves.

We enjoy a picnic together, her laughter is a melody to my ear. She lays back on the ground, stretching out on the blanket, watching the stars. I could spend a lifetime like this, just watching her. Her hair is spread out behind her, like a fan, and her ruby eyes catch mine for a second.

Oh how I love those eyes.

However, we've soon eaten all we can eat, and we've rested for a while, talking of old times.

She misses traveling too, with all our friends.

"We'll have to get everyone together again." She says, smiling.

I can only nod in response. I would like to see everyone again, but for right now, it's enough just to have her here with me.

"It's getting late, we should probably head back soon. Knowing Yuffie, she's probably fallen asleep...I can only imagine what those two will do to her." She says, flashing another smile.

I nod in response.

I stand slowly, reluctant to end this, but knowing I have to. Tifa packs everything up, and I ready Fenrir. She climbs on after me, wrapping her arms around my waist instinctively. I jump, caught off guard. She reaches back, realizing what she's done. But I grab her hands, letting her know it's okay. I can practically feel her smile.

We take off, slower than I normally would, because she's got her arms around me, and her head is resting on my back.

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