Title: Voldemort's Daughter

Author: Tsubasa Kya

Disclaimer: I make no profit from this tom-foolery

Warning: Mild adult references, foul language, some sexual content, and a comparison of Draco to Jesus. I'm making a concerted effort to get this story done. Plot is slow-moving... if you don't like that, I'm sorry. This particular monstrosity is currently having the characters as 6th year students at Hogwarts. The story itself spans to the end of 7th year (or later, if I feel like it) so the romance won't move any faster than is comfortable. Plus, in the manner of Draco and Kagome... they have a rather sordid past... 1 week after seeing each other for the first time in years is hardly the time to start snogging in the halls...

Thank you, and enjoy the read. Thank you for all the reviews and encouragement to keep writing. I hope that one or two of you are still reading, but I understand if you moved on. Most of all, for anyone still here, thank you for your patience.

Chapter 31: Working On A To-Do-List (and Judas Sells Out for Sex)

It was time to do some homework that Hermione had convinced (for once) Harry not to do. In her defense, she couldn't possibly imagine that Ilyes Llewellyn really wanted them to destroy the book that had been needed for the class... Still, it did make sense that "Professor Nells" was not the most usual. In fact, Harry had even gone as far as writing up a to-do list of things he wanted to accomplish that Saturday. It felt like there were an overwhelming amount of things that he wanted to do and he had no idea how many he would get through. Hermione claimed he wasn't doing to-do lists properly, as he had so much on the list. She stated that a proper to-do list only had a few things on it because if it was overwhelmed it would seem like nothing was being accomplished.

But after the long first-week back at school, being paired up with Slytherins in every single class with the new house friendliness initiative, Harry was too tired to care about the proper way to do a to-do list. So, he just took a sheet of paper and overwhelmed it with things he needed to or wanted to accomplish. First up was the assignment from Professor Nells... And honestly, Harry didn't like to think of him as Professor Nells because of the way that Chavi had nearly moaned his name in the bath.

Okay, maybe it wasn't quite like that, but he didn't like thinking about it all the same. It was highly irrational that Harry would be quite so affected and jealous of the way some teacher's name came from a Slytherin girl's lips, but then when Harry thought about it... Harry was also at a stage of his life where he was constantly horny. It felt a lot like three things would set his blood boiling: if it walked, if it talked, and if it had breasts... And then again, one and two weren't likely even required to make his body react in all number of inappropriate ways.

Directions for homework:

1. Sign your full name (including middle name) on the inside cover of your textbook. By doing this you are agreeing to keep your trap shut on all and everything discussed and learned within this classroom.

Harry signed his name to the book: Harry James Potter. Then, because he felt like it, he wrote under that, "Son of James Potter and Lily Evans. Somehow related to Jesse Potter - father's brother, maybe? Or a cousin? Note to self - begin self-study of genealogy. See if Chavi" the instant he realized he wrote Chavi's name, he scratched it out until it was a black blob, "Hermione knows anything about genealogy." Of course then he thought about that, and he realized that as the Overseer of the Hogwarts newspaper club, Chavi probably had some pretty good hunting skills for that sort of thing, so he added, "Talk to Chavi about genealogy research."

2. After signing your full name on the inside cover, submerge the book in salt water.

Submerge the book in salt water... That wasn't too hard. All he had to do was take a jaunt on down to the kitchens and there he was with plenty of house-elves ready to serve him. It always felt awkward down here in the kitchens and he always felt anxious about being around house-elves. Dobby was certainly looking strange this year. Harry couldn't put his mind on what was different, though. Maybe it was that he was a full-foot-taller than any other house-elf... But Harry balked before he could get the salt so he ran out of there (with a bag of snacks some house-elves shoved in his hands) and didn't stop for several corridors.

When he finally stopped, he debated what to do. He needed salt water. So, his brilliant mind came up with a solution: the potions lab had plenty of extra ingredients. He just needed to get in there. That led to getting the invisibility cloak. He stuffed it under his robes and ran down to the dungeons, ducking into a niche to put the cloak on. The potions lab was empty - thankfully. But Harry should have known that the supply closet would have a more complicated lock on it.

