A room full of batter


Kankuro reached the market to get the goldfish that was supposedly on sale. Kankuro walked down the junk food isle looking for the goldfish.

"Hey Kankuro!" Kankuro turned around to see the female who called him. It was Yomi. Kankuro smiled at his girlfriend.

"Hey Yomi what's up?" Yomi walked over to Kankuro.

"I didn't cause any trouble with your brother did I? I mean your brother didn't seem too happy and completely clueless to who I was." Kankuro frowned at Yomi's response.

"No Yomi, Gaara is always that way! No worries." Yomi smiled at Kankuro looking straight at him.

"So what are you looking for?"

"I am looking for…" Kankuro was cut off by a huge crash of the front door's bursting open. Yomi and Kankuro looked seeing Temari with Shikamaru dragging behind. Temari stood in the door way looking around for her brother. When she spotted him, she ran over to him, still dragging Shikamaru along. She finally reached Kankuro and Yomi.

"Temari what are you doing here," Kankuro looked confused. "And when did," Kankuro looked at Shikamaru "O no I am dead!" Temari and Shikamaru were panting for breath, but it was mostly Shikamaru. Temari noticed that Kankuro looked nervous, she then noticed the brown headed girl standing next her brother.

"You must be Yomi; you look just as my brother described you as." Yomi smiled at Temari.

"Yes and you are Temari. I remember you from the Chunin exams." Temari looked confused. "She wasn't at the Chunin exams." Yomi noticed this and commented onto it.

"O sorry, I meant I remember you from the fight. I didn't participate in the exams. I watched you the 3rd part of the exam with my father and mother. You did very well, I couldn't ever have done as well as you had. I quit being a ninja years ago, never made it out of the academy." Temari smiled at that praise. "Maybe I shouldn't ruin Kankuro's relationship with her; I mean I will just get it served back." Temari looked at Shikamaru who was still breathing hard. "And I would hate it if Kankuro made me and Shikamaru break up."

"So Temari what did you want?" Kankuro was still nervous that Temari would kill him. Temari smiled at her brother.

"I just wanted to make sure you got the right flavor of gold fish. Gaara doesn't like the flavor blasted goldfish just the cheddar ones." Temari kneeled over and picked up a bag of cheddar goldfish. When Temari kneeled down, she heard a cell phone ring. All 4 of the took out there cell phones to cell who's was ringing.

"It's mine guys." Shikamaru click the button on his phone and began to talk.


"Fine I will be there soon!" Shikamaru clicked his phone off and turned to Temari.

"Temari I got to go, we can hang out later." Shikamaru walked off towards the door and left. Temari, Yomi, and Kankuro walked over to the cash register and paid. The 3 of them walked out side then Yomi turned to Temari and Kankuro.

"I have to go home. It was an honor to meet you Temari." Yomi bowed and walked off in the opposite direction of were the sand siblings lived. Temari and Kankuro walked home in silence until almost the end.

"Hey Kankuro?"


"I know you called Shikamaru earlier and told him about my journal entries," Kankuro started to get nervous and sweat "but the funny thing is Shikamaru didn't seem to care much. And you know you sacrificed so much to do it and you had no results. That's the funny thing!" Temari started to laugh as Kankuro and herself entered the house. When they entered the smelled a very bad smell and ran towards the kitchen.

When they got there, they saw the kitchen was a big mess with batter all over the ceiling, walls, sink, table, counter tops, appliances, and Gaara. They also noticed pans all over the kitchen. Temari was infuriated.


"I tried to cook, and it blew up. Can you help me clean it?" The 3 sand siblings got towels and buckets of water and began to clean. All 3 of them were on there hands and knee's. Gaara picked up a pan.

"Hey Kankuro!" Kankuro turned around looking at his brother.

"What?" Gaara threw the pan hitting Kankuro right in the center of his face. Kankuro screamed from pain.

"That's for knocking me down yesterday." Temari laugh to herself. And the 3 of them cleaned the kitchen together the rest of the night.


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