The next day was dull and sad. Everyone was at the graveyard wearing black because of Tempest's funeral. During the whole thing, Spike just couldn't stop crying. He had no idea drugs could do this to him. What made it worse, he did it himself. He felt bad, almost bad enough to throw up.

After when they buried him, Spike and Lynn decided to look at his tombstone but they saw two other people over there first. They saw a young blue lion kneeling on his knees punching the ground while tears fell from his face and onto the ground. A purple raccoon placed her hand on his back and rubbed it.

"Leon", Spike muttered.

"And Veronica", Lynn said while crossing her arms. She watched as Spike slowly walked over to them. She had to follow him.

When Spike approached him, he looked at him with sadness even though he was still looking towards the ground. "Leon, it means so much to Tempest that you came."

Leon's sobbing had turned to laughs. He looked from the ground with a smile, "Yeah right! Like I'd come here to feel sorry for that lowdown piece of shit. He deserved to die if you asked me. No one liked his ass so why should I? I'm happy that he died. Now he can leave me and my girlfriend alone."

After his words, Lynn felt like punching him. "Quit your lying, Leon! You were just crying over him. You miss him and I know you do."

Veronica confronted Lynn with a glare as she placed her hands on her hips, "Hey bitch, quit talking about that guy all right? He's dead and we ain't so deal with it. Besides I'm pretty happy too. He really wasn't worth my time anyway."

Lynn noticed bandages wrapped around her head probably left from their last fight. "I know you don't want me to hit you in the head with another text book do you?"

"Is that a threat bitch?"

Lynn got closer to her face full of uprising anger, "Damn right it is."

Spike pulled Lynn away from Veronica, "Lynn, stop. Don't you dare fight her here."

Veronica was pulled away by Leon.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, "Come on, Veronica. Don't mess with this ugly bitch now. Save it for later." He kissed her neck, "Lets go back to my place."

She gave Lynn a sly look and turned to Leon kissing him, "Yeah, lets go."

As they both walked away from them, Lynn turned to the black hedgehog. "Spike! Why didn't you kick his ass? He trashed talked Tempest and called me an ugly bitch."

"I couldn't", he replied.


"Don't you see, Lynn? He does care for Tempest. What he just said...just now was his strong deep feelings for him just to say he missed him."

She made a slight smile, "You can really get through Leon's thick wall of feelings can't you?"

He nodded and smiled.

Back at Lynn's house, Spike was laying with Lynn on her bed in her room thinking about what he was doing to himself ever since he met Tempest. He faced Lynn, "I'm going to stop."

"Stop what?" She asked.

"Doing drugs. My parents were right. I'm killing myself and soon I'll be dead just like Tempest if I keep this up. I'm getting rid of everything. You should too, Lynn."

She nodded, "Yeah, I think I will."

He smiled, leaned over to her, and kissed her lips with passion.

She took her mouth away from his and smiled as she placed her hands on his face, "I'm proud of you, Spike." She kissed his forehead, "I think you deserve an award."

"A trophy?"

She shook her head, "No." She got off her bed, walked towards her door, and closed it shut while locking it. She then went over to her purse and took out a shiny yellow piece of plastic and threw it over to Spike.

He caught it and stared at it. He looked back at the cat, "What is it?"

She began to softly giggle, "Open it."

He looked back at it and opened it. He held up a thin rubber plastic looking covering, "What is it?"

Lynn then started to burst out laughing, "Oh Spike, you're so funny!"


She sat beside him on the bed and was still laughing, "It's a condom you silly hedgehog."

"A co-co-condom?" He stuttered while his heart was beating out of control.

"Yeah, you know what a condom is don't you?"

"Of course I know what it is you really want to do this?"

She started to blush a bit. She was not expecting him to react like this. "If you want to. It doesn't matter. I used to get a little hesitant over having sex with Tempest all the time, so it's okay if you don't want to..." Her words trailed off as Spike began to take off his pants and place the condom over his penis. Her mouth hung open when he started to take off the rest of his clothes. She was literally drooling over his chest and the muscles on his body. He was powerful and he was hers. All hers.

He pushed her onto the bed and got on top of her as he started to kiss her on her lips and down to her neck.

She closed her eyes as he kissed down to her lower body. She trembled a bit as he started to unbutton her shirt.

He took it off and tossed it on the floor along with his clothes. He then had his attention on her pink skirt. He placed his hand on the zipper, unzipped her skirt, took it off of her, and threw it on the floor. He also got rid of her underclothes as well leaving her completely exposed. He took his finger and rubbed it through her nipple. He took his tongue and licked it nice and slowly just so she could enjoy every moment of it.

She moaned loudly with pleasure.

He took both of his hands and placed them on her breasts rubbing them while kissing between them.

Lynn placed her hands on his back and slowly led them down towards his penis.

Spike let out a soft gasp. He had never been touched there before by anyone. It was his first time experiencing it and it had never felt better. He then felt himself hardening.

