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Bad Guys Playground

Chapter Twenty-four:

Dog Fiend: Hi Hinata-chan, how are you?

Snowy Sight: I'm fine thank you Kiba-kun, you?

Dog Fiend: I'm good thanks; I actually have something to ask you.

Snowy Sight: What is it?

Dog Fiend: Well you know that there's Konoha Festival tonight and I was wondering if you would consider being my date.

Snowy Sight: I'd love to but I probably should get Neji-niichan's permission first.

Dog Fiend: I have, that's why I haven't asked you sooner, I was literally begging him.

Snowy Sight: Oh…did he say yes?

Dog Fiend: If you want to then he won't stop you is what he said.

Snowy Sight: Well then I'd love to; shall I meet you there?

Dog Fiend: HELL NO! I'll pick you up; this is a date after all!

Snowy Sight: Oh, ok, is there any specific theme?

Dog Fiend: Yeah, animals of the world. I'm gonna be a dog, my favourite animal, well I'll have dog's ears and tail, no big doggie suit. What's your favourite animal?

Snowy Sight: Uh, I like puppies.

Dog Fiend: YAHOO! I like you even more. But you're cuter than any puppy I've ever seen.

Snowy Sight: Thank you.

Dog Fiend: Naru-chan is going with a fox theme and Sasuke is a wolf I think, I told Shikamaru that he should go as a sloth and Shino likes his bugs.

Snowy Sight: Will Naruto-kun be all right going as a fox?

Dog Fiend: He says despite it all he loves the animal, I really made an idiot of myself in front of you the other day, I'm sorry, I was just worried because I like you so much.

Snowy Sight: I know, but I knew what was going on anyway.

Dog Fiend: How?

Snowy Sight: Well when Naruto-kun was talking to me in Japanese he told me that he was going to embarrass you but help you at the same time.

Dog Fiend: That sneaky little…

Snowy Sight: He he he

Dog Fiend: I'll get him back.

Snowy Sight: I don't think I want to know, Sakura told me that Naruto-kun has a habit of pranks.

Dog Fiend: Are you saying that I couldn't out prank him my little Hinata-chan?

Snowy Sight: I think that is what I'm saying Kiba-kun.

Dog Fiend: I'll prove myself to you; Naru-chan isn't the only one capable of pranks around here. Not sure I should get him before or after we give him his gift…

Snowy Sight: What gift?

Dog Fiend: Me and the guys have bought him a present together; we're going to give it him at the festival before Sasuke gives him his own personal gift.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto looked at himself, he was almost ready for the festival, he twirled in spite of himself liking how his copper-red bushy tail flowed behind him. He smiled and flicked one of his matching copper-red ears, it flinched as though it was actually attached to him. His ocean eyes had contacts in them turning them into red cat eyes, a visible black slit down the middle. His clothes were mostly simple, a pair of black trousers with a loose red shirt pouring over a red vest top. "Now I look more like a fox," he said to himself but for some reason he wasn't that bothered.

"Naruto you ready?" Sasuke asked actually knocking on his door, the one that lead in from the hall. Sasuke glanced down his body again to make sure he looked decent enough, he always did obviously but this was their first open date. He, like Naruto had ears but his were a little wilder, a slight grey-blue with black tips, matching tail slipping trough his black trousers. The raven pulled mindlessly at his high blue collar, his white wrist warmers staying perfectly in place. "Answer me dobe," he called again.

"Just a sec," Naruto replied putting on the last of his 'claws.' "You can come in now!" he yelled checking out his now longer and pointed nails just before Sasuke entered the room. "Well, what do you think?"

"You look great," Sasuke breathed almost speechless as Naruto jumped over to hug him tightly. "Great isn't enough, you look beautiful Naruto," Sasuke purred hugging his little fox closer.

"Thanks," Naruto said beaming up at him finally taking note of Sasuke's eyes, Naruto almost drool, almost. The usually dark natured eyes were so soft, black eyeliner making the Uchiha's eyes more dominant. He was captivated just by the intense look in Sasuke's coal eyes; he doubted they would remain this way so he took advantage of the situation. Slowly he stretched his neck up to lock his lips tenderly with Sasuke's own waiting ones inviting both tongues to play.

