Title: Transformation

Author: Griffin Maxwell

Fandom: House

Pairing: Chase/Omc, House/Wilson,

Rating: R+

Summery: Everyone notices a huge change in Chase, but are more than surprised when they find out what caused it.

Warnings: Abuse, slash (no shit)

Notes: Why do people nickname Chase Wombat? Wombats are ugly, he's more like a Wallaby, cute and huggable, until they kick (damn that hurt).

Disclaimer: Not mine. If I owned House would still skateboard, and Chase would be tied up naked in every scene

Dedication: To Molly and Jess for watching House with me in the dorm. And Lei for finding me the small amount of House slash there is out there for me to read. 3 And Cat for lending me her DVDs. I'll get them back when I've finished watching them…1005 times…


Everyone found it a little odd how Chase's mood suddenly heightened. He was happy as a clam for a week, but wouldn't tell anyone why. It was his own little secret.

But after that initial week, everything change again; this time for worse. It started small. He was quieter than before, and his normal puppy dog eyes were so much sadder. Everyone in the hospital noticed, but no one said anything. It was his own business and if he needed help, he would come to someone.

But he didn't. It only got worse. Soon he was coming in late, looking like he hadn't slept at all. He stood in the corner instead of sitting at the table. He was always the last to leave at night trying to find something else that needed to be done, even if it didn't really.

By then everyone was worried. A few bruises were becoming visible on any exposed skin. They could only guess what was going on in his life. But still no one said anything, figuring he was smart enough to get out of whatever trouble he was in on his own.

But again he never did.

It wasn't until a month or so later when Chase was called in early in the morning to help with some emergency that anyone interfered. After his cell had rang countless times before it was picked up. But there was no voice, only the sound of the phone being thrown against a wall.

"He's probably hung over or something," Forman has said. But Cameron had her doubts, as did House (though he didn't say so).

"Someone go get him. Drag his ass here. Forman, you do it," House ordered.

"It's his own fault if he's too hung over to come in," Forman argued.

"Doesn't matter. Go get him." House left no room to argue.