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Harry was standing on a beach. Feeling rather confused, he looked around and spotted Ron, Blaise and Malfoy a few metres away, building a sandcastle that looked strangely like Hogwarts. When he jogged over to them, Ron and Malfoy stopped their constructing and walked up to him, while Blaise just flashed him a smile and switched his concentration back to the castle.

"It's a beautiful day, innit?" asked Ron, grinning like a loon.

Harry nodded, perplexed about why he was wearing his pajamas while the others were in board shorts.

"Yes it is Potter," drawled Malfoy, putting an arm around his shoulder, "which is why -"

He removed his arm from around Harry's shoulders, and together, he and Ron pushed Harry towards the ocean.

Harry's eyes widened in alarm as a wave rose in front of him; ten, twenty, thirty, my God, forty feet! He tried to run back towards the beach, but found his feet couldn't move. Swiveling his head around, he saw Ron and Malfoy smirking at him from a safe distance while Blaise was starting on the Forbidden Forest next to Hogwarts.

Ron cupped his hand around his mouth to be heard and finished Malfoy's sentence.

"You need to WAKE UP!"

The wave crashed into Harry, and it seemed to never stop. He was drowning, drowning before he even got a chance to swim, before he had started his first day at Hogwarts, before he had kissed his first girl, before he had had a chance to impress his teachers. Harry screamed and screamed. Like a girl, but he'd never admit it. Where was everyone? Why wasn't anyone helping him? All he could hear was the crashing down of waves around him, the feel of water painfully clogging up his nose, plastering his hair to his head, the pressure making it feel as though his head was about to explode, and.. and…laughter?

Harry wrenched his eyes open as the onslaught of water diminished. Blaise, Ron and Malfoy were gathered around his bed, all dressed and roaring with laughter, clutching at each other as they struggled to stand upright. Seeing Harry blink stupidly at them set them off in another round.

Harry looked around and realised that he was soaked to the bone, as was the rest of his bed. Scowling in annoyance and trying to shake the water out of his ears, he got up and took out a fresh set of robes from his trunk.

Honestly, what was wrong with a normal, regular wake up call?


Harry and the three other boys slowly walked towards the Great Hall, laughing and joking with one another as Vince and Greg lumbered behind them.

Malfoy was waving his arms around in a fashion similar to a windmill, while Blaise and Ron wheezed with laughter. "I've got to admit Potter; I never thought that it was physically possible for a boy to reach that pitch of voice!" He imitated a shriek, and then ducked the arm that was flying towards his head.

Just as they were about to reach the main doors, a cough sounded from the back of the group. The boys turned around to find Julia Potter with the Brown girl and one of the Patil twins.

Julia took one step forward, and then dropped into a neat curtsey. Ron and Draco immediately moved away from where they had been standing near Harry; the siblings had the floor.

Julia looked up at her brother, and motioned Brown, who looked confused, to pass her a lumpy package that the boys had failed to notice her carrying.

Offering the said package in front of her like a sacrifice, Julia cleared her throat and glared angrily at a spot near her shoes as she began speaking to Harry, who was wondering what this was going to lead to.

"Brother of mine," spat out Julia. "Heir to our line; our Father has been kind to gift me this wonderful treasure."

'Oh, how wonderful,' mused Harry, 'Is she here to brag?'

"But the Family magic dictates I pass it on to you, and I hope you will find some usefulness in it. May you never be betrayed by the possession I hand to you, and pray you not share it with those you do not find trustworthy." Dumping the package unceremoniously at Harry's feet, Julia inclined her head towards him and walked off with a sneer on her face.

As Patil and Brown scurried after her, Harry thought he heard the Brown girl ask what all the pomp and circumstance was for, and since when did Julia have a brother? Muggleborn then, and not related to the famous Emmett Brown, inventor of Fizzing Whizbees.

"What was that all about, Potter? Why would your father not give it to you in pers-" Harry heard Malfoy's question cut off, followed by a volley of whispers from Blaise. Frowning, he turned the package over. What would be this light in weight and handed down from his father? What would have been given directly to him by his father if he had still been a member in the Potter Household? What would be so precious that Julia was so against giving it to him? Something that would make Julia jealous, that – 'No.'

Harry couldn't stop the mischievous grin from unfurling on his face, and was perfectly aware that the others were staring at him strangely.

"Whatcha got there Harry?" Ron prodded.

He turned to walk into the Hall and felt the others follow him in. "Oh nothing, just something that's going to make sneaking around a whole lot easier."