The 11th Doctor had been captured by the Ori Prior faster than he expected.

"Time Lord... you have changed your face to escape us, but it didn't work!" The Ori Prior proclaimed.

"I'm not the same Time Lord as the one that you are after." The 11th Doctor tried to reason with the Ori Prior that had him pinned to the wall by Psychic Energy while gloating about capturing him.

"You share the same memories as the Doctor of my dimension, but you are correct, you are an older Time Lord than the one I want." The Ori Prior says reading the 11th Doctor's mind.

"Are you willing to release me then?" The 11th Doctor asked hopefully.

"Read the Book of Origin and I will allow you to live." The Ori Prior stated.

"What is the Book of Origin?" The 11th Doctor asked curiously.

"Will you read the Book of Origin or die?" The Ori Prior demanded.

"I'll read your Great Book." The 11th Doctor decided having no other chioce.

"The Book of Origin awaits you." The Ori Prior says while the 11th Doctor picked himself off the floor and followed him.