"Did River Song just say that the Racnoss Species are coming back?" The Meta-Crisis Doctor demanded in alarm!

"Yup, it sounds like the Time Lords are going to war!" The 11th Doctor proclaimed darkly.

"Unbelievable!" The 10th Doctor Clone yelled before running towards his TARDIS to check how bad it was.

"Wait for us!" River Song, Rose Tyler and the 11th Doctor yelled chasing after him.

"What is this?" The Time Lady Rose Tyler asked when the Younger Human Rose Tyler followed the Meta-Crisis Doctor into the TARDIS without him noticing.

"Well, River Song over there told me that the Time Lords are going to war with the Racnoss Species and I didn't see the other Rose Tyler following me, I'm very sorry!" The 10th Doctor Clone explained.

"I'm hoping someone knows what they are doing because already we have two versions of the same person inside this TARDIS and I'm not happy about it!" River Song warned everybody sounding upset.

"River, we need to calm down before the Paradox really starts happening." The 11th Doctor stated trying to be helpful.

"The Paradox is already happening!" River Song screamed at the 11th Doctor.

"Quiet! I'm taking us to the Planet Gallifrey in Sector A5, this Navigational Grid Map really makes flying the TARDIS easier by the way and the Temporal Sensors even work better too!" The Meta-Crisis Doctor rambled.

Sector A5: Planet Gallifrey Solar System, 9 Terrestrial Planets!

Planetary Ownership: Gallifreyan Time Lords

Structure Name: Time Lord Academy

Structure Role: Starship Training Center

The Time Lords are the only ones with their own Warp Engines and the Phaser Weaponry given to them by the Q Continuum in exchange for the Planet Skaro being moved into the Babylon 5 Dimension for the amusement of the Q Continuum.

The Time Lords are overjoyed to have Starfleet Technology and didn't care why the Daleks vanished as long as the Daleks can't invade them!

The 11th Doctor was going to be outraged when he found out that the Time Lords Sold the Daleks to the Q Continuum for their Starfleet Technology, however, all the Time Lords are recalling themselves home for the war against the Racnoss Empire and nobody was thinking about the 11th Doctor at all because of it!