Chapter 8

'Someone looks happy'

Andrea's grin widend when her eyes rested on Honey and Yvonne sitting in the locker room. 'And why shouldn't I be? The sun is shining, the birds are singing...' She trailed off when she saw there cocked eyebrows.

'Cut the crap Andz. But you a tenner that she got laid last night' Honey giggled, now turning her attention to Yvonne.

'What makes you think I got any?' Her insides warmed when she recalled her and Neil's encounters last night and most memorably this morning. It surprised her how quickly their relationship changed. She missed him terribly when they were apart and was unwilling to go through that again.After their confession of love after he recued her from Dylon and after their first round of lovemaking, they talked about their relationship. Neither were willing to go back to what they were before, with the few one night stands and a stolen kiss every now and then. They discussed where they wanted to go and Neil's standing with Phillipa. After parting from her this morning, Neil went home to talk to Phillipa and to get some of his stuff, as to move in with Andrea. After he confessed his intentions, they ended up on pouring all of their emotions into many numerous intimate encounters, getting very wild and kinky at some points. But to be honest she slightly dreaded talking to Yvonne and Honey at the moment as she wasn't sure if Neil wanted people to know about their relationship, despite the new developments.

'Come off it, you came in here grinning from ear to ear like the chesire cat looking exhausted and you expect us to believe that he didn't get some?'

Andrea smiled in to her locker as she pulled out her uniform. Placing her jacket into her locker, she replied 'I don't know what you mean' She was indeed exhausted but it was very pleasurable. Pulling her top over her head, she imidiately realised her mistake.

'I knew it!' Honey exclaimed upon spotting her numerous love bites on her chest and neck.

Cornering Andrea, Honey and Yvonne were about to start their interrogation when she was saved by Gina coming into the locker room. 'What do you think you are doing? Your late for the briefing and Andrea hurry up and get dressed. NOW'

Breathing a sigh of relief at her rescue, Andrea proceeded to get dressed and made her way to the briefing room. However, she soon stopped when she saw Dylon walking towards her with a cocky grin on his face. Not even the bruising on his face could give her any satisfaction.

'Well well well, if it isn't the stations resident tart!'

She winced when she heard his voice. Vivid memories of what he tried to do to her the night before came flooding back. The scared and trapped feeling started to return, and she wished that Neil was here to take her away from him. Mustering all of her courage, Andrea replied,

'You know, it's people like you who we put away everyday. It's bastards like you who is the reason why people are afraid to go out at night. Your despicable scum and don't deserve to be even breathing. If you think that I need somebody to protect me, then your mistaken I can take care of myself. And if you think that you can intimidate and scare me, your going to have to sling more than a few petty insults at me!'

Turning away and walking into the briefing room, Andrea realised that she was shaking. She didn't know where that came from but she felt relieved. She felt even better when she noticed Neill smiling at her from across the briefing room.


Placing the key into the lock, Neil sighed as a sign as finality. This would be the last time he would enter the place he has called home for the last 11 years, at his own accordance. Calling out for Phillipa and realising that she was probably at work, he made his way to the bedroom to pack up some of his stuff. Entering his bedroom he noticed how empty the room was of personal effects. There was only one photo on the dresser of Jake, a big contrast to Andrea's home where there were photos of family and friends all over any available space. Neil smiled at the memory of Andrea giving him a detailed account of who was in the photo and when it was taken. It was times like that he realised that he was falling in love with her and wished that he had met her before his wife.

Taking the large holdel from the top of the wardrobe, Neil started to place his clothes into the bag and a few other personel items from the side dresser. He decided he would take the essentials now and come back for the rest when everything has calmed down.His guilt over leaving so suddenly without an explaination subsided slightly when he heard the front door open and the phone ring. Taking the now full bag downstairs he heard Phillipa on the phone.

'How long is that going to take?'

'Ok fine. Thank you'

Phillipa let out a frustrated sigh and jumped with shock when she saw Neil standing at the bottom of the stairs.

