Harry was getting the best blow-job in the world. The young woman was bobbing up and down on his hard cock, her hot mouth suckling him intimately. Every so often she would take him deep in her throat and moan, the vibrations were driving him mad with lust. Her face was shadowed and he had no idea who this vixen was, but she was licking his cock like it was candy. He was so close to release, just a few more seconds and he would give her a mouthful. But she withdrew her mouth from him and cold air hit his member, making him shiver. He wanted to cum, but she had stopped stimulating him. He looked down, trying to make out her face, wanting to ask her to continue, but she was still in shadow. Desperate for orgasm he grabbed her hair, pulling her back, but she protested, pushing his hips away with her hands.

"Harry, wake up! Harry, let go of my hair, or I won't finish you off," someone told him in a loud whisper. He blinked a few times and opened his eyes, focusing on the girl perched over his hips. It was Hermione.

"Gods, Hermione why'd you stop?" He didn't want to whine, but he was so close. Now he would probably have blue balls all day.

"I didn't want you to come in your sleep. Seems like such a waste." She smiled and her lips shone with spit. He noticed they matched his cock.

"Not if you were having the dream I was," he mumbled half-heartedly.

"What's that, Harry? I didn't hear you."

"Nothing, Hermione. What time is it anyways?" He looked around the room for a clock, but Ginny didn't have one.

"Early, no one else is up. Including Gin." She motioned to the sleeping girl. She was naked and the sheet just barely covered her breasts. Harry gently lowered the concealing fabric and took a look at her small chest. It was rising and falling slowly with her breathing and she shivered slightly. He pulled the sheet back up and met Hermione's gaze. She was still sitting on her knees, right below his still hard cock.

"If it's so early, why are you up then?"

"What's with all the questions, Sherlock? There's no mystery, I was horny," she stated simply. "And you were already hard. Thought I'd have a little fun." She gave a light laugh and playfully twirled her index finger over the head of his cock. Harry sucked in a sharp breath, her touch giving him tingles.

"By all means, don't let me stop you," he replied with a grin as he held the base of her neck and guided her mouth back to his member. She opened her lips and resumed her position, but now she was going slower. She was so good at giving him head, and Harry briefly wondered where she had learned. Perhaps in a book, he thought ruefully. It didn't matter where or how she learned, the fact of the matter was, Hermione was sucking on Harry's cock. Her large breasts swung and bounced lightly as she moved, her nipples grazing over his bare, slightly hairy thigh. Most likely on purpose. Every so often she would look up at him with a sultry gaze, just before she would deep throat him briefly. It was even better now that he was awake.

Harry felt Ginny shift on the bed and turned his head to look at her. She looked wide awake and her eyes had darkened with lust. The movement Harry had felt was Ginny reaching down between her legs. The sheet had fallen down to her hips, her entire upper body on display for Harry. She was rubbing her pussy, but from where he was laying, Harry couldn't actually see her fingers. So he pushed it back and saw that Ginny was wet and quivering slightly. She must have been watching Hermione go down on Harry and gotten completely aroused by the sight. Harry reached over and slid a single finger between her outer lips. Hermione redoubled her efforts and began lightly rubbing his balls and stroking his shaft while she sucked on the head of his erect penis. But Harry had one hand buried in Hermione's soft locks of hair and the other was teasing Ginny's entrance. She squirmed and moaned softly, bucking her hips in the hopes that he would insert his fingers. They locked eyes for a second, and he smiled enticingly. Both his rough hands reached over to her and tugged her hips.

"Come here, Gin, I want to taste you again." She fumbled to get on her knees and finally perched her pussy over his face, her eyes a bit unsure. Harry grasped her bum and leveraged his mouth upwards until he was able to insert his tongue into her folds. Hermione moaned in desperation, her own wet pussy begging for attention. She let Harry's cock fall out of her tired mouth and sat up, moving forward to position herself on his member. She reached out and grabbed Ginny's breasts from behind, feeling blindly for her nipples to pinch and stroke. She finally lowered herself fully onto his cock and Harry mumbled something unintelligible into Ginny's cunt. Her pussy was so tight and slick with fluid. Hermione kissed the soft warm skin of Ginny's neck and shoulders and began to find a rhythm for the three of them. They were soon panting heavily and Ginny was hanging onto the headboard for dear life. Minutes rolled past and their bodies were glowing with a light sweat, Harry's fingers now rubbing Hermione's clit as she rode him.

She was the first to come, the stimulation of Harry's large cock and his prying fingers sending her over the edge. She rested for a moment, Harry's hard cock still inside her. She rolled off of him and lay down on the bed, allowing her breathing to return to normal. But Harry's hard cock was still aching for release and so he lifted Ginny's pussy off his face and pushed her to lay on the bed next to Hermione. He sat on his knees and looked down upon the two naked girls.

"Do you want my cock, Ginny?" he asked and she looked at his large dick. He bent over and kissed Ginny passionately teasing her tongue with his own. His tongue that moments ago was inside her most private parts. She moaned as she tasted herself in his mouth.

"Please," she panted.

"'Please,' what?" He wanted to hear her beg for his cock to be inside her. To satisfy her.

"Please, Harry. Please fuck me with your huge cock. Please fuck me hard." Ginny arched her back and lifted her hips, as if to emphasize her request. Harry could hold out no longer and swiftly inserted his own aching dick into Ginny's cunt. She, too, was tight. And wet from Harry's oral stimulation. He thrust deeply into her again and again. After a couple minutes, Harry withdrew himself from her and flipped Ginny's body over, nudging her to get on her hands and knees. He repositioned himself and reached around to stroke her clit as he impaled her once more. His strokes were long and he pounded her hot pussy as she moaned below. With Harry's cock hitting her G-spot over and over, Ginny was fast approaching her own orgasm. Suddenly, Harry smacked her arse. Hard. She let out a small squeak of pain, but the muscles of her cunt clenched in pleasure.

"Do it again, Harry," she begged and thrust her bum back and higher into his pelvis. Harry grinned as he smacked her other cheek, hard enough to leave a handprint. She gasped and thrust her pussy back against each of Harry's thrusts, before she came, groaning and shaking. Her own climax caused a chain reaction, sending Harry to his peak as well. He grunted and gripped her hips as he spilled his seed inside her. He pulled out of her and they both collapsed next to Hermione. Ginny gathered the older girl in her arms and snuggled into her, Harry spooning her from behind.

"Titty-fucking and spanking; Harry is there anything you don't do?" Hermione asked, a contented smile playing across her lips.

"Blokes," he replied, before drifting off.

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