"Spike, get down here right now. You'll be late for your first day of school", Rouge had called from the kitchen.

"Coming, mom." Soon the jet black hedgehog appeared from his room with his black backpack on his back walking slowly into the kitchen looking at Shadow reading the newspaper. He smiled a bit to show him a friendly greeting, "Good morning, dad."

"Hey, Spike", he said without looking away from the paper.

The black hedgehog set his backpack down on the floor and sat down at the table while he waited for his breakfast to be set on the table.

Rouge walked over to him and set a bowl of cereal in front of him. "There you go, Spike. A nice, nutritious, and tasty breakfast."

Spike looked into the bowl of cereal and saw some kind of orange liquid in it instead of milk. He became pale and felt like he needed to throw up. "Ugh mom, what the hell did you do to the cereal!"

"No need to have an upset stomach, Spike. Instead of milk I put orange juice in it. You do like orange juice don't you?"

"Yeah, without anything in it. That's sick!"

Shadow turned one of the pages to the newspaper and glanced over to Spike. "Told you not to eat what your mother makes. It'll kill you. Why do you think I order take out for dinner every night."

Rouge glared at him and placed her hands on her hips, "Oh shut up, Shadow! What do you know about cooking anyway?"

"Hey Spike, did I ever tell you that your mother is a whore."

"That's it, Hedgehog! I had enough out of you!" She faced Spike, "Spike, maybe you should go now. It's about to get ugly!"

Shadow tossed the newspaper aside and stood from the table with his fists clenched, "You want some of this bitch!"

Spike knew that his parents would start a fight yet again just as they did every other morning. Usually it would end with them having sex with each other. He took his backpack off the floor and placed one of the straps on his shoulder, "I'll go now." He left and shut the door behind him. He sighed and began to walk towards the school, "Every morning. I swear they need to grow up sometimes."

"Who does?" A pink cat said as she came behind him.

Spike made a wide smile at the cat, "Lynn! Long time no see. I haven't seen you all summer. I called you but you never returned my calls. I got worried about you. Did something happen?"

A light blush came across her face, "Well..."

"Well what?"

She began to continue walking towards the school, "I'll tell you when we get to the school."

For a short second he watched her walk down the sidewalk. He was wondering what she was hiding from him. It made him extremely curious.

When they got to the school, everyone was walking around talking to one another looking happy to see each other again.

Spike looked over to Lynn and saw her looking around. 'What's going on with her? What is she hiding?'

"Oh I see him!" She shouted with happiness. She grabbed his wrist, "Come on, Spike. I want you to meet him." She led Spike towards the lockers and stopped when she approached a tall blue bird wearing orange lens goggles on the top of his head.

Spike studied his appearance very well. He seemed nice, but his eyes were bloodshot and he seemed tired and to top it all off, he reeked of cigarettes.

Lynn took her hand away from Spike and hugged the bird as well as sneaking a quick kiss on his lips.

Spike's mouth dropped and his eyes were full of shock, 'Wha-is she dating him? What was she on all summer? She must have gotten drunk or something. Dear god am I jealous? I can't be. Lynn and I are just friends. I can't be jealous of him, he looks like a god damn junkie.'

Lynn looked away from the bird and back at Spike looking like he was in deep thought, "Spike, I want you to meet Tempest, my boyfriend."

The bird held out his hand for him to shake it, "Nice to meet you, Spike. Lynn couldn't stop talking about you. All summer she kept talking about how cool you were and how long you guys were friends."

Spike shook his hand and looked into his blue eyes. He really had his mind on about how bad his breath stunk. His breath smelled like alcohol while his clothes smelled like cigarettes. He wanted to say how bad he needed a mint, but instead he just greeted him back, "Nice to meet you too. Wow, Lynn must be real interested in you since she never talked to me over the summer."

By the tone of his voice, Lynn thought that he might've hated her. "Spike", she said in a soft tone so they wouldn't hear her.

Tempest took his hand away from Spike's and glanced over to a female red fox wearing a red suit with her back turned to them, "Oh shit, it's the heat. Look Lynn, I gotta go babe. I'll see you later and you too, Spike."

Spike made a slight smile and watched Tempest run into the men's bathroom. He looked over to Lynn with confusion, "Lynn, what did he mean when he said 'the heat?' I don't see any cops around here."

She pointed to the fox, "He just means the principal. He just didn't want to get in trouble again for smelling like cigarettes. That's why he went into the bathroom so he could shower himself with a bottle of cologne, but that's not important. I'm worried, Spike."


"About me and...Tempest."


"I hope he doesn't bother our friendship, Spike."

Spike tried to act like it didn't after all they were only long time friends and nothing more, but now that Tempest entered their life he had a different feeling about her, "Tempest? No way, it's cool, Lynn. You and Tempest have a great time. You two are perfect for each other."

The cat made a warm smile, "Thanks for understanding, Spike. You're a great friend." She walked away probably to her class.

