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"You bastard!" Sasuke growled as he ran towards his brother with chidori forming in his hand.

Itachi quickly put Ryu down and expertly moved out of the way of Sasuke's rampage.

Sasuke ran straight and rammed the chidori against a tree outside.

Ryu stared shocked at what his uncle could do. It was amazing! He really likes his uncle now. The problem is that his uncle didn't seem to like his dad much…

Sakura ran towards Sasuke to stop him before he did some other stupidity.

"Sasuke, stop!" She grabbed him from behind and hugged him. For Sasuke this was déjà vu since this had happened so many years ago.

"Sorry, a whole lifetime of looking for this asshole and I cant believe I can abandon my goal so easily for a kid that I just met." Sasuke said as Sakura let go of him and brought his face to hers.

It was a chaste kiss, but very sweet and satisfying.

"You would be doing the right thing. Would you want him to grow up without a father and hating his uncle? Ryu is a great boy. I love him very much. If you hurt him, directly or indirectly, it would break my heart."

Sakura looked sincerely in his eyes. He sighed and moved to look at Itachi.

Itachi remained with a stoic face and said nothing the entire time.

Ryu was dying to break the stare between the two brothers, but was unsure if he should. He felt bad for his uncle; he seemed to be suffering for some reason. 'I wish I could help him' he thought to himself.

Sakura walked up to Ryu and lifted him up to her arms, while walking back to Sasuke.

This snapped both brothers out of their reveries.

"Hold him." She commanded as she was giving Ryu to Sasuke.

Sasuke seemed to grow nervous and looked away.

"Why should I?" he asked her.

Sakura smiled at him.

"Because you're dying to."

Sasuke's head snapped to look at her straight in the eyes. Her eyes looked at him earnestly. He looked at Ryu and saw the confusion in his eyes.

He smirked. Ryu reminded him of his father. Slowly he moved his arms and lifted Ryu up and into his arms.

"Wow, didn't know that the bastard of a brother I had could actually make a real Uchiha." He smirked as he looked at Ryu's features closely.

Sakura grinned.

"Well of course, you can't really thank Itachi for this because he didn't seem to want to create such a wonderful masterpiece, Ryu just came out that way."

Ryu blushed and quickly hid his face in the crook of Sasuke's neck.

Itachi watched the scene with a vein popping on the side of his head.

"Why am I always the bad guy? I almost got killed by Sasuke's chidori and no one seems to mind." Itachi grumbled.

Ryu looked at his dad and grinned.

"Daddy, you would've died so cool! Did you see that blue ball thing! It was so awesome! I want to learn how to do it! Will you teach me uncle?!" Sasuke smirked and nodded.

"All in due time."

Itachi sulked. Ryu never asked him to teach him new techniques. Then he shook his head in wonderment. Since when had he become so childish? He seemed to be jealous of his brother's relationship with his own son? He chuckled. Wow, Sakura and Ryu have changed him.

Itachi sat next to the fireplace and waited until the other three came back inside.

A few minutes later, Ryu came running inside and sat on the floor next to the seat that his father was occupying.

"Where are they?" The little one shrugged.

"They told me to tell you that they were going to go play. I asked if I could go, but Okaa-san laughed, patted my head and said that maybe next time." Ryu sulked.

Itachi smirked and looked at Ryu.

"You'll understand someday why she didn't let you tag along."

Ryu looked up at his dad and sighed. Why did his father always have to be so enigmatic?


Sakura smiled as she watched Ryu run inside the cottage. She wasn't expecting things to run so smoothly. She's really happy that Sasuke has fully accepted Itachi's child. She looked at Sasuke and noticed that he was smirking as he stared at her.

"So, when were you planning on telling me that you were pregnant?" He said as his arms circled around her waist.

She smiled at his gesture and leaned her head to his lean chest.

"When I saw you next time. It's been three months since the pregnancy. At least, those are my calculations." She looked up at him and smiled. She looked up to him and pecked him on his lips.

"Hn. I don't want you doing this anymore." Oh, crap, she knew this was too good to be true.

"Sasuke, I thought you had accepted me taking care of Ryu. I mean, you held him in your arms, and you didn't go on a killing spree with Itachi and I thought-" he cut her off.

"I don't trust him. If you want, you can bring the child and we can leave as soon as possible." He looked stoic at Sakura. He looked so unemotional and uncaring that she pushed him away.

"Why are you being this way? I would never take Ryu away from Itachi. He killed your clan, yes I know, but I really feel that he cares about his son and Ryu loves him to death."

"Ryu doesn't know what his father is capable of. I know what's best for both of you."

"Sasuke! I can't believe you would do something so despicable to a child! You want him to have the same fate as you? The cycle is going to repeat itself if I do something so horrible! You kill his father and he goes after you to kill you! Revenge, revenge, revenge! Is that all you ever think about?!" Sakura screamed as she glared at Sasuke.

He looked away from her. It wasn't revenge anymore. He didn't care about that kid, although a pang in his heart said that he did. He just wants Sakura out of Itachi's paws.

"Sakura, why don't you understand? You're living with a killer! He wont even think twice if he wants to kill you! You choose! It's either me or him!"

Sakura stared wide-eyed at Sasuke as tears started spilling from dull emeralds.


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