Monkey Fist Strikes

Ron: Oh yeah. Rax: Relax and enjoy. Kim: Guys did you read the newspaper?(Rax and Ron reading)Rax: Monkey guy steals 1kg of

bananas. Ron: And destroys the market. Kim: You guys his Monkey Fist. Rax: Whose Monkey Fist? Ron: A monkey. Rax: You guys are

after a monkey? Kim: His human but his skills and attitude are like the monkey. Rax: Impossible. Kim: Why? Rax: Because…. I don't

know. Ron: When do we strike? Kim: I don't know we must know where he will strike again.(Tin tin tin)Kim: What's the stich? Wade:

Hello guys we got work to do Monkey fist is destroying the city. Kim: Thanks Wade now… Ron: When do we

attack?(Meanwhile)Monkey Fist: Cheepy bring me my juice I must celebrate(Cheepy giving Monkey Fist his juice)thanks

Cheepy(Drinking juice, Kim team arrives)Kim: Not so fast Monkey Fist.(Monkey Fist drops his juice)Monkey Fist: Kim possible, Ron

stoppable and… whose that? Rax: Allow me to introduce my self I'm… Kim(interrupts): Rax Untouchable. Rax: Hey… right.(Monkey fist

laughing):His Untouchable.(Continues laughing)Rax: And you are a monkey.(Monkey Fist stops laughing)Monkey Fist: Then lets fight you

and me only. Rax: As you wish. Kim: Oh Monkey Fist before you fight him I warning to not fight him. Monkey Fist: Oh really, COME ON

RAX! (Rax running to Monkey Fist and started punching him)Monkey Fist: Ouch stop, STOP! Rax: Not this time.(Giving him another


HEAVEN SAKE! Rax: You're saved this time mister. Monkey fist: I am not goanna steal anything. Rax: Now your no match against me

now go.(Monkey fist runaway)Kim: Well mission complete. Ron: Oh yeah there bad there sad. Rax: Is that a poem? Kim: Wade were

finished. Wade: Actually your not. Kim: What do you mean, we defeated Monkey Fist. Wade: Oh really no you did not defeated him he is

right behind YOU. (Kim turns and get punched by Monkey Fist)Monkey Fist: Rax! Rax: Are you crazy you wanna fight me again?

Monkey Fist: Yes and your goanna get killed this time you sandbag. Rax: I am still powerful then you are now DIE!(Rax runs to Monkey

Fist and punches him and kicking him)Monkey Fist: GET OFF! Rax: No way now my ultimate attack(Rax jumps very high, A giant mega

big Blue fire ball appears from his hand)HERE IT COMES!(Throws the Fire ball to Monkey Fist BOOM)Monkey Fist:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh(He flies away)Rax: You were horrible I can't wait what are you goanna do next time Later(Rax hair change color from

black to Gold his a super sayian)Aghhhhhhhhhh!(blows the fire ball into his face)Monkey Fist: Aghhhhhh.(Monkey Fist body broke into

pieces)Rax: And with that I destroy you.(Monkey Fist fainted, Kim and Ron looking at Rax shocked)Rax(to Kim and Ron):What? Ron:

From were did you learn that? Kim: That was…COOL! Rax: It was nothing and I learned it myself. Ron: What do you call that attack?

Rax: Super Spirit Bomb. Ron: Cool. Monkey Fist: You…may…won…the…battle but…the war…is(cough and fall down) Rax: I'm really

sorry for him but he deserve it. Kim: What about our vacation to Hawaii? Rax and Ron: LETS GO!