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Summary: N/A. When Phillipa find's out about her husband's affair, let's just say that she will go to great lengths to keep her family together.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything but if I did, I would bring back all the great couples that have now left.

Author's note: This is my first fanfic since joining last year so please be nice. I lack original ideas so be nice. Andrea's not a journo, 'cos I couldn't be bothered to put it in. R and R!

Chapter 1

" Right, another question then. What do you think are the best qualities in a man?" Neil Manson asked Andrea Dunbar. They were having a rare night together and were sitting on Andrea's sofa asking each other twenty questions. " You mean what are your best qualities?" she replied cheekily. He frowned. "Hey, I take offence to that! So what are they then?" he said as he smiled. "Sorry, no can do, I'll have to get back to you on that."

She picked up her wine glass and walked towards her kitchen. "Where do you think you are going young lady?" he questioned as he delicately wrapped his arms around her petite body. Neil placed butterfly kisses down her neck but stopped when the soft beeping of his phone interrupted their intimate moment. Andrea unwrapped herself from his hold. "You should get that" and she proceeded to the kitchen. Neil stared helplessly after her and picked up his phone. Andrea started to wash the wine glasses trying not to listen to the conversation. It was always this way. Just as they start to have fun, they get interrupted. "I've got to go." Neil voice interrupted her thoughts. "Right." She said bitterly. "Don't let me stop you" She dodged away from his parting affection. "Bye" Neil smiled sadly and left. It was as she thought; they were always interrupted- as if they were being watched. Little did they know, they were.

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