Harry heard the doorknob jiggling and checked to make sure the cloak was fully in place. Kyle Marcus and Pansy Parkinson fell into the room, closing the door behind them. "Kyle, be quiet, will you? I don't want to get caught with you... Draco would be furious!" Parkinson said, her arms wrapping around Marcus's neck. Marcus had a ferocious grin on his face as he lifted her onto the desk closest to them. Harry felt a bit pale to realize that was his desk...

It was quick, and thoroughly embarrassing. Harry tried to stay low and cover his ears with his eyes closed. He saw Marcus's pasty white arse and heard the grunts though he tried to ignore what was going on. He couldn't exactly go anywhere without drawing attention to himself, although he did consider hexing the both of them and just making a break for it. Harry wondered why the two students would do something so public, so open, but then he thought about the dorms and how at least with Gryffindor tower, there wasn't much room for privacy. After that, his thoughts wandered to the girls he knew and what it would be like to... no, he wasn't letting his mind go there.

After the two students pulled apart, Marcus said, "You know your part of the deal, Pansy. If you back out on me, you'll regret it."

"I know... You can find Draco in the Astronomy tower tonight at ten... He'll be alone..."

The two left, and suddenly, Harry had a very bad feeling. Other than primal moans, not a lot was said except those few lines. Still, Harry felt like he'd just witnessed "Judas" sell out. And how ironic that it would refer to Draco as the role of Jesus... Harry might be too paranoid, but when one had their own antagonist, maybe paranoia was a good thing?

But that could be another thing to add to Harry's to-do list... "Save Jesus from the betrayal of Judas." He just had to be in the astronomy tower at 10, and if he wore the invisible cloak, he could observe discretely, and intervene only if he had to, or get a heads up if anything was wonky. For now, he had a mission here...

3. Hit the textbook with five stunning spells.

Getting the salt did not appear as cut-and-dry as he thought it would be. Snape's supply cabinet was not easy to get into. In fact, it resisted any theft at all. Eventually he gave up and went back to the house elves for the salt and dealt with the groveling as he soaked the book. In the hall, he hit the textbook with stunning spell after stunning spell which helped relieve some tension. He really didn't like it when house elves groveled. In addition to relieving tension, the soggy book when hit with a stunning spell caused sparks. Apparently stunning spells and salt water interacted in an interesting way.

4. Beat the textbook with your fist ten times.

More tension relieved from him when he worked on punching the textbook with his fist ten times. And hell, since he was by himself in a hall, he even decided to go kung-fu-movie on the book. "Always go above and beyond on your assignments," Hermione would say. Even the Hermione in his head was helpful! She would be proud of him for doing so well at his homework. For good measure, he even built up hits with a shouted, 'Waahh' and 'Hiyah' before doing so.

5. Kick the text book down fifteen stairs (book must hit all fifteen before coming to a stop).

Kicking the textbook down fifteen stairs and having it hit all of them was difficult. The soggy book did not want to be kicked down the stairs, and gravity wasn't playing along either. In the end, he sat and stared at the book, frustrated at it. Eventually he got an idea - the slinky! Or a rubber ball... he wondered if there was a spell to duplicate those. He researched it in the library and found a few promising spells but nothing was so promising as transfiguration. He transfigured the book into a ball, kicked it down the stairs, and it was just a matter of angle and spin to get it to hit every step properly. Getting it to stop at the bottom was harder still. He ended up standing on the bottom of the stair, and kicking the ball up the stair so it could bounce down the fifteen stairs and he would catch it. Transfiguring it back was the hard part.

6. Throw the text book twenty feet into a wall.

That wasn't hard. He stood twenty feet away and threw the textbook. The corner of the book bent and several pages tore as it landed.

6. Throw the textbook thirty feet into a wall.

The task on his list changed... so he had to recount his steps and throw it again. Whipping a book was not easy.

7. Stab the text book twenty five times with a sharp, pointy object.

Sharp, pointy objects weren't hard to find. He had one in his trunk which he used to cut up ingredients in potions class.

8. Write or doodle obscenities on thirty pages.

The inside of the book was still wet, so quills didn't write easily. Using his finger, he finger-painted on thirty pages. Fuck. Shit. Penis penis penis.

9. Rip out thirty five pages from the textbook and burn them.

He tore out the pages and put them in the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room, one by one.

10. Bite textbook forty times.

Must be complete before class on Wednesday! I will break the wand of those who do not follow the above instructions. – Nells.

