Everything was calm and quite at Raintree, in seemed some what like a ghoust town ever since the accident. The accident was right after the Breeders Inventational, no one saw it coming. But Kerry's accident actually affected everyone, esspecially Kris. Kris really some what cared about Kerry, although after that night she knew she was still in love with Junior. But with everything that happened between them she could make herself tell him how she really felt. Even when Junior was completely truthful about his feelings for her.

"Kris, wake up!" Todd yelled as he banged on the door of Kris' trailer.
Kris woke up in a panic! She totally forgot Pablo, Jean and she were supposed to go down to the track for an interview early that morning. She scrambled off her bed and searched around for jeans and a t-shirt. She quickly put the first ones she saw on and bolted out the door.

"Where were you, were you asleep or something?" Matt said as he walked up to see Kris.

"Ya, sorry I didn't get any sleep last night." Kris answered.

"That's the fifth time this week. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I told all you guys I'm fine, so let's just leave it at that!" Kris responded in an angry manner, and walked up to the barn. Kris entered the barn and like always said hi to Wildfire and Childfire.

"Hey boys, how'd you guys sleep?" She asked as she stroked Wildfire. Wildfire answered with a little nudge.

"I know, I know boy." Kris said, "Your right, I would sleep better if I got over what happened to Kerry, and move on."

Kris knew she would eventually have to move on, she really wanted it to be with Junior. But over time she conviced herself, that she was scared to get invoulved with Junior again. She knew she loved him, but she didn't want to be put in the same situation again, and have to hurt both him and her by making a decision like breaking up with him.

Hope you liked my first chapter!