Trying out new story!

Summary: A different prophecy. A different beginning. When a misunderstood Harry is taken in and raised by Voldemort himself as his Heir... by what flimsy thread will the fate of the Wizarding World hang on? dark Harry, case you haven't figured yet.

Disclaimer: I Do NOT own Harry Potter. If I did, he and Draco Malfoy would most definitely be together.

Note: This will be a trilogy. There will be HarryxDraco but not till the second story, since he doesn't really fall for Draco till then. But absotively no slash in this story! Just focuses on Harry and Voldie.


Prologue: Prophecy

It was a windy night and pelting rain prickled against the skin, driving most people to seek the comforts of their fireplaces. In the pub of the Hog's Head in Hogsmeade, though, the fire burned low and cold, casting a chill over the atmosphere of the room. Behind the bar, the barman was continuously polishing glasses with a grimy rag, getting them steadily dirtier and dirtier. His beady eyes roved around the room, taking in the sparse customers and lingering particularly on one woman who sat alone on one of the rickety wooden tables.

The said woman was mumbling to herself. Weighted down by an ungodly number of shawls, her arms literally covered in bangles and huge glasses making her eyes appear much larger than they were, she looked distinctively out of place in the darkness and dirt of the pub. She was nursing a glass of firewhiskey that she seemed to be downing steadily with no effort at all. Abruptly, she pushed the empty glass away from her and with as much dignity as a drunken person could muster she stood up.

It was at that exact moment that her face turned suddenly blank and she stood stock-still. Another man, hooded and cloaked, who sat in the corner, saw this and swiftly walked over to where the woman was. Whispering in her ear, he led her into one of the more private parlors in the Hog's Head. The woman did not put up a fight. Instead, she seemed to start shaking, like someone exposed to too much cold.

The man shut the door behind them at the same time as the woman started to speak. With her head thrown back and her eyes rolling to the back of her head, she spoke in harsh tones,

"The One with the power immeasurable approaches

Born as the Seventh Month wanes

Born of the blood of light and dark – "

At this point, the man noticed a presence behind the doors. He set his lips in a grim line and murmured the spell that sealed off the door and all other entranceways to within the room. Then he returned his attention back to the woman.


Severus Snape cursed the high heavens at the door that was sealed smartly in front of his face. He had just thrown every opening charm and jinx he knew on the door and it would not budge an inch. He had even added a few curses although, Snape thought with a sardonic smile, he doubted whether Crucio would actually open the charm the man had placed on the door.

Of all the times for Sibyll Trelawney to launch a real prophecy, she had to pick now, when not only was Dumbledore not in Hogwarts but he wasn't in England. And of all the people who had to come, the man had just conveniently happened to be sitting there. Snape paused thoughtfully and gave one last speculative glance at the door.

"All right you win," he grumbled, feeling disgusted with himself. The first part of the prophecy would have to do. He was sure Dumbledore would find a way to know the rest of the prophecy anyway.

With a swish of his cloak, he was outside the Hog's Head getting pelted by the rain. Without a pause, he began striding towards the castle. Much as he loathed most of the people in the Order of the Phoenix, they had to know just what had transpired.


The man stood facing the woman as she rasped out the last part of the prophecy,

"Born by good to grow in darkness

And he shall know the magic that none knows

And by his chosen path

Shall the future of all be decided

The One of immeasurable power

Approaches as the Seventh Month dies…"

The woman then slumped onto the chair behind her. A second later, she groaned and raised her head.

The first thing Sibyll Trelawney noticed when she regained consciousness was the dark figure of a cloaked man in front of her. Her eyes widened and words rose up to her mouth but before she could say anything, the man walked out of the private parlor with nary a word to her or a backward glance at her direction.

"Wait!" Sibyll Trelawney shrieked out as she ran after him.He paused outside the door.


For a moment, Sibyll felt confused. She was going to ask him something… What…? "I, er, well… I was supposed to meet Headmaster Dumbledore here!" she finally spoke out in what she hoped was a semblance of her usual misty tone.

The man regarded her with amusement. "The Headmaster is not at Hogwarts," was all he said before inclining his head to her and striding out of the pub.

Leaving behind a very confused Sibyll Trelawney wondering what on earth had just happened.

3 days later…

"I see," Professor Dumbledore twiddled with his fingers behind his desk as he looked at Severus Snape from behind half moon glasses. "So all that you heard, Severus, was merely that part of the prophecy and nothing else."

"Yes," Snape growled. "Whoever it was, he sealed off the room before I could hear any more. Damn effective seal it was, too. I tried everything I could think of to remove it but it wouldn't come off."

"And you don't know who that man was?"

"It didn't seem like anyone I knew," Snape confessed. "He was dressed in a dark cloak from head to toe, though."

"Could he have been one of Voldemort's?" Albus wondered.

Snape shook his head. "The moment I got back to the Dark Lord, he questioned me about the so-called prophecy I'd heard. Word travels fast. Apparently, the barman of the Hog's Head is one of the Dark Lord's spies. But the man with Trelawney? I doubt it since the Dark Lord himself has no knowledge of the prophecy apart from what I told him."

Dumbledore's eyes glinted at this. "So Voldemort knows, does he?"

A pause. "I'm sorry, Albus. You'll just have to protect whoever is due to give birth by the end of July."


Snape crossed his hands and waited for Dumbledore to speak again. The other wizard was currently very deep in thought. After a while he spoke again,

"You do know the Eveleighs and the Longbottoms are expecting children roughly around the end of July?" Dumbledore revealed in an offhand manner. "They will have to be informed."

Snape nodded. Dumbledore's expression then turned amused. "Oh, and I forgot to add. Lily and James Potter are expecting a child to arrive at around that time, too."

A muscle twitched near Snape's jaw but other than that, his expression remained unreadable.

Dumbledore smiled. "Very well, Severus. You may go."

Snape muttered a farewell to Dumbledore before sweeping spectacularly out of the room. As he strode along the corridors of Hogwarts, his dark robes billowing around him, he fervently wished the prophecy child was anyone but the Potters'.


Note: So how was it? I would just like to say though that Snape here is already a spy to the Dark Lord by Dumbledore… Just so long as we can clear up some confusion. And the Eveleighs are my own characters.