The Sand Sibling's Journal

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NOTE: If the text looks like this it's someone thought's probly the person who was talking before.

Chapter 1 Gaara Leaves

It was late in the morning. Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara were all sitting down in the kitchen of there house. They were bored because there was nothing to do. All three of them were drifted away in deep thought. They planed to stay like that until the phone rang. "Kankuro get the phone." Temari told Kankuro. "I don't want to get it, it might be your boy friend Shikamaru, and I don't want to talk to him." "Maybe it is Shikamaru calling me to do something then I don't have to stay here!" Temari quickly got up and picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Yes can I speak with Kazekage Gaara?" Temari sighed "Gaara it's for you." Gaara got up and picked up the phone. "Wait?" Gaara said in a rather disturbed tone. "Kazekage Gaara we need you at the Kazekage Office right away!" the man on the phone said. "Fine." Gaara hung up the phone then turned to Kankuro and Temari. "I am going to the Kazekage office for a while." "Okay Gaara, don't worry Temari and me will be fine." Kankuro said with an evil smile. "Kankuro is up to something. O well it can't be bad he's an idiot." Gaara thought to himself and chuckled a little. Then he left.

Gaara left Temari and Kankuro in the kitchen. When he was gone for about 5 minutes Kankuro had a big smile on his face. "Finally he's gone I was waiting for him to leave all morning." He said. "Kankuro what are you planning?" "I can't tell until I know Gaara is completely out of hearing distance." Kankuro said while walking to living room window watching Gaara leave. Temari sat down on the couch near the window. They watched Gaara until they could barely see him. Kankuro started to walk down the hall where Temari, Gaara, and his own room were. He started to walk into Gaara's room. "KANKURO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Temari yelled. Kankuro didn't answer. "This isn't good who know's what we could find in there!"

Kankuro finally came out of Gaara's room with a black book with the words "KEEP OUT" written on it. "Kankuro what is that?" Temari asked looking at the book. Kankuro smiled so big it was creepy. "Gaara journal." "WHAT? WHY DO YOU HAVE GAARA'S JOURNAL? YOU'RE NOT GOING TO READ IT ARE YOU?" Temari yelled at her stupid brother. "Of course I'm not. Not the whole journal just a few entries." Temari came up behind her brother and hit him rather hard on the back of his head. "WHAT YOU ON? IF GAARA FOUND HE WILL KILL US!" Temari screamed. Kankuro yelled also because his sister hit him a little too hard on the back of the head. He started to rub the back of his head. "OUCH! Temari he's not going to find out he won't be back for a while, do you want to…" "Want to what? Die?" Temari said calmed down now. "No. Don't you want to know what Gaara says about us?" Kankuro said looking at Temari in the eyes. "I always did want to know what Gaara did really think about me. But if he find's out I'm dead. Hum… this is a hard choice." Temari thought to herself. Kankuro was waiting for her answer. They waited for about 5 minutes until Temari finally said," Fine but you are the one who came up with the idea." "Okay Kankuro said excited."That was allot easier than I thought." Kankuro opened the page and read it out loud. Entry #1….

To be Continued

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