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10 years have passed since Sasuke left with Orochimaru and a lot of things have changed. Naruto is studying to be Hokage and is an Elite ANBU. He's engaged with Hinata and are going to marry in a few months. His physical appearance is the same, except that he's really tall now.

Kakashi still reads his 'Icha Icha Paradise' books, but now, he helps Jiraya write them! Yup, the two biggest perverts of Konohagakure are working together for a….umm….weird cause.

Tsunade still drinks her sake, night and day, while Shizune is always nagging on her to do her paperwork. Ton-ton…is well…….Ton-ton, he hasn't changed at all.

Hinata has grown her hair and is a Jounin. She doesn't live in the Hyuuga estate anymore because of her father's disapproval of her being engaged to Naruto. She lives in an apartment near Naruto's.

Shino and Kiba are ANBUs and haven't changed in appearance. Akamaru, though, is another story. He has grown to be a tall dog and very intelligent. He's also a father because he had his puppies a few weeks ago with a dog that also belonged to the Inuzuka clan.

Rock Lee, Tenten, and Neji haven't changed at all. The only thing that changed from this team is that Tenten and Neji have been dating for several years. Rock Lee hasn't given up on Sakura, yet. He always runs around looking for her and proclaiming his love for her in his 'youthful' pose! Neji and Lee are Elite ANBU, while Tenten is a Jounin.

Ino and Shikamaru have been dating for three years and Shika still hasn't proposed to her yet, because he says that marriage is too troublesome. Chouji is still as 'big-boned' as ever coughfatcough. Ino became ANBU last year and Chouji, two years ago. Shikamaru is the only one in this group that is Elite ANBU.

Asuma and Kurenai are the same, just that now, they slightly argue more than before…no one knows why…(except Kakashi and Jiraya that have been spying on all the couples in it be that the answer to this riddle will be in the next volume of 'Icha Icha Paradise'?).

Finally, the one that you've been waiting to hear about, Haruno Sakura. Believe it or not, Sakura has become the most beautiful kunoichi in the village and also the strongest. Her inhuman strength and chakra control, being her main factors, have helped her develop into a bright and aspiring kunoichi. She's an Elite ANBU since two years ago and is also a medic-nin. When Sakura doesn't have a mission, she works at the hospital.

Her green, mesmerizing orbs always makes any man stop what he's doing to stare at them, her long flowing pink hair that is usually in a bun is silky smooth and lovely. She doesn't wear her hitai-ate on top of her head; instead, she wears it on her right arm, below the ANBU tattoo.

Well, speaking of which, right now she's walking to the weapons shop because she is in need of kunais. All of the ones she had broke from the intensity of her blows. She sighed. This always happened to her.

She walked into the store and nodded towards the owner. He nodded back, knowing why the kunoichi was there. After all, she's his best customer, coming twice a week, at least.

Sakura quickly got out of the shop and headed towards the Hokage's tower. Tsunade had sent a message stating that she had a mission and to report at 4:00 to receive the data of it.

Sakura glanced at her watch and saw that it was already 3:55. She started running, applying chakra to her feet so she could increase her speed.


In the woods of Konoha, stood a lone figure gazing at the sight of his old town. He had to find a woman, fast, to take care of the brat he had cradled in his arms. After all, Uchiha Itachi couldn't raise a child…the 'thing' would probably tick him off and then he would lose control, thus murdering 'it'.

He sighed. How did he get himself into this mess? Oh, that's right…he fucked a whore that he found and thus, this 'thing' popped out. The worst thing is that the woman had to die giving birth. I mean, come on, what are the odds?

Well, anyway, here he was, searching for a woman, that would willingly take care of his 'thing'. He looked down at the 'thing' and smirked. 'It' was actually kind of cute… the child was healthy. The only reason he didn't kill it was because he had wanted to be a father…and wanted to know how it felt like. That's why, the woman that would take care of his son, had to come along with him and be of Akatsuki.

He was handsome, so this task should be pretty easy right? Wrong, Itachi didn't want just anyone; he wanted a woman that could teach his son the way of the shinobi and that had certain 'motherly' characteristics. After all, the child is an Uchiha…


-"Where is she!" screamed Tsunade from the top of her lungs. Suddenly, Sakura had barged into the Hokage's office, out of breath. She had been 1 minute and 35 seconds late, Tsunade calculated.

-"Sorry, Tsunade-shishou!" Sakura said, trying to catch her breath.

-"Yes, well sit down…we need to talk." Tsunade said as Sakura took a seat in front of the Hokage. "Your mission is a S-class one." She handed a folder to Sakura, who took it and opened it.

Sakura's eyes widened.

-"U-Uchiha Itachi?" Sakura said.

The fifth nodded.

