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Iroh & Aunt Wu (and Aunt Sue too!)

"Hey, handsome."

Iroh remembered the face. It seemed everyone was in Omashu for the grand opening.

"Have you come bearing bad news?" Iroh said jokingly, "as I don't think I can take any more suprises with this heart."

Aunt Wu shook her head. "No... I was just asking if you have met my sister Aunt Sue..." she said with a wink.

Iroh put his arm around both of them. "In that case..." said Iroh, "I'm charmed."


Bumi & The Herbalist

"I need to ask. Can you help an old King with his garden?" Bumi said when he was seeking out the best of the best for his kingdom a little while later.

The Herbalist turned around, to see a rather handsome, crazy-eyed King staring back at her.

She sighed rather bitterly. So much work to be done. She looked at her cat, Miyuki. "There had better be a place set for Miyuki."

"Indeed. At the Kings royal dining hall table."

This wasn't what she meant but she smiled... and so did he.


Iroh & June

Just when Iroh was drinking tea and having a warm hot spa in the bath houses with Aunt Wu and Sue, a tall, attractive woman came through the steam with Iroh's clothes, after trying to pick the pockets and finding he had nothing on him.

"Room for one more?" She asked, eyebrow cocked...

... And Iroh couldn't have EVER beamed brighter than what he did that moment.


Mai & Teo

He wheeled up beside her. "So... it's not very fun being rejected is it?"

"Your point?" Mai looked down at the boy in the wheelchair with exhasperation. But right now anything had to be better than Zhao.

"Sorry" he blushed and continued to make conversation, "I'm just excited to get back in the air again. Have you ever glided?"

"Not really" she said, with her standard bored expression.

"It's really fun!"

"As fun as killing people?"

Teo stopped wheeling along beside her for a second. "Well... I really don't know..."

He started up again, unphased, nothing but excitement in his disabled bones. "You want to come?"

Mai shrugged. "Sure, why not?"...

...And Mai actually found something she liked more than hurting people for a change. Showing her gratitude by taking Teo back to the fire nation to be her lurrrrve slave

(why does every one of my story end with people being other people's love slaves. i.e. see "Some Sokkaly Advice")


Terra & Beastboy

"Hey!" Aang called as the new couple appeared in the story. "This is Avatar world. You don't belong in Avatar world. You're not even on this network!"

Terra cast a hopeful grin. "I'm an earth bender. Can I stay?"

Before Aang could answer, Toph put an arm around her and steered her into the group. "Of course she can, Twinkle Toes" and she hit Aang not so lightly on the arm with her other hand. "Maybe we can sit around and talk about earth bending and what it's like having a crush on the standard comic relief in our group."

"Cool!" said Terra.

"Dude! What about me?" Beastboy whined.

"Sorry. No green people. Maybe try The Smurfs or something." said Sokka, looking him up and down.

"Dude, they're blue!" Beastboy screetched. "Plus, I can't go back! Cy is going to kill me when he finds out I totalled the T-car."

"Doesn't that thing get totalled every few episodes?" Aang asked.

Everyone stopped and looked at each other...

...And the Herbalist didn't notice when she suddenly gained a new, slightly green cat who got to fight Miyuki for rights to sleep on the pillow.


Toph & Zuko

"You know the first one goes to King Bumi, don't you?" Toph said as she put her hands on his back and pulled him to her.

"If that doesn't kill the mood, I don't know what will..." said Zuko snidely and he pushed her away again.

"Fine. If you're not in the mood, I'll just have to pick the grime out of my toenails... right here" she said, fluffing the pillows around her on the fancy Fire Lord bed and pulling one foot up to pretend to inspect it.

Zuko groaned... and complied...

...And as you would have it, the first boy went to King Bumi. It was just a pity they didn't have any boys.



Author Notes:

Lol. Poor Zuko, in a family of girls.

If anyone has seen the 'If Boys were Girls' episode of Malcolm in the Middle... imagine an overweight Zuko with an eating disorder being the only man in the house... Alright. That'll never happen, but would serve him right.

What a happy ending - couples matched, Zuko tortured, a wedding and Iroh throwing his weight around. Perfect, wouldn't you say?

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