1: Dimension where two versions of the Planet Gallifrey appeared after the Time War ended and the Time Lords blamed the 9th Doctor for the resulting starvation of the Gallifreyan Civilization afterwards.

End Result: The Meta Crisis Doctor and Rose Tyler discover the 9th Doctor running from the rest of the Time Lords trying to conquer the universe to rebuild their Gallifreyan Civilization on the slave labor of others.

2: Dimension where the Zombie Outbreaks caused by the Resident Evil Universe happened on the Planet Earth after the Time War ended and the 9th Doctor Rescued Rose Tyler from being eaten alive by the Living Corpses.

End Result: The Time Lord Master takes over the Planet Gallifrey as the 9th Doctor meets Rose Tyler for the first time inside the Resident Evil Universe.

3: Dimension where the Bad Wolf Transformed the Meta Crisis Doctor and Rose Tyler into Newborn Time Lords while the Planet Gallifrey reappears.

End Result: The Valeyard rises from the Meta Crisis Doctor as Rose Tyler wiped out the rest of the Time Lords to stop them from conquering the universe to save themselves!

4: Shay Morgan's Dimension where the Justice League got pulled across realities after the Cybermen Overwhelmed the American Stargate Program and left Torchwood to clean up the chaos afterwards!

End Result: The Celestial Toymaker forces River Song and Rose Tyler to save the 11th Doctor together from several threats from alternate realities to win his new game!

5: Dimension where the Time Lord Doctor was never born and the Time Lord Master Kidnapped Davros hopeful to use Dalek DNA to control them against his Time Lord Enemies.

End Result: The Time Lords Brainwash the Daleks into wiping out the Cybermen and the Time Lords Genetically Engineer the Daleks against their own kind avoiding the Time War happening because the Dalek Civil Warfare are already going on instead.

6: Dimension where Rose Tyler became a Time Lady and the Meta Crisis Doctor became Human in her place.

End Result: Rose Tyler stopped the Meta Crisis Doctor from killing himself and married the Human Idiot that she promised forever instead.

7: Dimension where the Doctor married the Female President Romana of the Planet Gallifrey before the Time War started.

End Result: Romana was already the 9th Doctor's Wife when he saved Rose Tyler's life on the Planet Earth.

8: Dimension where the Time Lords killed the Meta Crisis Doctor and turned Rose Tyler's mind into the Moment Device to allow the War Doctor to decide between forcing Rose Tyler into genocide against the Time Lords or saving Rose Tyler with the rest of the Time Lords from the Daleks instead!

End Result: The Bad Wolf talks the Q Continuum into playing her maze game with the Celestial Toymaker to watch what would have happened to the Planet Gallifrey after the Time War ended!

Batman watched the Time Lords that never experienced the Time War dealing with several versions of the Last Time Lord Doctor that survived it while they themselves avoided it.

5 versions of the 10th Doctor all appeared within 6 hours of the Paradox Machine being moved to the Planet Gallifrey.

2 Versions of the 10th Doctor had Rose Tyler with him and the other two Versions of the 10th Doctor had Captain Jack Harkness with him. Only 1 Version of the 10th Doctor was alone and he was the one inside the Holding Cell facing the charges of creating the Paradox Machine in the first place.

The Other Captain Jack Harkness had just returned from the year 100 Trillion with Martha Jones and the 10th Doctor by Vortex Manipulator to discover they crisscrossed their own timelines together while chasing after the Time Lord Master's Paradox Machine.

The Master was soon in jail for making the Paradox Machine and the Time Lords returned the 10th Doctor's TARDIS to him afterwards.

"You are a Monster!" Rose Tyler's Image cursed at the 9th Doctor.

"What I did was for peace and for sanity!" The 9th Doctor protested.

"You didn't need to kill them all!" Rose Tyler protested knowing the 9th Doctor agreed with her on that point.

"I saw no other choice and I did the only thing that would save the rest of the universe from the end of the Time War! I'm sorry, I just used the Moment from the TARDIS and ran away while everything burned behind me!" The 9th Doctor ranted after his recovery from Regeneration Sickness.

"It was my power you used to end the Time War, Doctor, I hope forcing genocide on me was worth it!" The Bad Wolf Girl snapped at the 9th Doctor who looked down in shame before pointing out that he saved the Moment from being destroyed during the Time War.

"I'm still mad at you, Doctor!" The Bad Wolf Girl stated as her image vanished.

"The Moment Interface and my Sexy TARDIS are all I have left from home, you think the Moment Girl will forgive me?" The 9th Doctor asked his TARDIS hopefully.