"The thing is I do Sammy…."

So after no sleep what so ever last night from going out and coming home at midnight then watching SN until 5 am when I got up to go to work. I'm hoping this will make sense. It is going to be quick, but I wasn't sure if I should carry this out for few more chapters. Or just leave it.

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" Dean, I don't expect you to understand, and that is okay, but stop trying to tell me to get over Jess's death!" Sam told his sometimes over bearing brother. They had been once more fighting about Jess, mom, and their father. This fight was just getting old. He had only been trying to help his little brother out and once again was hearing how Sam wasn't over Jessica.

So, Dean tuned him out, his mind wandering back to a time before he met Casssie. A time when he was truly happy and it took him a long time to be that happy.

Flashback while Sam's ranting

Bree McIntyre, curly red head of hair, freckles, a no none sense personality, and damn could she kick Dean's ass. Dean met her right after Sam left for school. She was going to a community college, for acting or some crap.

He had parked his car to close to hers; he had to talk to one of the dean's so he could rid the school basement of some unruly student's spirits. Bree, had tried to open her car door with out dropping her books, and when that didn't happen and her things were scattered all over the wet ground. She turned to the Impala and started to kick it. Luckily or unluckily, Dean had come out in time to see his car taking the brunt of her attack.

" Hey, Hey, what the hell are you doing to my car? " Dean gasped.

The girl turned around and suddenly was embarrassed by her actions. As she turned around, she faced a very good-looking man, who wasn't to please by her actions.

" I'm sorry, I tried to open my door with out hitting yours and well my papers scattered just upsetting me…."

"Causing you to kick my car, are you Insane woman, that ". He stopped to point at the car" Is a 1967 Chevy Impala, my father and I put that car together, and then he gave it to me. I love that Car, she is my baby."

Bree raised her eyebrows in amusement " And you think I'm insane?". She scoffed at Dean. Dean looked back over at the woman trying to pick up her belongings. He suddenly felt like a jerk just watching her bend over and pick up her things. He knelt down to help her, but was pushed back.

" What are you doing?' She asked venomously, her curls bouncing as she shoved him. " I'm helping you?" he tried as he amazingly lost his balance and fell against his car. " Yeah, well I don't need your help." She came back with. She gathered the rest of her papers up, and threw them into the back seat of her Dodge Caliber. Dean stood up dusting off his pants and watched her pulled out of the spot and drove off.

A few days later Dean decided that he liked this woman and that he was going to get her no matter what.

It took quite some time but before you knew it, Bree couldn't get enough of Dean. He had charmed his way into her heart. John actually liked the girl, she had spunk, and fight in her, a few times she went with Dean on a few hunts. The more she learned about the Super natural the more she wanted to know.

Dean had dated her for three months until that God awful night. That night that took her ripped her from his grasp. They had been walking home, under a full moon, from some girly movie that Bree wanted to see. It was Cinderella Man. It wasn't bad; dean handled the movie very well.

She had started to cross the street and he was going to follow but some thing caught his attention, a large van speeding towards her and Dean raced towards her to grab her hand but the van hit her first ripping her from Dean's grasp. The driver never stopped. Dean ran over to her. He pulled out his cell and called his father first then 911. He sat down in the street with her, blood was every where.

" Bree, come on Bree I know your just messing with me, come on baby open those brown eyes, I know you are in there. I know you are" the next few hours were the worst. His father came, the ambulance came, and police had shown up. Dean just wanted to curl up next to her and sleep.

No matter how much Dean begged, and pleaded with her, she never did open her eyes that night. There was nothing his father could do, not then anyway. He let his son, visit after hunts, or there were fights when he told Dean that he was his family not Bree.

The day came when Dean had to make that heart wrenching decision, leave her on life support or take her off. It was a Thursday, when Dean had gone to say good bye to his love. He pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Bree, I know you aren't there anymore and even if you are … I have to go Bree, and I'm not taking you with me. I am so sorry that I couldn't keep you safe. Dad can't bring himself to see you and since you have no one else, it is up to me. Bree, I know you wouldn't want to stay like this. You were so full of life, so peppy. I remember last year when you were beating on my …car" Dean choked out. He stood up and kissed her lips, before nodding to the nurses to shut off the machines. He couldn't bring himself to stay while she died. He walked out of the room, feeling so numb, he couldn't handle it.

John couldn't believe that Dean had decided to do what he did. He knew the minute his son walked into the apartment they had been renting. John took one long look at his son. His eyes softened and he walked towards his son, the man broke down into a little boy. Dean sobbed into his father's loving arms, until he couldn't stand up anymore, then they both slipped to the ground.

John held his son that way for most of the night. Dean would start sobbing on and off, and it broke John's heart. He wanted his son to be happy and he was for awhile. The next day Dean wanted to leave, and they did. They never received the call that could have changed their lives that afternoon.

Dean closed his eyes and finally was sick and tired of hearing how he didn't get it.

" Fuck you Sam, stop telling me that I don't know how you feel asshole!'

Sam's eyes widened " Mom, doesn't count Dean." Sam spat at him

" No you are right Mom doesn't count, but a woman named Bree does, I know how it feels to have some one you love with every fiber of your being die. I know what that loneliness feels like, I know what heartache is Sam. I know what it is like to loose someone in unnecessary ways. I know life sucks, but it doesn't stop Sam."

Sam watched his brother unravel as he told his story about Bree. Dean had taken a seat across from his brother. Sam watched as his brother's walls crumbled, watched as the tears that were long over due fall from his eyes. Watched in silence as Dean buried his face in his hands and cried, openly cried. Sam stood up and walked over to his brother and embraced him, he actually hugged his brother to finally comfort him. Dean's arm's wrapped around his brother as he peeled off the emotional band-aide off. Sam finally got to see another side of the almighty Dean. This side broke his heart…

Now I'm not sure if I should leave this girl dead or bring her back with her memory gone..