Man: So who will complete the mission? Another man: You choose sir darkness. Sir darkness: How about the mad man. Another man: No. Sir darkness: Then who Max. Max: I prefer Angelo. Sir darkness: No way. Max: How about Jack? Sir darkness: His good but not that good. Max: Ray? Sir darkness: No. Max: The Hunter? Sir darkness: Yea his good. Max: This is the beginning. Sir darkness: No Max this is the Very beginning

Hunter: Cool shot. Ray: Thanks a lot. Hunter: Do know there is a star on your name on it? Ray: I can't be tricked easily. Hunter: Hahaaa I

forgot how to laugh. Ray: Your wrong you didn't. Max: Hunter. Hunter: Hi. Max: You got a … Hunter: Yea a mission I know. Max:

Come with me. (Shows him a tape about the mission) Hunter: So the mission is going to be helping kids? Max: NO, helping teenagers.

Hunter: And? Max: Just go meet Josh and get the stuff back. Hunter: Whatever.(Stepping in a teleport device)Max: Ray is goanna join the

party later, remember your name must be Rax. Hunter: I'll keep it in mind.(He disappear)Hunter: This place is huge. Man: Excuse me may

you help me? Hunter: What is it? Man: Can you smash me?(Hunters runs away)Hunter: His crazy. Man: Wanna buy forks. Hunter: Got

millions. Woman: Cool night. Hunter: I'm busy. Man: Help me please. Hunter: Not interested. Kid: Can you punch me? Hunter: This is

nuts(Runs)wow that's a good restaurant. Seller: Welcome to Bueno nachos. Hunter: Then I'll have nachos. (Seat in a table) Hunter: What

now?(Eating nachos, see a boy talks to a girl)Boy: Kim crime does not pay. Kim: Your Wrong Ron crime does pay. Ron: No. Kim: Yes.

Ron: No. Kim: Yes. Ron: No. Kim: Yes. Ron: Lets ask someone. (See the Hunter) hey pal does crime… Hunter: I don't know. Ron: I

didn't finish. Hunter: I know the question. Ron: Oh.(Goes to Kim)Ron: That guy think he can read minds. Kim: So? Ron: So? Kim: Are

you copying me? Ron: Maybe. Kim: Than stop it. Ron: You don't talk to Josh Monkey like that. (Hunter is shocked what he heard) The

Hunter: You know Josh Monkey? Kim: Mankey! Ron: He also says that he is a monkey. Kim: You know him? The Hunter: Yes I was

sent to meet him. Kim: Well if u must know his in the park. The Hunter: Thanks.(Exit)Ron: Good riddance.(In the park)The Hunter: There

he is. Josh: May I help you? Hunter: Yes, GIMME BACK MY STUFF? Josh: Is that so? The Hunter: Yes. Josh: Ok but in one condition

beat up the guy named Ron. Hunter: Whatever.(Went to find Ron)Hunter: If I didn't find him Josh will kill me.