The textbook was salty and mushy and gritty all at once. It was pretty sickening to bite it.

However, when he completed his assignment, he marveled as it suddenly transformed from a mangled book into a new book titled, "Nell's Secrets to the Perfect Deception". Once he completed it, he had to go show Hermione.

"Hermione! Look, this is what that assignment does!" he showed her the book.

"It trashes your book? Very lovely, Harry. Some of us are taking classes seriously that need to be serious." She said, frowning in disapproval. Harry looked at the book. Didn't she see the new book? Apparently she just saw a trashy book on etiquette. He sighed. But then he saw she was doing the same to her book which was half-trashed in her bag. He pulled it out, looking to see where she was on her checklist.

"Hermione, how come you haven't finished?" He asked her. She plucked it out of his hands, blushing. She muttered something very low. Harry nearly missed it, but when he realized what she said, he grinned. "You can't think of obscene things? I can help with that."

After that, he crossed off 'destroy book' from his to-do list, added 'teach Hermione obscenities', and crossed that off as well. Just so he wouldn't forget, he added, 'Astronomy tower - Judas plot - 10 pm' to his to-do list. The to-do list thing was going well.

It was only three in the afternoon, so he went up to his dorm and (seeing no one in there) he propped a chair up on the door and rooted in Ron's things. He need something good. But he needed something that wasn't going to backfire also. In the very bottom, Harry found a lockbox which - once Harry got it open (it wasn't any harder than opening a cheap diary lock) - turned out to be Ron's stash of allowance and summer job earnings. Harry had known that Ron was testing out products for his brothers but didn't realize Ron had made so much money off of it. Ron had this box full and there was a second box just like it that was likely going to be just as full. If there was one thing Harry knew about his best friend, it was that money was more precious to Ron than even his wand. After growing up in a closet and as the "ungrateful" nephew of two selfish, greedy muggles, Harry understood this even if he didn't quite react like Ron.

Still, there was an assignment due from the highly esteemed Professor Nells that said to steal an item from your best friend and give it to your greatest enemy, right? Harry took a galleon from the box. He grinned, shut the box, and replaced everything in Ron's trunk the way it was. As wrong as this was... Harry felt a thrill at the theft.

However, thrill or not, Harry wasn't about to send something of Ron's straight to his antagonist with no thought about it. He didn't want this to come back and bite Ron or Harry in the ass later on, so Harry ran down to the library and asked Madam Pince if she knew of any books that would relate to cleaning any object - specifically metal - so that there was no chance of the object being used to cast curses on the previous owner.

"Mister Potter, am I to believe that a sixth year student is unaware of how to utilize the card catalog?" The hard woman demanded, her lips pursed and her eyes piercing straight to Harry's soul. It was like she knew he'd stolen something... but that was ridiculous, wasn't it?

"Uh, I guess?" He replied, feeling a bit like it was a dumb response. Thankfully she led him to the card catalog and showed him how to use it. He told it what he needed, and the shelf of wooden drawers would open up and slips of paper would fly out before rearranging in a single drawer in front of him. He couldn't believe he never knew about this. It would make so many things easier! He decided to find a selection of the books and checked them out of the library. Since it wasn't a project he wanted anyone to find him researching, he decided to find somewhere secret. Though the idea of the Room of Requirement being a safe, secret place was nice... the room was also revealed easily enough by Draco Malfoy and Umbridge in Harry's fifth year so he wasn't sure he could trust it.

He searched all over the castle, trying to find a place before ultimately deciding on an empty room in a hall that was layered in thick dust. He thought a few scourgify spells would do the trick and clean the room but it, in fact, caused the dust to become some kind of congealed substance in some places and kicked dust up in some other areas. Harry sneezed, sighed, and sneezed again. Apparently he needed more practice at "not sucking" at these spells.

He looked at the blood-red wood wand. His new wand from an unknown benefactor... He couldn't unlock doors and he couldn't get it to clean floors. Was he fighting with the wand? It hummed under his fingers.

"Hello again, Harry..." Harry turned and aimed his wand at the intruder. It turned out just to be Chaviah Melody. Hah, Harry would think that way? 'Just Chaviah'? He might as well just let the Slytherin girl take a knife and stab him in the heart while he was at it. Although he wouldn't mind undressing her first - not that he was thinking that!

