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Sharingan Sees All

"Dammit Sasuke stop that!"

"What am I even doing!"

Ah…another day of training and another fight between the two famous rivals of Konoha….well besides Gai and Kakashi. Currently Naruto was making a fuss about Sasuke and his Sharingan again. When will he ever learn…Naruto is lucky that Sakura went home earlier that day, or she would beat him into a bloody pulp cause he called her Sasuke-kun a bastard. Well uh back to the argument!

"That thing with your eyes, turn it off!"

"What? Oh you mean my Sharingan." Sasuke looked up at him, he smirked. Heheh Naru-chan's scared of my Sharingan, maybe I should tell him now.. (A/N u'll never guess what! 8D)

"Yes your Sharingblah," Naruto stated matter of factly. He then hid behind his sensei, who was too much into his book to even notice the situation he was in. "Kaka-sensei, help!"

All Naruto heard was a small giggle and the teacher was gone.

"It's Sharingan, dobe." He rolled his red eyes. Naruto can be so stupid at times. As he turned to see if Naruto finally let go of his sensei, he found that Kakashi and Naruto were gone. What the hell?

"Whatever teme…just don't.." Naruto paused then made his grand entrance and leapt out from a tree he escaped into after Kakashi had bamphed away. "Gah! Stop looking at me like that, you're creeping me out!"

Sasuke blinked, then smirked his oh so famous smirk again. "Scared of them hn dobe."

"Shut the hell up Sasuke-teme! And stop staring at me, it's as if you can see right through me!"

"Do you wanna know why, dobe." Sasuke did his trademark smirk and looked Naruto up and down.

Naruto was too busy pondering what Sasuke said to even notice that he was currently be checked out.

"Yes! Tell meeeee! I hate it when you do that staring thing!"

"Well, you sure you wanna know dobe."

"Teme! Tell me now!" Naruto seriously wanted to find out, and as he leaned closer to Sasuke, he didn't notice the fact that Sasuke started to sweat.

Sasuke gulped and tried to keep from drooling at the site before him. Better as well tell him I guess…

"My Sharingan can see through clothes."

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