Lynn felt his thickness and length. She took her hands and started to stroke it up in down. She saw the expression on Spike's face as she did. He never looked any happier. She took her hands away from him and placed them around his waist. "Looks like someone got their first hard on."

Even though he was exhausted from moaning a lot, he couldn't help but to blush.

"Well? Aren't you gonna put yourself inside of me?"

All Spike did was stare at her hot and hard core.

"You can do it", She said with a smile. "Take me and make me yours", she whispered.

The hedgehog couldn't just stare at her anymore. He made a slight smile and placed his hard penis into her core.

Lynn clenched the bed sheets just as he placed himself in her. She moaned loudly when Spike started to thrust himself in and out of her. Soon her moans turned to yells.

Spike yelled along with her while feeling her hot essence. "" He said with exhaustion.

Soon Lynn got used to it. She rubbed her hand on his back, "Go faster." She begged.

The hedgehog made a nod and sped up his motion.

Every deep thrust he gave was every breath she had. "Yes", she whispered. "Don't stop. Go deeper."

He obeyed her and went in as deep as he could.

That did it. She had reached her orgasm. She yelled as he continued to thrust himself into her harder and harder each second he did it. She thought there was no stopping him, until he actually did. She finally had the strength to look over to him. She slowly took her sweaty head from her pillow and saw Spike take off the condom from his penis. "What are you doing?" She said out of breath.

He held the condom up to her that was filled with a thick white liquid in it. "...I just came for my first time."

She smiled a bit, "Don't worry, you can save that for our honeymoon."

He raised an eyebrow. Was she thinking about marriage and having kids? That soon? If their relationship stood strong, maybe their bright future could happen. He smiled and fell back on the bed beside her resting his exhausted body.

Lynn embraced him, while she was doing that she felt his erection on her stomach which made her blush heavily. She placed her head on his heaving chest, "Are you thinking about Tempest right now?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Just curious."

"Yeah, I am."

She felt like falling asleep on the hedgehog's chest, it was so strong and comfortable. "You two were so close."

"No Lynn, we were more than just close."

She looked up at him while he was looking in a different direction.

"He was my brother."

Later that night, Spike returned home and went directly up to his room. He was sitting in his desk chair and had his computer on. He leaned his back on the chair, "Great, I totally forgot about that three page essay I had to write for English class. What am I going to write? I can't think of anything to get me an A." He was then interrupted when Shadow came into his room with a white piece of paper in his hand. "Oh hi, dad. What's up?"

Shadow walked over to him and gave him the paper, "I believe this was addressed to you."

Spike looked at the top of the paper and read it. His eyes widened as he looked back his father, "It's Tempest's will."

He nodded and placed his hand on his head while stroking the black fur on his head. "Good luck with it." He then left the room leaving Spike alone.

Once Shadow closed the door behind him, he started to read the will.

My Last Will and Testaments

Dear mom, dad, Uncle Storm, Spike, and Lynn,

by the time you read this, I'll be dead and I'll no longer have to suffer. I was a fool. Just a sheer fool. I made my life miserable all these years. Ever since I started with those cigarettes, my life started to change. When I mean change I mean I was becoming a different person. I didn't care, I didn't understand, I really just gave up on my life. You know what's even worse...I'm dying. Once I discovered that I was coughing and vomiting a lot, I went to the hospital. I thought it was nothing but I just went there for the hell of it because I had a load of cash from those drug dealers. At least I could pay the doctor bill before you found out. Anyway it turns out that my really bad coughs were from lung cancer. I'm getting lung cancer and yet I didn't care! I didn't even do anything. I was just going to let myself die. I might as well die anyway, I have nothing to live for. I tried to quit those horrid drugs. I just tried, but I couldn't. I couldn't stop myself and look what happened to me when I gave up hope. Anyway Spike, if you're reading this don't be sad. You mean a lot to me and I don't want you to worry about me too much, but I need you to do me a favor for me while I'm gone. You need to tell people about the causes of these drugs. We have to make a difference and tell people to quit while they still have a chance at life. Even if they don't listen it's okay. You tried. I just don't want to see people dying from those things anymore. It's too late for me but not you. You'll carry out my wish won't you, Spike? I know you will. Good luck bro.

Love, Tempest

Spike set the paper down on the desk and stared at it with his tears dripping on it. "Tempest", he said in a low tone. He looked away from the paper and back at his blank computer screen. He placed his hands on the keyboard and began typing. "You're right, Tempest. We do have to do something about this. We have to tell people and make a difference. And I won't be alone because I have you right by my side. We'll do it together." He smiled while he was still crying, "I will never have to forget you because you're right here beside me."

N/A: I hope all of you guys enjoyed this story and hopefully learned from it as well. This story was originally a moral. Drugs are bad don't do em. You don't want to end up like poor Tempest do yea? Well later for now.