-"You must kill him. I entrusted you with this job because I know you can pull it through." Tsunade replied, as she looked the other way, staring out her window.

-"What about Sasuke? Wouldn't he want to kill his brother instead of me?" Sakura said.

-"We've waited 10 years for him to kill Uchiha Itachi and yet, nothing has happened to the murderer of his clan. We don't even know if Sasuke still wants to kill his brother. Maybe, he already gave up-" Tsunade was interrupted by Sakura getting up from the chair.

-"NO, Sasuke would never give up on that purpose! He hates his brother and he would never give up on that goal. He will accomplish it Tsunade-shishou! I still believe in him!" Sakura said.

Tsunade got up from her seat and glared at her apprentice, while Sakura glared back.

-"You might still believe in him, Sakura, but I SURE AS HELL DON"T!" Tsunade screamed at Sakura.

Sakura, noticing what she had done, bowed her head and apologized.

-"Ugh, it's alright Sakura, I know you still care for that brat, but that's not important now. Do you accept this mission?" Sakura looked at her sensei and sighed.

She nodded as she left the room. What would Sasuke say? She had to accept it though, because Haruno Sakura never backs down from a challenge…and this one was a pretty big one…

Sakura left the tower and headed to her house. She needed to pack her things for the mission.


What neither the Hokage nor Sakura noticed was that someone was spying on the conversation.

Maybe this kunoichi's feelings towards his brother could come in handy. After all, one of his little otouto's goals was to rebuild the Uchiha clan and what better way then to have an heir already.

Yes, and by her chakra, he could tell she was strong. To top it all off, she was hot and she was going on a mission to look for him…the irony of it all. He could test her abilities then, but the problem was the child he was cradling in his arms.

The light bulb on top of his head lit up signaling that he had an idea (A/N: I love the light bulb thing in cartoons lol…sorry I had to put that)! He wouldn't even have to fight her, he could easily just show her the 'thing' and she wouldn't hesitate to help him.

Tomorrow, he would put the plan to action. The 'thing' seemed to need food right now and he had no milk with him. He was lucky that the child didn't cry much…or else, the stupid Hokage would've spotted him easily.


Eating ramen is his favorite pastime, who is he?

I bet no one knows who it is… it seems you all give up don't you?

Does dobe sound familiar?

Awwww…you guys are impossible… (A/N: I usually get like this when I'm sick…sorry)


Yup, well anyways, he was eating……ramen with his girlfriend……Hinata. He was up to his 26th bowl and she was up to half of her first one. Not much difference…

They were talking about trivial things, until Naruto spotted a pink blur in the distance.

-"Oi Sakura-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" screamed Naruto.

Sakura quickly spun around to see her best friend waving frantically at her. She smiled as she walked up to him and his fiancé.

-"Hello, Naruto and Hinata-chan." Sakura smiled brightly at them. "I just came from the Hokage tower. I have a new mission so I better pack up. See you guys later."

-"Wait Sakura-chan! When are you leaving?": Naruto asked.

-" Tonight."

-"When will you be back?" Sakura sighed. Too bad she couldn't tell Naruto about her mission. ANBUs can't tell anyone about their missions, no matter what. It would completely blow their cover.

-"I don't know, Naruto. I might not come back for all I know."

Naruto's eyes widened.

-"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MIGHT NOT COME BACK!" He screamed and suddenly, all of Konoha turned their heads to stare at the loud mouth blonde. He didn't care about that though because right now, all he cared about was for Sakura to explain herself.

-"Well, you see, it's a dangerous mission. Don't worry though; I'll come back safely! I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world!" Sakura said cheerfully, hoping that Naruto would forget about the incident and let her go.

Somehow, her wish had come true as he nodded and sat back down to eat his ramen and Sakura waved goodbye to the couple. They were lucky that both of them were with their treasures person. Sakura envied them. She wished to have Sasuke by her side like that, but that's completely impossible. Shaking those thoughts out of her head, she walked towards her apartment.

Meanwhile, Hinata stared at the retreating back of the pink-haired kunoichi.

-"N-Naruto-kun?" She stuttered.

Naruto gave her one of his fox grins and nodded for her to continue.

-"I have a bad feeling about Sakura-chan's mission." She said as she stared down at her ramen. Naruto blinked twice and then smiled down at her.

-"I had the same feeling, but I know nothing bad will happen to Sakura-chan! She is a strong kunoichi that knows how to take care of herself." Naruto said as him and Hinata shared a smile while looking in each other's eyes.

-"I guess you're right, Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

-"That's the spirit Hinata-chan! Now, onto something more important……are you going to eat that ramen?"

Hinata giggled and gave her bowl to Naruto, who smiled and said arigatou as he slurped on the remaining noodles that were in the bowl.


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