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Bad Guys Playground

Chapter One:

"Sasuke come down here," called a female voice which met the ears of a seventeen year old.

Footsteps were heard coming down the stairs, a raven haired teen walked into a large area which held an old man and woman. His eyes darted from the man to the woman who had called him, his mother. His mother was a beautiful lady, Uchiha Setsuna-sama, black hair that poured down her slender figure with eyes darker than the night, eyes she had passed on to her sons.

"Yes?" Sasuke asked wanting to leave already.

"We have some business to discuss young man," said his father.

He surveyed his father, Uchiha Iruza-sama, again he was beautiful, a work of art. He stood up next to his wife; he was at lease two head taller than the creature beside him. He motion for his youngest son to come closer and Sasuke obeyed, it was rare that they even spoke to each other.

"We have recently purchased a new servant but he is too young to work for either Itachi or myself," he explained. "So I have decided that you may have him, he will attend school with you and live in the room next to yours."

Sasuke stared at his father, he couldn't believe he was serious, he had his own personal servant, or boy-toy as Sasuke calls the ones that already work for the Uchiha family. His father didn't back down, he returned the strong glare that he was receiving from his son. Sasuke looked to his mother and saw her elegantly stood beside his father as if there for support, yeah right.

The Uchiha were the richest family for miles, Iruza Uchiha owned a large company that even Sasuke didn't bother to remember the name of. He knew it sold anything, made everything and ran everyone. His mother also ran another business, one where she was surrounded by other high class women, an expensive beauty company.

"He will he be here tomorrow night," Iruza said speaking as though it was now no longer important. "You may do with him what you wish, you may leave now."

Sasuke did as told; he walked back up the stairs and into his bedroom sitting down on his midnight blue sofa. He sighed in annoyance, he had been watching a film and thanks to their disruption he had missed the end. He leaned again the back thinking about his boy-toy, he didn't need one! Itachi had about three and he had lost count at the number his father had had. The boy would be coming to school with him so he had to be around his age, he would have to set a few things straight upon the boy's arrival.

"Aren't you happy Sasuke?" asked his brother from the doorway.

Itachi had a cold face, his skin pale like the rest of his family with dark eyes to match. He walked in and one of the first things Sasuke noticed was that his brother's trousers were undone, he would have ignored it but his brother seemed to notice the glance. Itachi smirked; in one look he told Sasuke that he had just had a release.

"You'll be able to stop wanting mine," Itachi said smirking whilst zipping up his trousers.

"I have better things to do than to fuck your boy-toys," Sasuke replied bitterly.

"Doesn't stop you wanting to little brother," Itachi retorted calmly. "All you have to do is ask."

"No thanks," he said firmly but he had had one of them give him a blow job once in a while.

"Well soon you'll have your own, I hope he isn't an ugly bastard," Itachi mused actually looking like he was thinking. "Father wouldn't buy someone ugly."

Sasuke tried to ignore his brother; he wondered when the Uchiha's had become such cold hearted people. They bought people and used them however they wanted; he didn't think his father was as perverted as Itachi though. They usually only bought people who matched their masters, girls for his mother and boys for everyone else, they gave no reason for suspicion. In honesty he didn't really care, he was Bi, he could have fun with either and he was just as cold hearted as the rest of his family. Known as a leader at school, he was evil and cruel to anyone who dared to cross him, not many people now, not even the teachers.

"Ah well, I'm going out," Itachi finally said. "Goodnight Sasuke."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sasuke pulled into his parking space outside Konoha High School, his place was reserved and by 'reserved' it meant no one dared park there. He got out grabbing his shoulder bag and spotted one of his gang walking up to him, Shino, a guy who never removed his sunglasses.

"Morning Sasuke," he said as they both headed for class.

