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Sam sat I nthem otel room wondering why it was taking his brother so long to just go over nad talk ot Bree, it wasn't like they were dating for godsake , plus Sam was looking forward to hunting a few ghosts. He was getting more than a little restless with this town, the farther away the better. Sam picked up Dean's knife , he thumbed it carefully nad decided he would sharpen a few of his knives for him while he waited, for his older brother to return.

Sam's mind kept replaying things that had happened ot they since they got herre, Bree passing out , taking her to the hospital, finding out she was pregnant with Jamie's baby, Jamie dying. Some thing wasn't really making sence ot him. Then his father finding jobs for them, which made hi mthink of his father and why hadn't he heard fro mhim in a while.

Sam reached out to his phone ot call his brother when a terrible headache hit him, it had to be a vision coming on and he hated having them with out Dean around , he never knew where he would end up. Sam dropped down ot his knees ,holding his head with his hands.

" Lucy , stop let him go"

An image of Dean plastered the wall, held there by an invisable force.

"Why d oyou care so m uch , if you can't remember him, I have an idea , I'll help you remember "

Lucy grabbed a hold of Bree's wrist, and still kept a struggling Dena against the wall.

" Noooooooooo" Dean screamed as Bree crumpled to the ground".

THe vision was over just like that , but the pain from its surprise attack lingered . Sam stood up, swaying a little. He wobbled over to the chair closest to him nad sat down , he reached for the land phone o nthe nightstand and lifted up the reciever to call his brother , he had to know if he was alright. THe phone rang a few times then it went ot voice mail. His brother was not all right. THe throbbing in his head wasn't as bad and he had to get to Bree's house as quick as he possibly could. Grabbing his phone and jacket Sam caleld for a cab.


Dean watched helplessly as Lucy grabbed Bree and taunted her. Bree looked up at Lucy as if asking her why was doing this to her , all that happened was Lucy's grip tighten on her and she felt a dark haze come over her, as her knees became weak.

" No let her go" Dean struggled agiant the invisable hold Lucy had on him. Bree's eyes rolled ot the back of her head as she crumpled down. Lucy looked at Dena and smiled .

"It's time she knew the whole truth don't you think?"

" If this about me then stop this right now and kill me…"

"Dean Winchester the world does not revovle around you, but she will know everything about you when she wakes up."

THe grip on Dean was making him very light headed , the minute he was out Lucy, dropped him next to Bree and smiled it was time for the rest of the plan to work itself out. Luicy shimmered out of the room just as Sam slammed open the bedroom door. He looked around the room, smelled the sulfur and saw his brother laying next to Bree.

"Dean" Sam said softly as he rolled his brother over. Sam felt for a pulse, it was there and very strong , Sam lifted an eye lid and saw Dean's eyes fluttering like he was in REM sleep. Sam looked over at Bree ,who also looked like she was in deep sleep. Sam went back to his brother trying ot wake him up.

"Dean, come on we got to get out of here , Dean I don't know where dad is , but he was going ot try ot do some spell to give Bree her memorey back I think he is in trouble so you have to wake up !" Sam tried. All he got was something mumbled about leaving him alone nad let him get some sleep.

Sam looked back over to Bree ,who was mumbling something as well. If Sam couldn't wake them up at least he could move them to the bed where they would be more comfortable. Sam picked up Bree with no problem and palced her o nthe bed he covered her with a small blanket. Picking up Dena was a little harder ,he did weigh more than Bree did , it was like dead weight.

After covering both of them up Sam decided he would have ot just wait this out. Neither one seemed to be injured or in any distress so he went back down stair ot see if he could find anything out down there to maybe show him what had happened.

"Damn it Damn it" Bree yelled as her books fell to the ground , she picked them up and gave the car next to her a good hard kick.

"Hey , whoa ,what the hell do you think your doing ?" a strangew male voiced asked her . When she turned around to answer him she was at a loss of words. The man was about 5'9 6 foot with short blond hair , big green blue eyes and plump pink lips. The rest of him wasn't bad either.

"Sorry I just got so pissed with the way my day is going , your car took my brunt of the attack" she looked at him with a small smile…….

She didn't even remember what the movie was about , she knew she had a stupid grin plastered across her face. Dean had picked out the movie , so it couldn't of been that great.

