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Author's Notes: The following hundred-word drabbles were responses to the Altering Appearance challenge on Granger Snape 100.

Wondering, Knowing, Vowing, and Fulfilling.

"I agree that you would do well together, but, do you love him?"

Hermione looked seriously into her mother's eyes. "I love him. It's not infatuation, it never was. Don't get me wrong; I'm very attracted to him. Just thinking of..." Hermione blushed. "But, Mum, my love for Severus is real. I love him for everything he is; and, everything he isn't. I always will."

Severus Snape had his information. She would say yes. He would take his leave soon. Then, when the Polyjuice wore off; he would meet Hermione again, as himself, and ask her to be his wife.


Severus Snape sat across from Draco, studying the young man who had been exonerated at the same time he had.

"You're going to marry that Mu -"

Severus's gaze turned lethal.

"Erm... Granger?"


"Why? She's not rich."

"I don't seek wealth."

"She's plain."

"Hermione Granger is beautiful, in every way."

"So, it's only a physical thing?"

Severus's eyes bore into Draco's. "No."

"Then why?"

"Because, I love you."

"You love me?"

"Beyond all reason."

"But... you... I..."

"But... Hermione, I won't kiss you until you no longer resemble Draco." Severus Smirked.

"You knew?"


"I love you too."

"I know."


Severus finally had Hermione alone, on their wedding night. She was in the loo, as he waited with increasing excitement.

When she came in he was shocked, and utterly disappointed.

"Don't you like it?"


It took her weeks to perfect the glamours. Now she was willowy; with fuller lips, larger eyes, and silky hair.

"Hermione, it's you that I married. It's you that I have been longing for. It is you I want to see as we... consummate... our marriage . You, just as you are."

She dropped the glamours, and smiled radiantly as bent and then kissed her passionately.



The young couple lay nude and sated.



Sometimes her husband was too taciturn. "I meant, did you like your present?"

"Very much. Only you would think of that." He stroked her soft skin as she twined her youthful fingers through his sleek black hair. "Such foresight for one so young," he said silkily.

"Happy hundredth anniversary, Severus."

"Happy anniversary," he whispered, as he kissed her. "You know I desire you as you are today."

"And I you. But, it was fun."

"Quite. I always wondered why my young bride insisted on trimming our hair at home."

"For Polyjuice."