Summary: Tom Riddle is not the sort of boy to keep an ordinary diary. His little black book is actually a gateway to immortality – or so he thinks.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: All characters, plots, situations etc belong to JK Rowling. I am just playing.

Author's Notes: This is a drabble now but I intend to expand on it later on, probably develop it into a one-shot. But for now it's just me wanting to post something I found on my computer from aeons ago.

I Am Lord Voldemort

By Alexannah

June, 1943

The year had not been wasted.

To most students milling in the Slytherin common room, the summer holidays meant going home, and a break from studying. But not all of them.

Alone in a corner, a tall, dark-haired sixteen-year-old sat contemplating the weeks that stretched before him. Unlike his previous summers, he did not dread going back to that appalling Muggle orphanage. No, he was going somewhere else.

Tom Riddle had plans. Oh yes, plans was one thing he was good at – among others. A more dedicated, hardworking student you'd be pushed to find. But Tom's studies did not end with schoolwork.

Several weeks ago now, Tom had found an unusual word in a book in the Hogwarts library. After searching high and low, he had come to the conclusion that the definition did not lie within the school. By this time though, he had missed his chance to worm a description from his Potions teacher. Now it would have to wait until next year.

But it was not all bad. After all, killing one Mudblood was hardly a poor outcome, even if he had set his hopes on more – all the Mudbloods, to be exact.

His work had not been for nothing. Tom knew it wouldn't be safe to open the Chamber of Secrets again at school – although he was hardly a prime suspect, that blasted Muggle-lover Dumbledore was watching him. But who said he had to be a student to open the Chamber again? No, Tom had an idea. He knew, at least in part, what a Horcrux was, and he knew it could be a solution to both of his concerns – a way of using another to complete Salazar Slytherin's work, and a greater reward – immortality.

It was too good to miss.