"I'll meet up with you in a sec okay I have to call my dad for something . What I promise I'll be right there" Dean kissed her cheek nad let go of her hand . Bree started across the street , when she heard Dean yelling about something , next thing she knew she was being tossed in the air after something had hit her…….

"Well, by god if it isn't a miracle you are awake, honey relax nad let me get the doctor for you….."

" You have a few fractures , you had two broken bones , you have been in a coma for the past two years. Bree how much do you remember?"

"A man, very handsome man stayed with you up until yesterday, I'm sure where he went but I'm sorry to say I don't think he will be back……."

" Hi I'm Jamie , I see you need some where to live, I happen to have the perfect place for you…"

Bree was in a hurry ot get out of the hospital, she had the tests that they still wanted ot do plus she had an play ot get ready for , she never saw him as she hit his arm with her shoulder, she stopped only to mumble an I'm sorry but kept going even though she could of swore he was calling out her name..

Then she saw the Black Impala for herself , and the good looking owner, man was he hot…. Impala brought back a hint of familarity

Lucy threw her out of the window and she fell onto the black Impala below. When she woke back up she had a wicked head ache and wondered why talking ot that woman made her warm nad fuzzy.

" It was you, wasn't ? You were the one at the hospital, you left before I woke up .!" She railled at him. Dena just stood there not sure what to tell her.

" They told me you where dead , that was why I left , not because you were alive and just in a come , Jesus I loved you… I mena I do love you…."

THe rain was pouring down her back as stood at the motel door waiting ot tel lthe man behind it that she had a flash of memory , when she did he just scoffed at her nad told her to leave. To her surprise he followed her as she drove away and asked her for more time with her….

Bree woke up and looked over at a naked Jamie , she heard some one pounding on the door , she gathered her clothes up nad grabbed a blanket to cover herself up as she answered the door. There stood an older man looking at he as if she had gone insane. " I'm sorry do I know you" the man stuttered and said he must have the wrong house and left.

Bree looked back over to Jmaie , who had snuck up behind her nad whipered swet nothings in her ear as he led her back up the stairs to her bedroom…

Bree came out the doro when she saw Jamie talking ot some guys in a black Impala , that car gave her the creeps . She walked over to Jamie who seemed very angry with them ,he said soemthing ot the driver , who bounced out of the car nad pinend Jmaie against it…..

" Bree, Jamie will be here in a little bit to pick uyou nad your baby up…."

"Bree, Jamei made some kind of pact with this demon and yuou were the prize ask him." Dena leaned in and kissed her . She felt the flutter in her stomach as he backed away.

"Bree come on we cane go like on the Turnpike ,we can be a family , you and me nad the baby"

"Bree , I made all of this happen , I stole your memories fro myou , Jamie agreed to take you away so the Winchesters would leave me alone… There is no love for Jamie , and there is no baby I made thme all up just so you would leave , but you didn't why is that." Lucy asked her as she burned her arms and cut her leg…

" Lucy STOP!"

Bree woke with a gasp , she wasn't sure where she was and why it was so dark, she didn't know why her body hurt as much as it did. She knew someone else was there with her , slowly she rolled over to look at the man laying beside her nad memories cmae flooding her mind once more , the good bad , sad and ugly ones , she finally remembered who this was , but something nagged at her . She reached out with a shaking hand to stroke the side of his face almost willing him to wake up. She knew him, knew his father . She wanted him to wake up so she could tell him all the things that had gone through her mind . She watched him sleep for a few more minutes , before she leaned forward and kissed his lips, those ridicously full lips.

She heard him sigh but he still didn't open his eyes or respond , so she kissed him again, stroking his face nad hair , finally that did it , he was kissing her back as he opened his eyes nad saw who it was that was kissing him. He rolled them so he was looking down at her , her dark eyes staring back at her searching for any sign that she remembered who hew was . She rna her fingers under his shirt nad lifted up the shirt to remove it for him.

"Bree, wait ,wait what are you doing ?" he asked her as she kissed along his colalr bone and up his neck, she shifted her legs so he lay in bewteen them .

" Dean , I've missed you so much, I just want you . I remember these dreams and I remember asking you to make them real , well I'm asking you again."

