Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Pirates of the Caribbean. Except a vair vair large cardboard cutout from Dead Man's Chest that I got because I worked at the movie theatre.

The Norrington Vignettes

(Inspired by the Snape Vignettes of Sarah Noble. Check them out!)


James Norrington was sitting in the back of the theatre, so that nobody would see him. He was very absorbed in the scene unfolding right at that moment.

"Do-do-do, do-do-do…" he hummed along to the soundtrack, making sure to make the short notes staccato.

Just at that moment, Jack Sparrow was sharing a passionate kiss with Elizabeth Swann. Norrington gaped like a gaping thing and stared with disbelief at the screen.

"What the…? I spent half of the last movie engaged to her and I got NOTHING! And the pirate gets t—"

"Shut up already!" demanded a man sitting next to him. He then proceeded to make out with his girlfriend.

Norrington hung his head in shame. For as it turned out, he had accidentally chosen the row with the make-out seats, where the arm rests lift up.

…And he was all alone.