Sasuke didn't reply which in his case was a reply, he and Shino walked into the classroom moving to take their places. The rest of the gang came in soon after, Kiba the dog obsessed idiot, Shikamaru the lazy genius and Neji the twisted weirdo who was second on the 'food' chain, after the Uchiha's. They exchanged greetings and got to work on taking the piss out of other students until the lunch bell sounded, they left for the roof.

"Say what? You're getting a boy-toy?" Kiba exclaimed as Sasuke finished telling them about what his parents had said. "You lucky bastard!"

"You won't have to do your homework anymore," Shikamaru said with a smirk, Sasuke didn't really need to do his homework anyway.

"Aww, you're gonna share right Sasuke?" Kiba whined playfully. "You can have your pick of anyone in the school!"

"So can you," Shino muttered glaring at Kiba who simply shrugged.

"Where does he come from?" Neji asked, the only who didn't have perverted thoughts running through his mind.

"I don't know, he might be there when I get back tonight," Sasuke replied. "Father said he'd be there today."

All five of them were Bi, it was something the hormonal teenagers had agreed on when they realised they didn't really care who they fucked. They were perverted and controlling but not many girls would resist them, after all, the girls were just plain sluts. At lunch times they all stayed up on the roof so that they avoided girls and guys who wanted to molest them, it wasn't public knowledge yet that the five liked guys too.

"Let us come round after school," Kiba chided, no way he was going to wait until tomorrow to meet the new meat.

"Whatever," Sasuke replied and the remaining four gave each other a thumbs up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It had been a race to see who got back to the Uchiha mansion first, Neji and Shikamaru in one car, Shino and Kiba in one car and Sasuke in the last. Most days they alternated picking each other up so that they could flash their money around some more.

"I'm back," Sasuke called lazily into the house as he and the other four walked in groaning, Sasuke had won.

"Come here," Setsuna's voice echoed again and remarkably Sasuke always managed to know where she was. "Your friends may come as well."

The five walked into the living room, the same room as before, they saw Sasuke's mother sat in a chair near the fireplace and the four unrelated bowed. Sasuke watched his mother noticing no sign of his father; the boy must already be here. Sasuke felt Kiba nudge him to look at the opening door over at the other side of the room. His father walked in covering over the boy following behind until the last second.

Sasuke wanted to take in a breath, the boy was gorgeous, golden locks of hair spiked at every angle framing sapphire blue eyes that even shined in this dark room. Sasuke's eyes roamed over the covered body, a pair of dark blue jeans and a fairly tight orange and black shirt. His sun-kissed skin made Sasuke wonder about where the Sun would never have touched. This boy was sculptured by angels but that wouldn't stop Sasuke from making him his property. Sasuke suddenly felt an addiction growing in the pit of his stomach, he wouldn't share this toy after all; he wanted all of that body for himself.

"Sasuke this is Naruto," he father said making Sasuke turn to face him. "He is seventeen and will be starting school with you tomorrow, you may leave now."

Sasuke nodded hoping that he hadn't started drooling, thankfully he hadn't but he did have a rather uncomfortable problem growing. He guided the silent Naruto to his room being followed by his eager friends, they probably have a similar problem but they couldn't do anything to the boy, not at least until Sasuke did. They sat in his room for a few minutes, the five clearly staring at the still silent but blushing blonde.

"So, Naruto huh?" Kiba asked getting a nod from the blonde. "I'm Kiba, that's Neji, Shino, Shikamaru and you'll get to know grumpy over there as Sasuke."

Naruto bowed his head again clearly shy with them all staring at him, he scratched slightly on one of his whiskered cheeks. Sasuke noticed this and then saw the scars.

"Do you like films?" Kiba asked clearly the only one ready to talk, Naruto nodded. "What kind?"

"Adventure mostly," Naruto replied stunning everyone with the sound of his voice, it wasn't girly but it had a soft low ring to it.

"Cool, you ever seen 'Ninja's'?" Kiba asked excitedly, it was one of his favourite films.

"Yeah, it's a great film," Naruto replied with a smile.

"Isn't it just!" Kiba yelled happily.

