Every time John returned to Earth, the following morning he would climb to the highest point on the island. It had become something of a ritual He often wondered what Alan did when he returned home. Probably something involving a certain young lady and a bottle of coconut oil.

There were many things John missed on Thunderbird Five. His family, the sights and sounds of the island, fresh food, but one thing above all. Panting slightly, he climbed the last few yards to the summit and turned around, feeling the breeze caress his face.

The wind. Nothing could beat it.


This is what you get if you are tidying the shelves in the Art section of the library

Extract from 'Encyclopaedia of 21st century art' 2157

Virgil Tracy (2041-2128). Regrettably, little of this artist's work exists in the public domain. His Rocket to the Moon in the Denver Art Museum, shows great vibrancy, while My family in the Guggenheim, New York shows the artist's love of his subject.

The son of astronaut and billionaire Jefferson Tracy, Virgil chose to pursue a career as an engineer rather than an artist, then retired from public life to spend his days as a playboy and recluse on the family's Pacific island retreat. The rumours that he was part of the famous International Rescue organisation are, of course, totally unfounded


Brains during City of Fire

Why did I put the oxyhydnite gear in Thunderbird Two? I should have brought it back to the lab after the test, or left it in the hangar. But no, I had to store it in the pod with the Mole.

Now Scott wants to use it to rescue a family from the tunnels under the Thompson Tower, despite what happened last time they used it.

Mr Tracy has given his permission, but if something goes wrong I'll feel responsible. I always do when my designs put his sons in danger. How can I face him if the worst happens?


Eddie Houseman after End of the Road

I should be dead – blown to pieces at the bottom of that cutting. As I watched the Thunderbird machines fly away, I realised I had been given another chance. This time I won't waste it. This time I'm going to make something of myself. I'm going to start by making a certain young lady very happy. Yes, first chance I get I'm going to fly back to Tracy Island and ask Tin Tin Kyrano to be my wife. And I'm not going to take 'no' for an answer.

I want to make those International Rescue guys proud they saved me.


Ned Cook in TINY


I listen to the water, each drip ticking off the remaining minutes of my life. Joe's barely conscious now – he was injured in the original fall and the long hours in the cold and wet haven't helped.

Then the voice comes again. That voice is my lifeline. More important than the food, the oxygen or the heating that have been sent down to us, that voice has saved me. Sometimes it comforts, sometimes encourages, sometimes cajoles, but it's always there.

It's speaking again – something about swimming through a hole. I'll do whatever it asks. Just don't stop talking.