After Kris went into the barn, she walked up to Wildfire's stall, opened it and sat in the hay in the corner. For awhile she didn't say anything, but after a few minutes she took a deep breath and said, "Well today's the day." Then she looked up at Wildfire, who looked back down at her as if he understood what she was feeling. Kris looked at her watch, it was 6:15am. "Well I better get going before everyone else wakes up." she said as she got up and then walked out of the stall. But then she turned around back to Wildfire. Kris smiled and scratched his nose. "Don't worry boy, I'll be back soon. And then everything will be back to normal." then she walked out of the barn and towards her car.

Meanwhile Junior was waiting in his car to the side of the road, waiting for Kris to drive by. Then she did, Junior almost missed her because he wasn't paying attention he was deep in thought. Junior started his car and started to follow Kris. Making sure that she wouldn't see him, he stayed a far distance behind her.

But even if she saw Junior's car, she probably wouldn't even recognize it because all she was thinking about was what was Kerry going to say or do?

Kris pulled up at the track and got out of her car, and began walking towards the track.

Junior pulled up after Kris was out of his sight, and then parked next to her car. Junior was now confused, why would they be meeting here? He asked himself. He then got out of his car and started to browse around looking for any sign of Kris.

Kris was walking when she had the track in her sight, then she almost froze. He really is alive, she said to herself as she saw a man standing next to the starting gates. She suddenly got a hold on herself and continued to walk, but very slowly. The man suddenly turned around to see Kris. It in fact was Kerry without a single scratch on him. He smiled at her.

At this time Junior had just walked down the hall to see both of them. He say Kris walking towards a man. Oh my god, he thought Kerry really is alive. He then filled up with anger but contained himself.

Kris continued to walk towards Kerry and then stopped when she was within 2 feet of him.

"I'm so glad you came," Kerry said to Kris. He then bent in for a kiss but she turned him down by turning her head.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked her.

"You know, it isn't going to be that easy." she said to him.

"What do you mean?" he asked confused even though he knew what she meant.

But Kris saw right threw him. "You know what I mean!" she said to him as she stepped back. "I mean you can't just disappear, and then come back and screw everything up!"

"What do you mean screw up?" he asked.

"I mean everything is just back to normal with the Ritters," Kris stopped for a second. "And me." she finished.
Kerry put his hand on Kris' arm, and just rubbed it as if to comfort her.

At this point, Junior got really mad. He didn't know what they were saying, but he didn't like how Kerry was her. By now he was sick of it all, so he was going to go down there and stop everything now before anything else could happen.

Kerry took his hand off of Kris, "All I know is that our love will change all of that."

Kris took one more slow step back. "But that's just it..." She paused then looked toward the ground, then she looked
back up. "I don't love you...I.. I love somebody else. I always have." She said looking straight into his eyes. This most definitely wasn't a lie, she and Kerry knew it.

And then without missing a second Kerry responded with, "Junior..."

"Ya,"she said, "I love him." she said.

"Ya well how do you know that he loves you back?" Kerry asked her.

"There's now doubt that I do." said a voice from behind.

Kris turned around, "Junior? What... What are you doing here?" she asked as he walked up beside her.

"I'm here because I care about you." he said looking into her eyes. Then he looked to Kerry, who has basically went into shock . "Is that proof enough for you?" he said sarcastically.

Kerry was angry but all he did was walk away.

Junior turned back to Kris, "You followed me didn't you?" she said to him.

Junior looked down as if he felt bad, "Ya... But I was worried for you. And of what he might say or do to get you to leave."

"Leave?" she said with a slight laugh.

"Ya, like go to Europe with him." Junior replied.

"I would never do that, no matter what he said. My whole life is here, including you." she said to him looking deep into his eyes.

"You know I really do love you, and nothing will ever change that." He said to her.

Kris smiled at him, "Ya... I think I do."

Junior smiled back at her, then leaned in for a kiss. It may have been a simple kiss. But inside it meant so much more to both of them. And with that kiss he grabbed her hand and they both walked back to their lives of family, horses, racing, and most importantly love...