'Hey' Phillipa's smile brightened when she spotted her husband.

'I'm just about to go out and get some things for later. What do you reckon we should have? Pasta or Potatoes?'


'My parents phoned me earlier, we've been invited to sunday lunch at one o'clock. I'll be nice for Jake to see them again. You know how much they spoil him. Oh and also I the Jennings case next week so we'll have to get the nanny in if your going to be working'


'So come on then pasta or...

'I won't be here for dinner. Or any other dinner for that matter. I'm leaving'.

'Your...Your leaving? For how long?' Phillipa'a voice broke as recognition dawned on her as to where he was about to go.

'For good. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to come to this. I.. I tryed so hard to make this marriage work. I really did. But I can't keep putting energy into something that we both know is a lost cause.'

Phillipa was stunned. She didn't think that Neil would end up leaving her. Trying to not show how devastated she was, she put on a facade.

'I um...I don't know what to say. What are we going to tell Jake? I mean this is going to be difficult to accept that he won't see you everyday and that are going to be staying with somebody else'

At that omission Neil's head shot up. She knew about Andrea?

'You know'?

'I'm a lawyer Neil. I came by the station a while ago and I saw you with her'. Pausing for a moment, she continued. 'I remember meeting her at Jim and June's wedding. Intelligent, attractive, the side ways looks that suggested an interest in my husband, but nothing that I perceived as a threat. So tell me, when did it all start?'

'Do you really need to know the details?'

'Neil, our nine year marriage has come to an end. I deserve some answers. Do you love her?'

Letting out a sigh, 'More than anything'

'Did you ever bring her to the house?'. Phillipa's heart constricted at the thought that they were together in the house. It was her home and this Andrea woman had no right to be here.

'Never at the house'

'So she never slept in our bed?'

'Of course not'

'Did she do anything in bed that I wouldn't?'


'I'm sorry that was out of order I know.' She sat down across from Neil in the kitchen and poured two glasses of scotch. 'Wow eleven years together and a beautiful son. We had good times together didn't we?'

'Yeah we did. And I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I still care for you and I always will. You have always been such a big part of my life and you will remain that way as friends...If you want that is.'

'Of course it is. So then what are we going to tell Jake?'

'I think that it would be best if we sat down together and told him'


Sharing warm smiles they hugged as a final goodbye. They stood there for a few minutes, neither really wanting to admit to the other that there was a part of themselves thst didn't want to part. Finally letting the tears fll, they parted.

'You will find someone else Phillipa. You are amazing, strong and you deserve to be happy. And I'm sorry that I can't give you that happyness.'

'Thank you. I hope that she is worth it and that you are happy. I still can't quite believe that it's over. '

'Me either. Listen I've got to get to work. But I'll come back sometime later in the week for some more of my stuff and to talk to Jake.'

Finally walking out the door, Neil wiped his eyes and got into his car to drive to the station. He can't believe that he did it. He was free to be with Andrea. Andrea. Just the thought of her filled him with happyness and the image of her smile caused him to break into a grin. Pulling up into the station carpark and looking at his watch, he realised that the days briefing starts in five minutes. He left his bag in the car and as he entered the station bumbed into Jack Meadows.

' Ah Neil there you are. Hurry up the briefing's about to start'

Producing a fake smile, Neil still found that after all this time he doesn't like Jack. He placed himself near the front of the briefing room and in a position where he had a direct view to the door. His mood became deflated when he realised that Andrea wasn't among the PC's. However he saw her approach and frowned when he noticed that Dylon guy go up to her. Neil was inscensed to see him talk to her and was about to go over when she entered. He left out a smile when they made eye contact, thinking that this day can only get better.


She was numb and had been sitting in the same position for the last hour. She could believe that he had actually left. That woman had taken her husband away from her. If she thought that she was going to get away with it, then she had another thing coming. She will get Neil to come back to her. She will just have to bring her plans forward.

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