The ThunderCats Finest Hour

By 18lzytwner

Chapter 1

Slowly, his eyes opened to see that the sun was shining brightly. It would be another beautiful day on New Thundera. Rolling over, he climbed out of bed and made his way to the bathroom.

The Lord of the ThunderCats rolled his tongue around in his mouth going over his teeth. They felt fuzzy despite brushing them before bed and he had this horrible taste in his mouth.

"Blach. What in Thundera died in there?" He wondered. Lion-O turned on the faucet and tried to rinse his mouth out. Unfortunately, that didn't make it any better and he reached for the toothpaste. Squeezing some the size of smaller candy fruit onto his toothbrush, he tried to get the taste out.

It worked and soon, he stripped off his uniform bottoms, and jumped into the shower. The warm water felt good and he tuned out everything around him. That's why he didn't hear someone enter his room.

The person was stealthy and managed to walk right into the bathroom without being noticed. They walked over to the toilet and pressed the handle down. Suddenly the water pressure decreased and the temperature went through the roof.

"Reneer! Fft, fft!" Needless to say it was probably not the most ThunderCat-like thing to do. Laughter erupted from the person who snuck into the room and Lion-O shut the water off and stuck his head out from behind the shower curtain.

"Oh you're dead!" He exclaimed as he reached for his towel.

"Only if you can catch me!" The familiar cheetah's voice said in between her shrieks of laughter. The lion covered himself up and ran after the offender. However, his wet paws didn't make for good traction on the tile floor and he slipped and fell. He landed on his right elbow funny and grabbed it with his left hand.

After a few minutes, the offending ThunderCat walked back into the bathroom. She saw Lion-O sitting up holding his elbow.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"I'll be fine. Just landed on my elbow funny." The Lord of the ThunderCats said as he extended his arm and moved it around.

"I'm sorry; I didn't think the mighty Lord of the ThunderCats would scream like a kitten and slip on the floor." Cheetara smiled. Lion-O reached over and pulled her down next to him.

"Ouch!" She cried out.

"There we're even." He smirked. Cheetara pouted as she rubbed her lower back.

"I missed you this morning." She said.

"You were off training the recruits; it was nice of you to let me sleep." He said as he got up and then helped her to her feet.

"Yeah, they are progressing but I think they could use more training before we send anymore to Third Earth." Cheetara told him as they walked back into the bedroom.

"Hmm, well this bunch still has to be trained with Panthro, so they'll be here for at least three more months." Lion-O said as he went into his closet and pulled out a clean uniform.

"Yes, well it took Panthro years to be a master at what he does, technically and physically. The recruits on Third Earth are nowhere near being ready for any serious battles with Mumm-Ra. I mean they've been trained by Ben-Gali, Lynx-O, Tygra, and the Snarves but Pumyra is going to have her cub soon and she can't fight and won't be able to fight for awhile after she gives birth." Cheetara told him. Lion-O pulled the bottom half of his uniform up under the towel that still resided on his waist. Then he pulled the towel off and reached for the top half of his uniform.

"I understand your concern. I'm not thrilled either but I rather have more recruits trained than have only a handful with the extensive training they really need. Every one of those recruits knows how to defend themselves, how to keep the Tower and Lair in good condition, and how to utilize each other as a team. I think that they will never really learn everything until they're in an actual battle." The Lord of the ThunderCats said.

"That's a hell of a thing to have to wait for." Cheetara put her hands on her hips as he pulled his uniform top on.

"I don't like it either but we're doing the best we can." Lion-O moved over to her and wrapped his arms around her. She moved her arms around his neck and looked up into his orange cat eyes.

"I guess I'm just afraid of losing a lot of countrymen and friends. Mumm-Ra has certainly managed to do some brutal things since he's been back and…" the cheetah's sentence trailed off. Silence followed and the two just looked at each other. Neither one wanted to finish the sentence or even give it any more thought. They would live life just like they always had. They would fight evil and protect their friends. As ThunderCats danger was part of the job and they both knew that they would have to go on with life if anything ever happened to either one. Lion-O moved his head down and pressed his lips to hers. When they parted he smiled and said,

"Come on. Let's go down to the control room and call Third Earth. I have to make my weekly call and I bet the ThunderKittens would like a break."

WilyKat had the video screen up and he was talking with Pumyra when the two ThunderCats walked into the room.

"But you don't understand. I can't wear my uniform now." He whined.

"Well, I don't know what to tell you. We do the laundry over here ok. I can't imagine who would have washed their uniform with yours." Pumyra smiled.

"But look." WilyKat held up one of his spare outfits. This caused the puma to break out into laughter as did Lion-O and Cheetara. The once orange trim was now a strange mixture of pink, orange, and blue.

"It's not funny." He said as they continued to laugh.

"I think your sister washed her outfit with your outfit." Pumyra continued to giggle. That's when they heard Ben-Gali in the background.

"What's so funny?" When he moved into the picture on the screen, he saw the ThunderKitten's uniform.

"I hate to tell you this but I think Lynx-O can do a better job of washing laundry than you guys can." The tiger and the puma's laughter increased. WilyKat mumbled and walked out of the control room. Finally when the laughter subsided, Lion-O got his weekly report.


Mumm-Ra stood in front of his cauldron and tried to think. The Ancient Spirits were once again upset with his recent failures and they weren't about to give him another chance unless he came up with something good. Ideas floated around his head until something came to him.

The mummy chanted in a long forgotten language and the water in the cauldron began to boil and bubble. Then it slowed and the water calmed. In the cauldron, a picture came into focus.

A story unfolded of a brave warrior taming a winged horse and fighting a hideous fire-breathing creature, which had a lion's head, a she-goat's body, and a dragon's tail. The brave warrior's name was Bellerophon and the horse he rode was Pegasus. They defeated what was called the Chimera. This monster, whose body was a grotesque combination of mismatched animal parts, would be the ticket.

He would bring this Chimera to life and use it to destroy the ThunderCats. However, he would add his own special touch to the creature. Not only would it shoot fire from its mouth, its hooves and teeth would be coated in a special substance that made the ThunderCats as weak as kittens, Thundrainium. Once Thundrainium entered the blood stream nothing could stop it from weakening the wretched ThunderCats and the rest of the Chimera would finish them off.

To Be Continued…