Dean looked at her, really looked at her , he wasn't sure if this , irf what she was asking him was such a good idea.

"Bree, I'm glad that you remember a little bit but are you sure you want this ?"

Bree pushed herself up and kissed him with everything she had , " I love you Dean , I was just gone for a little while but I'm back nad I want you to show me how much you've missed me."

Dean smiled the famous Winchester smile before giving Bree what she was asking for . Dean mapped out every tiny spot on her body , he winced when he saw the cuts and bruises but covered them with kisses. They let the passion that had been pent up carry them away into the white light.

Bree smiled at Dean before he drifted off " That was amazing , almost better than before all of this ."

Dean studied her fighting ot keep his eyes open " You remember that?"

"Well I think Lucy shoved everything back into my head so yea, but right now I'm ready for a nap" she yawn before curling up onto her side and feeling Dean curl right around her , shel isten to his breathign becoem steady , before easing out of the bed to take a shower. Bree crept down the stairs nad saw Sam sleeping on the couch . He sat up , as she walked by to grab her rob off the back out the couch.


"Shh , Sam yes its me but I'm going to go take a shower nad go back ot bed ."

Sam grabbed her hand " What happened ? is Dean?"

"Dena is more than fine , I can't say the same for me , it weas weird to have those memories shoved back into my head , but I think I'm okay."

"And the baby?"

" It was all part of the lie , there is no baby. Go back ot sleep we will talk in the morning ."

Sam nodded nad fell back asleep until his cell phone rang at 2am and it was John , telling him all about striking the deal wit Lucy to give Bree back her memory . John told him how Lucy put up a fight but agreed afterwards right before John passed out. He told Sam he would be there in the afternoon ot see them off .

Upstairs Bree climbed back int o bed with Dean, wishing that things would have been different , she wondered what Jamie had been thinking , but then again she didn't really want to k now. She let herself drift back of into sleep .


Sam woke up to rattling of some pans in the kitchen , he sat up and looked down at the couch , this was comfy couch . He silently wondered if he could just live here the rest of his life with the couch. He was sure Bree wouldn't mind so much ,but Dean wouldn't find it amusoing . He wandered int othe kitchen were bree was packign a few boxes with dishes , he saw the four boxes already taped up nad labeled . He saw the breakfast sitting o nthe table and sat down in a chair .

" Oh , hey Sam , dig in, I got up so early , I couildn't sleep next ot your brother anymore , he kept squeezing me to tight finally I pried myself out , took another shower nad cmae down here to cook you guys breakfast. So if my new found memory serves true than I suggest you take what you want before your borther comes down to eat."

Sam smiled at her " Yeah , my brother can put away the chow , so why are you packing up so many dishes?"

"Well, since Jamie is no longer going ot be here so to speak, why have all these dishes around right?"

"Listen Bree ,I am sorry about Jmaei ,I wish we could of gottne there sooner, we could of done something ."

"Sam, I highly doubt that there was anything that you or Dena could of done to stop Lucy, I just wish that I knew why al lof this even happened ."

Sam eat the breakfast nad asked her if he could use her shower instead of going back ot the motel .

" Sure at the end of the hallway, enjoy " she told him as she went back ot packing the dishes .

Upstairs Dena had heard the shower turn on, he looked next to him nad noticed Bree wasn't there , he decided to join her I nthe shower before he and Sam got going ot there next job in Pitts.

Sam stood naked I nthe shower, he lathered up his hair getting the shampoo in his eyes, k nowing that his brother would make some comment about the nice smelling stuff. He never heard the bathroom door open or noticed the curtain being pulled back until he heard the shriek coming fro mhis naked brother .

" Sam…! Oh my god my eyes " Dean squeaked as he pushed himself back away from the shower. Sam grabbed the shower curtian nad yelled throught it .

"Damn it Dean, what are you doing?"

"I thought you were Bree"

Sam took a deep breath and let it out " Dean , do you mind I'm taller than bree and manlier and my clothes are on the floor."

Dena looked at the pile of clothes on the floor and then heard the door being knocked on. He opened it and saw Bree looking at him strangely . She held out the towels to him.

" I thought Sma was taking a shower ."

"I am " Sam caleld .

Bree looked at Dean naked as a jay bird in front of her " Ummmm?"

