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For once, James Norrington had actually decided to stay aboard the Flying Dutchman and not go time-travelling into the future. He would very shortly regret this.


Captain Turner's shout drew everybody's attention except for the person it was supposed to summon. Norrington calmly continued sipping his Rooibos Chai, congratulating himself on his good taste in tea and casually ignoring his captain.

Will, miffed that he would have to fight yet another battle of words with this impossibly stubborn man, walked over to Norrington and knocked the teacup out of his hand in a way that was supposed to indicate that he meant business. Instead, he only scalded himself with the hot liquid and that particular pair of boots would forever smell of spices.

"I am your captain and you must do as I say!" Will protested petulantly, seeing how his 'fear-inspiring' persona was getting him nowhere with this man and instantly switching gears.

Norrington gave Will his most withering look, and flicked his hand, as if to say, "Do go on".

Will crossed his arms. "It's been ten years. I get to go back for a day."

"Whoooooooohooooooo," Norrington said tonelessly.

"Shut up."

The entire crew had gathered to watch this battle between their captain and the only crewmember who didn't really seem to give two flying figs for what the captain thought of him. Most of them were rooting for Norrington who was (let's face it) the manlier man.

"So," Will continued, trying to appear nonchalant, "I want you to come with me."

Norrington said nothing, but raised his eyebrows. The rest of the crew remarked to each other how much Norrington now looked like the captain and Will like the lowly lackey.

"Elizabeth and I want to be alone and we need someone to stay with Will Jr," Will finally said.

Norrington's eyebrows reached a truly astonishing altitude.

"Your son is 19…"

Will simply shrugged. "The boy needs a father figure."

"I'm not babysitting while you spend the day in bed with your wife," Norrington said, and was about to walk away, when Will seized his collar.

"You can tell that to Elizabeth," he said in a menacing voice.

Norrington paled.

Author's Note: Written because after seeing the third movie for the second time since last summer, that ending still doesn't sit well with me.

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