"Er, hello..." He still didn't lower his wand.

"Yes, Harry, I'm stalking you. I'm secretly plotting your demise as we speak." Chaviah drawled as Harry eyed her up and down, and perhaps his eyes lingered on her legs and her chest a little too long. Her long blond hair was done in some sort of updo that turned the long locks into braided headbands around the top of her head. Harry thought it was cool, and cute on her, like she was wearing a crown on her head. Right after thinking that, he cursed himself for his juvenile thoughts. What was he, twelve?

"Well, you never can be too sure with you Slytherins..." Harry added. He hadn't seen her in the bath today and wasn't sure if that was something he liked or if he was upset about that. She seemed to have gone casual for their day off. Tight jeans with manufacturer-made holes in them covered her legs and a shirt with Harry's face plastered to it and 'My Hero' in text under Harry's head was on her chest. Harry thought at first that it was disturbing to see that someone had taken things to a new level and created a tee-shirt with his face on it. His next thought was, "I see you like my face on your chest." Whoops... he wasn't supposed to say that one aloud. Open mouth, insert foot.

But Chavi just grinned mercilessly. "It's not the same as the real thing... but I would love an autograph." She wore heels with the jeans, and Harry couldn't understand the fascination. It had to be painful...

Harry's face turned bright at the idea that she wanted him to sign her chest. He didn't know what to say to that, so he didn't answer it. "So, what are you doing here?" Was it even legal to have a picture of his face on her shirt? Shouldn't he get royalties for such a thing? Then again, the Slytherins were known to do crazy things like creating buttons that said Weasley is our King and dangling people upside down and killing them...

"I told you - I was stalking you. I saw you acting suspicious and skulking about in the hall so I decided to follow. What, I wondered, is the famous Harry Potter up to now?" she approached his discarded bag on a dusty table and pulled out a book. "Enchanted Manuscript of Resonant Hermetic Alchemy..." She pulled out another and read that title. "Monstrous Grimoire of Luminous Dark Thaumaturgy... Interesting reads, Harry... You know these are borderline Dark Arts, don't you? Of course you do, otherwise you'd read them in front of just anyone..."

Harry actually hadn't known they were... He had figured anything in the forbidden section was off-limits and anything in the all-access area was perfectly fine. Surely Madam Pince would have said something if there was something wrong with the book he chose... But he guessed not. It did make sense; the books and the contents of the books weren't what was bad. All spells could be used by bad or misguided people. The spells themselves weren't exclusively bad...

"Er, yeah... so, now you know. The great Harry Potter is the next dark lord, so go on and publish that in your newspaper and we can both get on with our lives, yeah?" Harry found himself feeling a little short tempered since he was cornered and embarrassed, not to mention caught with books that who-knew if he should have. Maybe Madam Pince wasn't paying attention when she checked them out... it could happen. Or maybe they really weren't all bad like Chavi was suggesting and the blond was fucking with Harry's head. It wouldn't be a surprise if she was.

With a flick of her wrist, the entire room of dust disappeared and she gave him a smile as she sat on the edge of the table beside his books. "Come on, Harry... in the spirit of house integration, can't you be a little less on edge around me? At the risk of sounding completely conceded, I'm better once you get to know me..."

"I'm sure of it," Harry was still on defense. It didn't matter what she said; he still felt she was out to get something from him, and he didn't know what, so he didn't want to trust her. Even if he was undressing her with his eyes, his mind supplied helpfully.

"Merlin's beard... you were far more relaxed in the bath. Would it help if I took my clothes off at this point?" She drawled, and Harry wondered if she expected him to do the honorable thing and say that wasn't necessary.

Did she count on the fact that he was a sixteen year old boy with hormones and a hefty curiosity for sex and all things related? Did she know that on top of considering the problems behind being the boy-who-lived, he also had an underlying mantra of 'Sex Sex Sex' going on in his head? He blamed her even more for that, too, because she was the one who molested him with shampoo in the bath the other day...

So, rather dishonorably, he said, "Yes, in fact, it would help." She gaped at him for a moment. She really had counted on him to be honorable, hadn't she? Served her right. Not to mention he rather liked the surprised look on her face. "Come on, then," Harry waved his hand. "You offered. Is whatever you're up to here worth it?"