Tales of Summon: Spirit Focus, Undine


When it rains, he remembers…

"Look, there see? When it pours like this, do you see?"

A warm arm encircled his waist. Holding him back so that he wouldn't wander beyond the edge of the light and get lost in the dark. He leaned back, breathing in the scent of her warmth and the wet earth. For him, they were inseparable. She always smelled of the rain, and now knowing what it was, he smiled. For him, she and the rain were one.

"Look over there."

She had pointed, and obedient, he had looked. Shapeless shadows were ringed in flickering, falling, aqua, auras. They seemed different, alive, despite the fact that he knew he was really looking at a dead old stump. The dark shivered, pealed away, even as the sky roared, and he cringed back against the warmth. Another arm joined the first, her long auburn hair fell across his face, even as Volt roared and Sylph howled in response.

"Shh, it's alright my little Kra-sean. Just Volt and Sylph being loud. They're old friends you know, they just won't admit it."

"Re… really…" He whimpered, his black eyes wide.

"That's why Volt roars, and Sylph howls. It's a contest of sorts. They make noise an whoever scares the most little children wins." He felt her chuckle more than heard it, it was a soft warm tickle against the top of his head. A loving caress accompanied by a loving tease.

"You aren't scared, are you?"

"N… no..." Blinking the tears out of his eyes, tears born of a child's fears. "I... I'm not scared of anything." He assured, with a thin watery smile.

She laughed at that, and held him close.

"You don't need to protect me, Kra'sean, by not being afraid. Undine will protect us both just fine."

He nestled against her, drawing strength from her warmth. She held him, humming a lullaby older than centuries.

Her song, her voice… They would endure. In the centuries, in the darkest corners of his mind, to a time when sleep was little more than a fond memory, she would endure, in the edges of his recollection he would remember.

And when his child came to be, instinct would guild him. And when it rained Kratos Aurion would gather his son up in his arms and hum while Undine's lullaby fell around them.