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Summary: From the near famous Secrets Untold… some scenes not found in the story that should have been in but didn't fit or were just skipped.

Secrets Untold: The Missing Scenes

Chapter 1: How It Began

Ashley sighed, pacing her room impatiently, yet every step bounced giddily with anticipation. She glanced at the clock and made a face. Three more minutes… though if anyone asked, she would have sworn she had been waiting for at least half an hour already, not two miserable minutes.

Then again, time had been moving slowly all day, probably just to spite her and leave her in expectation.

Suddenly a thought popped into her mind and her stomach turned. What if it was true? What was she going to do then? How would Andros take it? Sure they were engaged, but still… What if the test was positive? Were they ready for a family? They had unanimously decided to wait a few years; she could go to college and they could set up their lives - after that they would see about having a family. Was now too soon? Did Andros really want children, or did he use college as an excuse to not tell her the truth?

She shook her head free from those thoughts.

"Don't be silly." She told herself sternly. "Of course he wants children. Why else would we have talked about it as a possibility for the future?"

A small smile appeared on her face as she remembered the conversation.


She nuzzled closer into his embrace. His bed really wasn't built to house two people, but they could care less. Andros tightened his arms around her, pulling her half on top of him and she couldn't help but giggle.

"What?" Andros demanded laughingly.

"I just can't believe you actually had to courage to ask me." Ashley half lied in reply.

"But I did." Andros smiled, claiming her lips for a moment. "I love you, Ash and I truly want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"You've already got it all figured out, don't you?" She teased.

"Kinda - I figured we'd get married, live on Earth so you can go to college and start that fashion career I know you've been dreaming about, I'll find some kind of job and live with you till my dying day."

"Just me?" Ashley giggled.

"Well, no, maybe a kid or two after you finish college, if you want them, otherwise then yeah, just you."

"You're not just saying that because I want children, right?" Ashley inquired, just to be sure.

"Why would you think that?"

"You just don't seem like the type of guy that's been imagining having children since you were little, that's all." Ashley shrugged.

"I didn't." Andros admitted. "Until I met you."

Laughing, Ashley twisted and pressed a kiss to his lips.

End flashback

The buzz of her alarm snapped her out of her memory and she carefully edged to her bathroom. Nervously she pulled the door open and peered inside at the counter. The small wand of the pregnancy test lay there innocently, too far away to reveal the answer to her burning question.

Glaring at it she walked over, looking at the little window that could change her life. She barely managed from screaming and jumping with joy. She dropped the wand and ran back into her bedroom, picking up the phone and quickly dialling an all too familiar number, only to set the phone down with only one digit to go.

Sure, she dying to share the news with her best friend, but maybe she should keep it to herself for a little while, just until Andros returned. After all, didn't he deserve to be the first to know? It was his baby that sought housing in her abdomen and he was the one to have put it there during one of their intimate encounters, to be blunt.

She giggled happily as she thought about them. Never had she dared to think Andros would share himself so completely. Sure, she had thought and dreamed about it, but the passion he put in the kiss that lead to their first time had taken her by surprise, pleasant surprise.

She found sex was highly overrated, but then again not nearly getting enough credit as it should. It had felt uncomfortable and yet wonderful at the same time. Awkward at first, true, but once they managed to communicate instead of trying to figure it out on their own… she had felt like she was flying. And the fact that Andros was there with her made it so much better. It was nothing like the stories told in hushed, bragging whispers in the locker room and on the other hand so much more than that.

Knowing she wouldn't be able to sit still for the coming few hours at least, she quickly changed into a pair of track pants and a tank top. After shoving her feet into a pair of sneakers, she picked up her keys and mp3-player and left the house.

After turning on the music she slowly started jogging, out of her street and into the next, rounding corners and weaving through the city until she reached the forest on the edge of the city. Soon enough she found her favourite track and picked up her pace a little.

She could always think better out here anyway. Her thoughts settled on the baby growing inside of her. She found herself hoping it was a boy and he would look like his daddy. She was almost certain Andros would want a girl looking like her. It didn't matter really, as long as her baby was born healthy… and stripey.

She giggled at her own thoughts. Andros might not admit it, but he was proud of his… erm, unique hair, and she figured he'd love to have his children carry on that particular legacy.

She came to a halt and screamed at the top of her lungs in happiness. If only the whole world could hear her now.

"I'm having Andros's baby!"

Hours later

Ashley lay tossing and turning in her bed, trying to get to sleep, but being too excited to actually lay still long enough to actually nod off.

"Oh, I can't wait any longer." She muttered, pushing away the covers.

She quietly got out of bed and quickly changed into some easy clothes. She quietly snuck downstairs and slipped out of the house after picking up her keys. Outside Ashley got into her car and winced at the noise the ignition made, but the world around her remained in the realms of peaceful slumber.

With a gleeful giggle she drove off to the NASADA base. Soon enough she would be on a shuttle to KO-35 and she'd be able to share her joy with her fiancé. Soon they would be happy.

Soon… Little did she know how far away 'soon' would be.

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