"Great we have two idiots now," Shikamaru said rolling his eyes.

"Don't listen to him Naruto," Kiba said putting an un-perverted arm around Naruto. "He just doesn't know anything about a decent film, he can't even wake up!"

"I'm awake now idiot," Shikamaru stated cocking an eyebrow.

"Never mind these buffoons," Neji said looking at Naruto who had fallen silent again. "Where are you from Naruto?"

"Leaf, it's quite far away," he answered.

"Wasn't that a village that suffered…?" Shino's question trailed off as Naruto visibly stiffened, he didn't need to ask with the look Naruto had.

Naruto didn't say a word and Kiba let go of him, he looked about ready to cry but he held it in. Naruto seemed to notice that these guys were only talking to him because of the Uchiha, he wondered if they'd be so nice to him if the Uchiha wasn't around.

"SHIT!" Kiba screamed suddenly startling everyone especially the blonde. "I've got to get home, shit, shit, shit! Hurry up Shino you've gotta give me a ride."

"I guess we'll all go," Shikamaru said getting up with Shino and Neji in toe. "Try not to scare him Sasuke."

"Yeah don't listen to anything he says he's just a rotten bastard," Shino said to Naruto as everyone left.

Nothing had been said since the guys had left and that was ten minutes ago, the air was deeply uncomfortable. Naruto spent time looking out of the window while Sasuke simply stared at him. Why was he so obsessed with the boy already? He wanted to find out things about Naruto that no one else knew, what was going on? Why was his heart beating a bit faster?

"What time did you get here?" Sasuke asked.

"About half passed 1," he replied looking at the Uchiha now, he like he was glaring, 'have I offended him?'

"Is all your stuff in your room then?" Sasuke persisted; it was unusual for him to be trying to make a conversation.

"Yes," Naruto said.

Sasuke stood up and moved to a door, not the door they had come through but another one. He twisted the key that was in the lock and opened the door which led into the next room, Naruto's room. He studied the room, the colouring was plain; there was a desk with the necessary equipment, a bookshelf probably stuffed with unread books, a large king-size bed, a wardrobe, a mirror and a window. He noticed the few boxes that were in the centre of the room and scowled at them as though they had insulted him.

"Is that all you've brought?" Sasuke asked turning on the blonde who was still sat looking nervous.

"Yes," Naruto replied growing even more nervous.

Sasuke scowled at the boy, Naruto didn't look like someone who should be nervous around people, he looked like he was born to be loud. He saw that Naruto was holding tightly onto his jeans and his body was shaking slightly. "We will get you some more stuff if you need it," Sasuke said.

"No! No that's fine Uchiha-san," Naruto said quickly.

Sasuke flinched; he was called by his family name. "Listen up dobe," Sasuke muttered not seeing the slight frown that appeared on Naruto's face. "At school unless I want you you'll keep away from me!"

"Uh, yes, ok," Naruto said nodding.

"You are not to tell anyone that you live with me without talking to me first," he said; best to lay the rules down now. "What ever we discuss or do you are not to talk about with anyone, not even with my family! I don't care if you get beaten to a pulp you keep your mouth shut, you got it?"

Naruto thought about for a second and then nodded but the more he spent time with the Uchiha the more another name started to grow in his mind, 'teme!' He didn't hate the Uchiha but he was really pissing him off! As the Uchiha turned away again Naruto admired him, his body was firm and strong with light skin that looked like the moon was shining on it. His eyes seemed so distant though when he'd looked in them, they seemed to be isolating the Uchiha from warmth; no doubt the Uchiha liked it like that.

"At school you can act like you hate me," Sasuke said. "Quite a lot of people do but if you piss me off too much you'll pay for it."

"Uh, should I be taking notes?" Naruto asked and then slapped a hand over his mouth; he was only supposed to have thought that.