' I thought you were in here and thought I'd surprise you , but I found out it was Sammy, and now I have ot remove my eyes sand boil them."

Bree started to laugh but stopped herself , she just handed the towels to Dean and walked back down stairs to answer the door , it was a very busy mornign .

" Hey, John right?"

John smiled at her " Right "

" Come on in Sam and Dena are upstairs taking a shower, I knew they were close but not that close…"

She laughed when she saw John pale just al ittle bit " Dean , thought I was in the shower and it was really ….hahahaha Sam." Bree had tears running fro m her eyes as she tried to breath. John had to admit , it probably was very funny .

Dena was the first one down the stairs and he saw his father nad Bree looking over pictures fro ma long time ago, she held up one , the one of he nad her sitting on the car by the over view . Jhon smiled as he rememberedtaking that picture , the day before the hit nad run. Sam came down a few minutes later nad saw his dad sitting on the couch next to a sleepy looking Dean and Bree , who was looking a tired herself . Sam sat across fro mhis dad and studied the odler man .

John looked over at his son " What Sammy?"

" When are you going to leave for that job you were talking about ?"

" Tonight some time but I thought I'd come by nad tal kto Bree about what she is going ot do now she has her memory back , why don't you and Dena go do some research for those two hunt I told you about?" John reached over and patted Dean's leg. Dena sat up and nodded .

"Not a problem dad ,we'll be back in time for dinner" Dean quipped. John raised an eyebrow and snorted " Always food with you"

Dena winked at Bree" Not always "

"Most of the time though" She threw at him. Sam chuckled at him before getting a pillow tossed at him.

"Boys , are you done get going , you are wasting valuable time with this" John asked .

Dean and Sam grabbed their shoes and left the hosue to get to the library and find out what they could about the two haunted places Dad decided needed looking into.


With Dena and Sam gone , John decided to ask Bree what she was really going ot do" Come on bree , you and I have been friends long enoguh that you can tell me what is going on in that pretty little head."

Bree only nodded as if she agreed with him " Okay , after some considerable thought , I'm selling this house or not going ot rent it anymore and I'm leaving . I do remember every thing nad I do love you nad your family but I need some alone time away fro m Demons, ghosts , lies and "

"Dean" John finsihed for her. She gave him a sad smile " Yeah him too, just for a little bit . I do love him so very much but after all that hads happened I'm just tired ."

"I don't blame you, so you need help packing up?"

" Sure John grab a box." Bree handed him two boxes and that was how they spent the whole afternoon ,packing most of her things up.


It was about 7:30 when Sam and Dean arrived back at Bree's house , they saw John placing a box in Bree's Caliber. John saw his boys pull in and sighed , he was going ot ake Sam with hi mtonight so Dean could say good bye to Bree alone , at least the was the plan.

"Sam ,Dean, glad you decided to make it back, um Sam I need you to come with me tonight so we can get a head start with everything . Dean you can join your brother and I tomorrow or the next day in Pittsburgh."

Sam styarted to argue but saw the look Dena gave him so he only nodded and muttered he stuff at the motel he had to get , as he wandered int othe house to see most of it cleaned out . Bree was sitting I nth living room with photo sitting out in front of her. She heard Sam walk into thel iving room, she looked up and smiled at him.

" Hey Sam, come in to say good bye to me ?"

"Yeah sort of , this is so weird I mean this whole thing ,what was it for ?"

" I don't know Sam , people do all sort of strange things , but I'm sure everything will be kjust fine , okay. Thank you for helping me , it really meant a lot ." she stood up nad kissed his cheek before walking out of the room. Sam looked down and picked up the photo on the table , he had seen it before , in fact Dean had one. Sam placed it back on the table nad walked out of the house to John's awaiting truck.

" Ready Sammy?"

" Yes sir ."

John looked at his oldest son, knowing it wasn't fair , Dena should get married ot Bree and have a family , Sam should be able ot be an uncle, he should be able ot be a grandfather to lots of grand kids, but with all the evil in the world who had tiem for that.

"Dean , I want ot see you in a few days"

Dena smiled and nodded as John started up his truck and rolled odwn the drive way. His father told hi mthat Bree wasn't going ot be there forever and to say what every was on his chest now. He told him bree planned on leaving.

