Let the Games Begin

"I re-thought your offer."

He had just ran the long way home from Cuddy's bedroom window, thundering out each desperate depressive thought with each pounding step. He reached the entrance to the complex gasping in air and shuddering it out. Moving his hand to his neck he checked the rate of his pulse.

It was high.

Higher than normal. He really had been pushing it.

Withdrawing his focus from the second hand and finally noticed the lateness of the hour.


Sighing a breath, he took a key to the large door letting it creak open and was faced with a sight that caused his heart rate to increase further and for every muscle in his body to tense and freeze.

Allison Cameron lent against the wall beside his front door. His gaze moving up and down her length drinking her in.

Black boots that looked conservative at work looked down right naughty coupled with low slung jeans. White was normally the color of the pure and good, but the seven button blouse of which three were undone revealing a hint of cleavage and the barest glimpse of a flat stomach. All pure thoughts were sent out of your ears and explicit thoughts replaced them. A cropped black leather jacket completed the look of daddy's little goes naughty. Her hair fell in soft waves around her face. Soft pale skin, red lips forming the barest smile and her eyes alight.

Sweat and water dripped from him all the while, quickly creating a pool at the foot of his statuesque pose.

"I re-thought your offer." she said softly and confidently.

"What?" he replied overcoming some of his shock. Then with a lot more grace than either of them were used to he moved past her and inserted the key in the door.

"A drink, dinner? Either or both I'm not that bothered. But then again, if it turns out that you haven't been for a swim as well as a run, I might have to rethink the whole thing again."

"I didn't go for a swim." he said opening the door a few inches, "Just a bit of a dip in a fountain."

Cameron rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly as she pushed her self lightly from the wall. "Don't think that gets you out of a shower."

"Planning on joining me?" he replied with a smirk, awaiting a Cameron like reaction.

It never came.

"A few drinks and dinner, then I'll think about that one too."

She smirked openly at his slack jaw and wide eyes then breezed past him into his apartment and settled into the depths of his couch.

"What are you doing?" he said incredulously, his voice slightly raised.

"Waiting for you to go for a shower." she said looking around the room, a slight look of confusion gracing her features.

"So that you can spend an unsupervised 10 minutes snooping around my apartment before I kick you out?" he said, watching her rummaging around his couch.

"No, so I can snoop for 10 minutes before you take me out." she said looking behind the cushions.

"You want me to take you out tonight? But it's a school night!" he whined childishly.

"Exactly, I expect to be home by at least 2. And ...Ah-ha!" She said triumphantly brandishing the TV remote before settling her gaze on his increasingly worried looking features, then continuing, "Look at it this way; it'll be cheap."

She smiled warmly at him before turning to the TV and flicking through the channels.

"I don't recall offering to pay."

He smiled for the briefest of seconds as General Hospital remained on screen for a split second longer than the rest before the screen became a hazy blur of color once more.

"But you were the one to ask me out." she replied not looking from the screen which seemed to have settled on MacGyver of all things.


"Ok, Dutch." she reasoned.

He glared at the back of her head before sighing in defeat and moving toward the hall, quickly removing his soaked shirt and tossing it in her general direction landing on the floor next to her seat.

Not even a second later he heard the tell-tale of the groan of the couch.

He turned to see Cameron leaning far over the edge of the sofa to peer down the hall at him.

"Caught you looking." he said mischievously.

Instead of blushing and moving back to watch the TV as he expected, she made herself more comfortable bringing her elbows to the edge of the couch and resting her head on her hands and continued her lustful gazing.

He was all too aware at that moment his body had changed quite a bit since she'd last seen him shirtless (and high).

Running isn't just good for the legs.

"You like what you see?" He asked smirking once again, "Tell you what I'll leave the door unlocked in case you change your mind about that shower."

He grinned toe-ing his shoes and socks off and slipping into the bathroom leaving the door ajar just a few inches and started running the shower. He listened closely from behind the bathroom door.

The sound of a sigh and a weight back into the centre of the couch reached his ears.

He had lost count of the number of points they'd gained in the last 5 minutes, but he definitely had the upper hand now.