Fox's eyes swivelled skywards, staring into the bright fluorescent lights on the ceiling. Sometime during the struggle in the back annals of the Great Fox, he'd forgotten everything. His mind had stopped functioning some time ago, when he'd stumbled into his room, Wolf pressed securely against him. Heat from his breath blew across Fox's jaw, jarring his whiskers. It was smothering. He finally found the sense to push the timber wolf away, confusion giving way to abhorrence.

"You've lost your English accent," Fox stated, finding his voice as he tried to catch his breath. He ran a quivering paw through the pale tuft of fur on his head, trying to get his bearings. Wolf chuckled, a deep throaty laugh, looking unperturbed with the situation. Fox felt his control of the conditions slipping, taken aback by how much Wolf had changed over their nine year absence from each other's presence.

"I was a kid back then. I thought it was cool," he replied, shrugging carelessly, shoulder rolling smoothly. Fox swallowed, Wolf's graceful, calculated movements making him uncomfortable. Wolf was circling him like a shark.

"But we aren't kids anymore, Wolf," Fox said, his voice soft. He secured himself against the wall, the cool brace of the Great Fox pushing back. Fox hated how easily Wolf had gotten him exposed. Wolf had changed; he was no longer the fuming, rotten little creep he'd met during the reign of Andross; he was collected, calm, mature. Lethal. Presently, he glanced back at Wolf, shocked and slightly repulsed upon seeing the lupine dig trails up and down Fox's body with his eye. Whether it was sexual or gluttonous in its designs, he couldn't tell. He'd be surprised with neither.

"Oh, I know that, Fox," Wolf said, voice dangerously low. He took a step forward, and reflexively, Fox turned, and shoulder brushing against the wall, took one back, berating himself as he did so. The world of all things Wolf and Fox had been turned on him, and he didn't like it. Nine years ago, Fox had been the one to have the upper paw, the one steps ahead of the other, tossing out snide comments as he drowned Wolf's ship with laser fire. Now Wolf was bearing down on him, forcing Fox out of balance. He swallowed, back hitting the corner, body slightly trembling just as much from anticipation as from anger.

"You aren't a boy anymore, so why are you still playing games?" Wolf asked, more like a whisper, his oppressive bulk nearly pressed against Fox. He felt like a toy. "How long do you plan on continuing to lead Spanky McFucktits on?" the larger canine continued, cold nose butting against Fox's ear. Fox snarled, pushing against Wolf's chest, trying to throw him off.

"Don't refer to her as that!"Fox snapped, looking away. Softer, with less resolve he added, "I love her."

Wolf grinned, moving close to Fox again. "Of course you do, Pup. You saved her life. That's how it should be. You ride off into the sunset with her, buy a ring, have some pups, love, trust, peace, all that happy bullshit."

Fox squeezed his eyes shut, trying to steel his confidence again, flinching when Wolf's tongue flicked his ear. What was the maniac trying to get at? "It--It's just how I feel, Wolf. It's the way it should be." Right?

The timber wolf pulled away, eying him critically. "Ahn. I see. You nervous because you like her, or nervous because you don't?"

Fox looked up at him questioningly, feeling dazed, caught unawares. He was reeling; ten minutes ago, he knew everything. Knew exactly where his life was heading. It was secured tightly, laid out plainly before him. Now he couldn't even decide why he was suddenly disliking the lack of the warmth that Wolf's body had provided him. Presently, he looked up, Wolf grinning lopsidedly at him.

"See you around, Pup," he whispered, breath tickling Fox's ear, causing it to twitch. Wolf ruffled the fur atop Fox's head, chuckling.

Fox, for all the world, could not decide if he wanted to.