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The Great Sea at night, a time for peace, a time for slumber, a time to reflect on the day's events. A handful of years has gone by since that fateful day when the Hero of Winds sealed Ganondorf away with the ancient kingdom of Hyrule. Now, at the age of fifteen the hero better known as Link lives a peaceful life, sailing the seas with his good friends Tetra and her crew and just generally enjoying life. He and Tetra had become close over the years, many liked to tease them about their 'status' but neither paid much attention to the joking, both repeatedly stated that they were only friends, although, if both actually believed that's all they wanted was another question. Neither knew what new adventure awaited them right under their noses.

Clear blue waves lashed lazily against the sandy shore of Outset Island. Dawn was slowly approaching, however, this day would not be the same as most others.

The sea rumbled, waves roared and twisted angrily, tossing small fish and shells through the air. What followed was a shocking sight, early morning fishermen were amazed. Seven flashes of light rocketed up from beneath the sea, the rumbling got stronger, entire masses of land began to rise from the bottom of the ocean. A forest mansion rose up near Forest Haven, Dragon Roost Island's mountain suddenly shot up becoming twice its normal height, a large Island sprung up beneath the Earth Temple which was now on top of the new island, a dark island appeared in the furthest North east while another desert-type mass appeared in the North West near Forsaken Fortress. The main attraction soon followed suite, the grand Tower of the Gods that stood proudly in the centre of it all mysteriously evaporated, a large white-washed castle rose gradually from the sea, the mark of the royal family engraved neatly on the front; Hyrule Castle.

"Big Brother! Big Brother wake up!" Link's younger sister, Ayrll, yelled to him. Entering their small home, she hurried over to his bed, a tuft of blond hair was poking out of his cream coloured blanket. "Big Brother!" The girl repeated while tugging at his quilt.

Rubbing his dark eyes, the boy drowsily looked up. "What is it Aryll?" He mumbled, slipping out of the bed he dragged the blankets back over it.

"Your girlfriend is waiting for you outside." Aryll answered, a slight smirk written on her young face.

"Tetra is not my girlfriend!" Link grunted as he tried to pull his tunic over his head.

"Whatever you say." Aryll flicked his nose playfully. "Grandma is at the summit waiting for me, we're going mushroom picking in the woods. I'll let her know where you've gone."

"Right. Be careful up there." Link warned. Watching his sister go, he collected his Mirror Shield and sword from under the bed. Since he had sealed the Master Sword away with Ganondorf, Orca had crafted him a brand new one, a dark green hilt connected to a fine silver blade perfect for taking out any lurking monsters on the island.

Exiting the house, he covered his eyes from the blazing morning sun. Running down to the beach he spotted Tetra's ship waiting patiently in the shallow waters. Tetra herself hung upside down off the edge of the vessel, her first mate Gonzo sat quietly whistling next to her. Walking into the water, Link moved over to them.

"Mornin' Link." Gonzo waved, "no kiss for Miss Tetra?" He grinned goofily. Link frowned, a slight blush creeping onto his face.

"Oh shut your face." Tetra whacked the pirate's arm. Pushing herself around, she faced Link. "I needed to show you something that will interest you." Her tone more serious than usual. "I assume you felt that rumbling earlier this morning?"

"No…" Link thought back to the early morning, he had been dead to the world so of course he hadn't felt anything.

The pirate leader rolled her eyes, grabbing Link's hand she pulled him onboard. "Set sail for our next destination men! You know where!" Tetra ordered the crew, taking her place at the front of the ship, she breathed in the fresh sea air. Link soon joined her eager to see what she wanted to show him. "You'll see when we get there." She simply replied, winking mischievously.

It wasn't long before they reached the centre of the ocean. Link stared blankly ahead wondering why Tetra had brought him to the Tower of the Gods. "Why did you-" He stopped mid sentence when he saw the building before him. Hyrule Castle stood towering over them, the mark of the Hylian Royal family glowing brightly. The boy's eyes were near popping out, how in all the Great Sea did this happen?

"Yeah, that was my first reaction too." Tetra mused, "some fishermen said other ancient looking buildings and landmarks have popped up elsewhere too. I bet we'll find some answers within the castle."

Link nodded in agreement, he hadn't planned to ever be able to visit Hyrule Castle again but fate obviously had other ideas. Steering the ship into position they prepared to drop anchor.

Hyrule Castle was silent, still images of the past lined the walls, pictures, faces of a time gone by. The first thing that catches the eye when one enters is the large statue placed on the altar. The statue of the legendary Hero of Time, not many remain who know of his story, a story only truly known now by the wind.

Suddenly, the silence was broken. The statue began to glow a golden yellow, cracks snaked their way along the stone, the statue exploded.

Link and Tetra made their way into the castle. They received a surprise in the main room. A teenaged boy lay in a heap on the floor, his blond hair and forest green tunic were covered in debris. Tetra pointed to the place were the statue used to be, now there was nothing.

"Who are you?" Link asked the teenager, he unsheathed his sword just in case.

The young man sat up, he glanced at his gloved hands then at the people in front of him. "Who…am I?" He repeated Link's question. "I died… . How am I here, in this body?"

Link and Tetra stared at each other, both with a puzzled expression etched on their face. Link pointed his sword at the boy and asked the question again. The boy stood up to dust more of the rubble from himself. Straightening out his green hat, he smiled.

"My name is Link, I'm also known as the Hero of Time."