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I don't like her.

She thinks that since she's Grissom's little spy she can do whatever she wants. I almost prefer that I.A. had gotten involved- at least then I wouldn't have to deal with the ambassador from hippy-land.

I especially don't like that cute little gap-toothed grin of hers.

I can't wait until she leaves.

I don't like her.

She thinks that just because I'm an outsider, I don't deserve the same respect she gives the lab techs. I wish Grissom had invited me for a reason besides spying. Maybe then she would be somewhat civil.

I really don't like how she wears low cut shirts- I can hardly pay attention to the crime scene when I work with her.

I can't wait until shift is over.

I don't… dislike her.

Just because she handled my kid so well during questioning doesn't automatically mean my feelings towards her have changed.

I mean, she couldn't even find the murder weapon! How can I honestly like someone like her?

Even if I like how she called me 'Cat', I don't like her.

I wish I could forget all of this.

I don't… dislike her.

Just because I like Lindsey doesn't mean that I feel any differently towards her mother.

I mean, she did nothing but harass me the entire case! I doubt I could have handled that if I liked her.

Wanting to comfort her doesn't mean I like her.

I wish this none of this had happened.

I don't like her… much.

Taking her out for a drink doesn't mean a damn thing. Hank was a bastard, and being cheated on isn't fun.

I'm not enjoying this.

I don't like her… much.

Drinking with her isn't exactly female bonding. She just knows what it's like to be cheated on. …Though technically, I was being used to cheat.

I shouldn't be enjoying this.

I don't love her.

Simply because I find time to stare at her whenever she's not looking doesn't mean that I find her attractive.

I don't love her.

I mean, really, staring at Catherine is something even Grissom has done. It doesn't mean anything.

I love her.