Spike's ears flopped down, "A real friend would help a guy find his class schedule", he muttered. He looked over at the red fox. "Maybe she can help me." He walked over to her and gently tapped her shoulder.

She spun around and faced him, "Can I help you?"

"Uh yeah, I need a class schedule."

The fox studied Spike's face and made a slight sinister smile that sent a shiver down Spike's spine. "Follow me."

He followed her into her office, stood near the doorway with the door closed behind them, and watched her sit at her desk. While she was taking out a folder full of papers, he looked at her nameplate that read 'Principal Fears' on it. 'Damn, even her name creeps me out.'

"Hey, you", she called.

He looked over at her and had his attention on her.

"What's your name?"

"Spike the Hedgehog."

She took her eyes away from him and looked through the papers again until she took out a paper and held it at Spike. "Here, your schedule."

Spike slowly walked up to her and took it from her, "Thanks, well I guess I should go." He quickly turned his back and placed his hand on the doorknob of the door until he was called back.

"Spike", she called in a calm voice.

He looked back over at her feeling nervous, "Yeah?"

"Behave", she said with a warm smile.

He made a nod and left the room.

The red fox smiled, 'Something tells me he'll be a handful this year.'

Later, Spike had walked into his English class noticing two familiar faces sitting together. He smiled a bit and walked over to them while they were talking to each other. He tapped Lynn's shoulder gently and waited for her to turn to him and smile.

"Spike!" She said happily. "You have this class too."

The blue bird looked over to the black hedgehog with a friendly smile, "Small world huh?" He pulled out the chair beside him. "You can sit by me, Spiky boy."

Spike didn't know about the idea of him calling him 'Spiky boy', it sounded too embarrassing. He sat down beside Tempest and glanced over at the teacher getting her papers straight. The teacher was a yellow raccoon. He looked on the blackboard and saw the name 'Mrs. Kayko' on it.

Tempest faced Spike and blew his breath in his face.

Spike's eyes widened and was practically full of water.

"How's my breath, hedgehog?" He asked.

"Minty fresh", and it was the truth. He must have ate a whole container full of mints to hide his alcoholic breath. He also smelled the strong cologne on his body, "And Christ you got enough cologne on yea?"

"I hope so."

Spike frowned a bit thinking that he was a nut.

The teacher looked over at her talkative class and hit the ruler on her desk making the loud sound silence her class, "Time to stop talking, children. It's time to pay attention to me now. My name is Mrs. Kayko and I'll be your English teacher. Now be quiet so I can quickly review over the classroom rules."

Tempest obnoxiously sighed and looked over to Spike while Lynn seemed interested in her talking about pointless things. "This is boring. We already know the rules. We've been in school for like over ten years. Gee."

He was talking so loud, even the teacher could probably hear him. Somehow Spike didn't want him to get into trouble on his first day of school. "Tempest, lower the volume. She'll hear you", he whispered.

"Let her. I don't give a shit about what she does to me."

He hushed Tempest once more, "Tempest."

Finally the teacher had heard them, "Hey you two in the back, what's with all the chit chat? Be quiet or get sent to the principal's office on your first day and I know you don't want that."

"No ma'am, we're sorry", Spike had said in a apologetic voice.

The teacher looked away from them and faced the others.

Spike sighed and leaned back in his chair.

Tempest looked over to him while he was trying to pay attention to Mrs. Kayko. He smiled, 'Heh, teacher's pet.'

After when school was over, Spike, Lynn, and Tempest were walking home together.

While Spike was walking, he just couldn't keep his eyes off of Tempest with his arm wrapped around Lynn's waist while he had a cigarette in his mouth.

"Spike", Tempest said when he looked over to him.

The black hedgehog looked over to the bird sweating a little hoping that he never saw him staring at the way they showed their affection for each other.

"I'm sorry if I almost got you in trouble today. I'm kind of a bad influence on everybody."

'No shit', he thought it was obvious anyway, but he lied like it was nothing. "No problem, Tempest. You' okay guy."

Tempest stopped walking and threw his cigarette on the ground afterwards stomping on it with his red boot. He looked over to Spike again, "You know Spike, we should get to know each other a little better."

"...I suppose", he tried to figure out what he meant when he said that.

He took out a piece of white paper and handed it to Spike.

He took it and opened it noticing it was his home address location. He glanced at it and looked back at Tempest again.

"You can come over to my place tomorrow if you want. My parents won't be home anyway. We'll have a shitload of fun."

Lynn made a wide smile, "Yeah come on, Spike."

Spike placed the paper in the back pocket of his pants, "I don't know. I'll think about it."

"Well I hope you make up your mind", Tempest took Lynn's hand and held it as he was walking her towards her house.

Spike stood there for a few moments thinking if it would be a good idea to go over his house. He seemed nice but in a crazy way. 'Hmm, I wonder what kind of fun he's talking about anyway?'