Thanks to Chrestomanci for inspiring the ending to this chapter. Thanks to my reviewers for waiting so patiently while I went through two technical difficulties with access to the file, and fought writer's block for a long time.

And as always, thank my horrible sense of humor for this nonsense.

Oh. And LittleKuriboh, Kroze, and Omega for not minding their cameos.

Everything is quiet, as the door to the room opens.

A little Kuriboh, indeed the littlest Kuriboh of all (who also had the longest name of them all), walked into the room, and took a good look around.

There was a pause. Then, as if by magic, something in the corner moved.

It wasn't actually magic, it was just the authoress' attempt at suspense and drama and pretty much complete nonsense to make you think there's an actual plot to this entire story. But that's irrelevant. The thing in the corner, the little Kuriboh wondered if it had been dead previous to his entrance because everyone told him it hadn't moved in hours, sat up and watched the little Kuriboh.

"I wasn't dead, before you even ask," the thing said. It waddled out of the corner to reveal itself as a box, don't even ask how the hell a box could do any of this because I don't know either, before settling down again next to the Kuriboh.

"I was actually working and doing Important Things, which were Important. Like that website of yours. I was making sure it was working right."

The Kuriboh nodded. The room was suddenly full of people. Well, things, really. One of the others in this strange council of geeks, a bag of catfood, shook itself.

"Yeah, and still the users complain about bugs that you missed."

"At least I'm not a bag of catfood, Omega."

"FUCK YOU KROZE," it snapped back, falling over in a rage.

"Don't make me kick you both off the Fun Time Express," the little Kuriboh commented, before turning to a computer screen.

There were a few moments of silence, as the odd gaggle took up various spots to work.

It was unclear what exactly it was they were working on, or how they even managed as most of them didn't even have hands, but whatever it was, it was clearly finished...

The box, now sporting a badly done attempt at a Yami hairdo, turned to its fellows. 'It has been done!"

The others, all now sporting badly drawn Yu-Gi-Oh! hairdo's, nodded.

"And from, here, We conquer the World!"

The room faded to black, as one by one, Kroze, Omega, LittleKuriboh and six others left.

Next time on Brownie Points! Will Angela ever defeat writer's block? Is there a plot in all of this nonsense? And why is Angela awake at this hour?