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Haku: HA! I found you!

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Farewell For Now

The Heartless was defeated and Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Naruto thought the battle was over. But they were wrong. They felt another rumbling and then a white and gray sword-wielding Nobody showed up. The group began to wonder if the fighting would ever end, because they were all tired out and Naruto had used almost all his chakra. So Sora, Donald, and Goofy all used potions and ethers to heal themselves and Donald cast a cure spell on Naruto. "Thanks!" Naruto called to Donald. Then they charged into battle with the Nobody.

As the mysterious cloaked figure watched the new battle ensue from a distance, he couldn't help but feel disappointed. "I was so hoping that the organization would get a new member" he muttered. Then he disappeared in a shroud of darkness.

Sora struck at the Nobody's weak point with his keyblade while trying to dodge its attacks. Donald zapped it thunder magic. Goofy wailed on its weak spot with his shield. Of course Naruto used his Shadow Clones to try to pummel it. But it wasn't long before all the clones were destroyed.

"Can't you do anything besides Shadow Clones?!" Donald shouted at Naruto.

"Of course I can!" exclaimed Naruto. But Naruto knew he was at the point where he couldn't use any more Shadow Clones. "Check this out!" Naruto shouted to the others. Then he got behind the Nobody. "1000 Years of Death!" Then Naruto poked the Nobody in what looked like its rear, and nothing happened.

Donald began to have a temper tantrum. Even Goofy was speechless.

Meanwhile the very annoyed Nobody swung it's sword around. They all quickly moved out of the way of the huge sword. 'Dang it! I was hoping it would send him flying' thought Naruto.

The battle continued with no end it sight. Donald and Goofy were knocked out with stars going around their heads. Sora knew he had just about reached his limit and Naruto wasn't doing any better. Sora knew that they had one more shot to destroy the Nobody. "Naruto we have to cast a spell at the same time!" Sora shouted to Naruto.

"Alright!" Naruto called back. Then he gulped because he was still having trouble with casting spells.

"THUNDER!" they both shouted out. Then to thunder spells hit the Nobody at once and it was finally defeated.

"I did it!" Naruto cheered.

"No we did!" Sora called back. Donald and Goofy came out of their daze to see that the battle was finally over. Then Tazuna, Sakura, and Kakashi returned to the bridge, followed by Inari and the people of the near by town showed up with weapons in hand. "We're here to fight!" shouted Inari.

"Sorry the fight's over" Sora said.

Inari groaned.

"Oh, and good news, Gato is finally gone!" Sora told the people then all the people cheered.

"Now with Gato gone, I can finish the bridge" said Tazuna. "But first we must honor the sacrifices that we made today." Everyone looked towards the motionless bodies of Sasuke and Haku.

Sakura began to cry for Sasuke again. Naruto, Sora, Donald, and Goofy began to cry. Then Sasuke's body stirred and everyone noticed it. Sakura ran over to Sasuke.


"Sakura…" he responded back. Sakura looked down to see that Sasuke had awakened. "Sasuke!" Sakura sobbed as she embraced crying tears of joy that he was alive. "A…little to…tight…" Sasuke said to Sakura while struggling to breathe. Everyone was relieved to see that Sasuke was alright.

Later they buried Haku. Sora felt so bad for Haku. He didn't seem like such a bad person. In yet he died for someone who was. Sora couldn't understand that. He didn't know how long the duo were together, all he knew was that they meet a tragic end. Haku was dead and Zabuza's heart was lost to the darkness.

Later Sora, Donald, and Goofy prepared to head off and said their goodbyes to Team 7, Inari, Tsunami, and Tazuna.

"Are you sure you guys can handle things from here?" Sora asked.

"You don't have to worry about us. With Gato gone it should be easy to protect Tazuna until the bridge is complete" said Kakashi.

"You guys did a lot for us. I'm thinking about naming the bridge after you guys" said Tazuna.

"You don't have to do that" said Sora. But from the look on his face they could tell he was flattered. Then they said their goodbyes and headed for the gummi ship.

"You'll come back and visit, right?" Naruto called to them.

"We will!" Sora called back. So them the trio boarded their gummi ship and set off to continue their search for Riku and the King.