Chapter 8









"Well what are your choices?" She said







"This baby will never have a name." Lightning laughed.

"Yes he will." Sally said. "Let's tell everyone today." She said excitedly.

"We will but after we get back from a drive." Lightning said.

"We're going for a drive?" Sally asked. Lightning just nodded and pulled out of the Cozy Cone lot and onto the road. Sally started to follow when Mater stopped them.

"Where ya'll goin?" Mater asked.

"For a drive." Lightning replied.

"I gots sumthin to show yous guys." Mater said. "Cmon!" Mater turned back towards the town and drove off. Lightning looked at Sally who had started to follow Mater. Flo was the first to roll up next to the couple.

"So what is it?" She asked.

"Boy or girl?" Ramone asked.

"If it's a girl can yous guys name 'er Dorrine? I reckon that there names the purtiest name there is. I was datin this girl Dorrine once an she was the purtiest car there was."

Sally and Lightning just looked at each other for a moment, "We are having a baby boy!" Sally exclaimed.

"Awww!" Almost everyone exclaimed.

"A little solider." Said Sarge, "Congratulations."

"I told ya man. The alpha-male star's the brightest tonight. It's totally a sign." Said Filmore.

"Now don't go teaching this little solider any of that hippie stuff." Sarge said.

"What's his name?" Flo asked.

"Um…." Sally started.

"Noah!" Lightning said.

Sally nodded, "Noah. I like that one."

"Does this mean we actually agree on something?" Lightning asked.

"Sounds like it. His name is Noah Gabriel McQueen." Sally said to everyone.

"Congratulations. You both deserve it." Doc said pulling up next to Sally.

For the next few hours Lightning and Sally's drive was long forgotten. While the whole town celebrated. Sally and Lightning were alone in a corner when she suddenly winced in pain.

"Sally, are you alright?" Lightning asked with concern.

"I think I'm in labor." She said.


"Everyone I'd like to introduce to you, Noah Gabriel McQueen." Sally said.

"He's so cute." Flo said.

" What a small little solider." Sarge said.

"But with that shade of purple on him and his mother's eyes…" Ramone trailed off.

"Another racecar! Luigi so excited!" Luigi said.

"I reckon that there boy be the best dog-gone racecar next to his daddy." Mater said. "an' I make sure he be the best backwards driver next to me o'course. Flo you ain't bring a camera witchadicha?"

"All right everyone. Mother, father and baby need some rest." Doc intervened. "Ya'll can come back tomorrow." He said pushing people out of the clinic. "Congratulations you two." He said just before leaving the new family alone.

"He's so tiny." Lightning said as he watched his son sleep. "I was going to ask you this when we went out for a drive tonight but we were interrupted." He smiled, "Sally I love you. I've always loved you from day one. I only want you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?"

"Oh Stickers. I love you, now and forever. Yes." Sally said

"I love you." Lightning kissed her gently while breathing a quick sigh of relief, and then kissed his son. "A family." He sighed.

"Our family." Sally breathed against him before falling fast asleep between her two guys. Lightning stayed awake for a little while, watching his two most precious things in the world sleep peacefully. Finally he understood that the most important things in life cannot be won in a race, after all it's just an empty cup but love will always be in you.

Fade to Black

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