Sasuke spun around glaring at the blonde, 'maybe that's what he used to be like, I didn't think he was a nervous brat!' No matter that Sasuke felt a pang in his heart for seeing a real part of Naruto he couldn't forget that he had just been made fun of. He walked back over to where Naruto was and in a flash he had a handful of his golden hair pulling his head back.

"What was that?" Sasuke hissed.

"N…nothing Uchiha-san," Naruto whimpered as his eyes closed in pain but he didn't fight off the grip.

"Last thing then for now," Sasuke taunted nearing Naruto's face. "If you really want to stay, you have to ask me," he trailed again his lips just hovering above Naruto's. "To kiss you."

Naruto's eyes opened and saw how close he was to the Uchiha and what was that he just said? 'I have to ask him to kiss me?' "What?" he stammered.

"You heard me dobe," Sasuke snarled. "Ask me to kiss you!"

"But Uchiha-san…"

Sasuke tightening his grip in the golden hair, "ask me!"

Naruto wondered if he was actually serious, one look in his eyes told him that he was but a kiss? Why did the Uchiha want to kiss him and why was he making him ask? If the Uchiha wanted to kiss him there was no way Naruto could object but to ask?

"K…kiss me," Naruto mumbled.

"That doesn't sound like a question," Sasuke taunted still hovering from that slightly parted mouth that he wanted to dive into.

"Please kiss me," Naruto said.

Sasuke did, his cold lips finally met those warm moist ones, he licked Naruto's bottom lip before forcing his tongue inside. There his tongue danced around with the blonde exploring every possible taste of the boy-toy, of yes, this boy-toy he liked. Sasuke felt Naruto grip his shirt, they did need air soon. Sasuke pulled back only for a second before dipping his tongue back inside Naruto's mouth who moaned at the fierce contact. Sasuke liked that sound coming out of the blonde's mouth, his problem returning between his legs.

Sasuke left Naruto's mouth pushing the blonde backwards slightly so he could straddle him easier. Kissing his way round Sasuke nipped Naruto's ear before coating it with saliva, Naruto moaned gripping more onto Sasuke's shirt. Sasuke realised that Naruto must have rather sensitive skin since he is already squirming beneath his touches. Licking teasingly Sasuke moved downwards to Naruto throat, he licked it gently a few times before biting down drawing out a moan that he felt in his own mouth.

After a few minutes of kissing the boy Sasuke realised that his heart was beating mercilessly fast. It wasn't like he was simply horny, this was much different, he wasn't trying so much to make himself find pleasure but he wanted it for Naruto. His lust was building on the blonde's reaction to his touches. He pulled away, he wanted more but shouldn't get more, he'd let the guy get used to being here first then screw him.

"Uch…Uchiha-san," Naruto panted as the Uchiha stopped abusing his neck.

"You can go put your stuff away now," Sasuke said trying to hide that he was panting as well. "You'll need sleep for your first day."

Naruto nodded feeling slightly confused and light headed but left into the room attached to the Uchiha's. As he passed through the frame the door behind him was locked so he decided to follow the advice and start unpacking.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sasuke rocked in his bed trying not to think but his mind wasn't playing well for him. He tried to think about anything besides the feel of Naruto's skin, the sounds he made, that he was sleeping in the next room, that he seemed easy to control, that he had the tightest ass Sasuke had ever seen, that just thinking about him gave Sasuke a throbbing hard on! 'Way not to think about it,' he scolded himself. 'Oh screw it then I'll jerk off!'

Throwing his covers away from his body he took hold of his cock and started to pump himself not letting the fact that he was jerking of by simply thinking of someone! He was not causing himself pleasure because there's such a fuckable boy-toy sleeping next door. Sasuke increased his pace covering his mouth to stop from moaning out the blonde's name.

"Ah…" Sasuke moaned giving up trying to hide his pleasure. "Na…Naru…to…"

A few more powerful strokes and he came covering himself. He didn't really want to move but he had to clean himself up before sleeping. When it was all done he climbed back into bed to sleep, he drifted off with the image of Naruto smiling at him…

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