Dena walked int othe very empty housenad looked around ,he saw the photo on the living room table , for the hundredth time picked it up and looked at it , he was cut out of the pic . That stung al ittle bit but he did lvoe that red haird woman .

" So I guess this is it huh?" Bree said in a small sad smile .

" It doesn't have to be nad you know that , I made a promise and …"

I know Dena John told me but you can't keep that one , not yet there is too many people that need help and don't even know it yet. I can't keep you for myself not like you want . I want you to help as many people as you can . I'll always be in touch , and if your in my town stop by."

Dean walked clsoer to her , he stopped inches away from her face , he reached up and touched her face , his fingers trailed down her neck to her collar bone then lower into his finger reached the top of her jeans . His fingers loopedi nt the belt hole and pulled her towards him, he moved back until he sat on the couch, pulling Bree down ont ohis lap. She sat down next to him and let him hold her as they just watched the world go by out side her bay window .

They both had fallen asleep like this , until Bree felt the crink in her neck she needed to get up nad lay on her bed this was killing her neck . THe minute she moved Dean bent down to kiss her lips , small tiny kisses that weren't demanding like usual. She sat up took his hand and led him upstairs to hr bedroom, but nstead of going ot the bed like he thought she led him into the shower.

An hour later after a ver long hot shower , in where they actually took a shower . She led him over ot her bed and kissed, nipped and licked him from head to toe, it was like she want to remember every single part of him. And Dean just like in the dreams took her ovr to the ledge then would bring her back again.

" You know it isn't nice to tease me " she gasped .

Giving her that charming smile, Dean gave her what she wanted that blinding desperate release. After the second time of giving it up to her as she put it . Dena was finally got her ot go to sleep. He sat up to change nad leave before he had to say good bye to her but she woke up nad asked him where he was going .

" Don't you dare leave me in the middle of the night, you can leave in the morning or afternoon. Dean you are better than that ."

"Am I?" he responded.

Bree got out of the bed nad wrapped her arms around him from behind , he could feel her warmth seeping through his cloths.

"Yes you are , now coem back to bed and love me "

"Bree , I've done that twice "

Bree smiled against his back " No we had sex I want you to make love ot me before you go in the morning ". She pulled on Dean's jacket and he shrugged it off , her fingers unbuttoned his shirt , revealing his rippled torso, her fingers went lower to his jeans and unzippered then. Dean's breathing hitched as she ghosted her fingers over his body. Dean turned around picked her up nad wnet back to her bed . Dean lavished her as she wanted , making her purr with happiness. He took his time nad for the first time in a long time enjoyed every second in being with Bree. Most of the time it was to just get off , mostly her starting it but this … this was loving someone else.

THe morning came to quickly for them , Dean woke up first , snuggling closer to her, he didn't want this to end , but he knew that it had too. Bree woke up an hour later to the noise of the shower. She lay her hjead back down on the pillow and sighed . Dean emerged all hot and wet 20 mintues later, he just stared at her. She smiled back nad told him it wasn't like they'd be apart forever.

" I know this just sucks , why don't you just come with us , you know the drill and you still got the moves."

" I know but I just need some time alone right now . I need time for myself to sort all of this crap out" her red hair shimmry around her face . " And you need to get that god blessed demon, so we can be together , me you and Sammy and John ." Dean dressed nad walked down stairs with her .

" I could make you breakfast you know "

" Nah I'll just get something on the road . I should get a head start, and I'll cal lyou along the way and when ever."

Bree laughed and opened the front door '" I'll be sure to keep the phone on. Bye Dean. I love you." she whispered int ohis ear. He kissed her cheek before stepping out of the house to go to his car.

" I love you to Bree McIntyre" Dean got into the car and it roared ot life . Bree watched until he was down the street then closed the door. She felt an emptiness consume her and the tears rolled down her face. She sat o nthe couch and noticed something different about the picture of her and Dean. This one had Dean in it, she flipped it over and he had written, "If our paths may never meet again just remember I will love you until me end "

Bree sobbed free , until she heard her cell chirp. She picked it up and smiled when she heard the voice" Hello?"

"Hey Bree, I figured we had a lot to talk about ."

Bree sat back on the couch and talked to the person o nthe other end of the phone.

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