Sasuke greedily accept the blonde's move, he let his arms familiarly encase Naruto's waist bringing them closer. He sighed into the kiss as Naruto's arms slipped up his body and into his ebony hair playing with it softly. The kiss was heated, tongues clashed, chests heaved and Sasuke was made very aware that he was growing an erection when Naruto pressed against it. "Naruto…" he panted pulling back. "If you don't stop that we'll never get to the festival," he said going against his desire wasn't easy.

Naruto made some form of tutting noise but smiled. "You get turned on by a kiss?" he teased but squeaked in surprise as Sasuke grabbed his own hard on massaging it.

"You can't talk," Sasuke retorted smirking as Naruto let a deep sensual moan from somewhere in his throat. "Maybe we could…?"

"No way!" Naruto warned grabbing back his senses before they all filled with the need of Sasuke's feather light touches. "We're meeting the guys in the parking lot in about twenty minutes, no time for that," he fumed blushing as he grabbed his red jacket. "Come on teme, I'm driving."

"You aren't taking the bike to the festival," Sasuke announced shocking his angel just a little.

"Why not?" Naruto question cocking an eyebrow as the pair made their way to the garage.

"I say not that's why," Sasuke replied smirking at the frown he received. "We're going in my car," he said wiggling his keys in front of Naruto's face but his smirk fell as Naruto stole said keys from his hand. "Hey! Give them back dobe."

"No way teme," Naruto said running to Sasuke's car unlocking it to get in the drivers seat. "Get in or I'll leave without you," he teased as the glaring raven got in the passengers seat.

"Can you even drive a car?" he inquired flinching at the mischievous look in Naruto's eyes, it always meant trouble.

"I can drive anything on wheels," Naruto answered flicking into reverse before looking behind him to see his path out of the now open garage door. "Hold on," he grinned not giving Sasuke a chance to respond before the car flew out of its parking place backwards to come to a sharp halt outside after Naruto had spun the wheel a little. "I suggest you fasten your seatbelt," Naruto offered and Sasuke quickly followed the advice, he'd never driven like that, especially not backwards. "Let's go," was the last thing he said before flooring the accelerator.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Where are they?" Kiba asked as he and Hinata got out of his car to greet everyone bar Sasuke and Naruto. His hand was unconsciously laced with Hinata's delicate fingers; he was only made aware of it when Neji's eyes landed on the connection but they never had time to speak as a car came flying round the corner.

"Why does that car look familiar?" Shino asked after introducing his date, Harena Jade to the group. They all turned around quickly before their faces fell with both fear and astonishment.

Naruto spun the car around quickly before slotting into the remaining space between Gaara's and Shikamaru's car. He looked to the raven beside him; Sasuke only looked a little dishevelled but other than that the teen seemed fine. Naruto smirked, he'd driven rather crazily all the way here just to teach Sasuke a lesson, he wasn't sure what lesson it was but there was always the prospect of revenge for leaving him locked in this car yesterday. "Out you get," he said opening his own door to smile at the gang.

"What kind of driving do you call that Sas…?" Neji stopped as his eyes landed on the bright golden hair of the driver, his raven-haired friend climbing shakily from the passenger's seat. "What the…? Naruto…? You drove?"

"No I'm just getting out at this side because I felt like it," he replied sarcastically but smiled again.

"That was one wicked turn," Kiba cheered.

"You be in the car with him next time then," Sasuke snapped rubbing his churning stomach. "Good thing I hadn't eaten for a while."

"Don't worry Kiba, I drove like that intentionally," Naruto added smirking at the glare he got from his lover. "Next time don't lock me in the backseat," he whispered ignoring the three girls who blushed. "Who are you?" Naruto asked turning to Shino's date, he knew everyone else.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Harena Jade," Harena announced bowing politely to the new face.

"Ah, well welcome to the circle of weirdos," Naruto replied returning her bow. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki and the pleasure is all mine."

"Since when did you talk like that?" Gaara asked shocked by the short transaction between Naruto and Harena, Naruto always sounded so goofy. "I didn't even know you knew any etiquette," he continued.

"Shut up," Naruto replied. "Just because I don't use it doesn't mean I don't know it," he answered shrugging. "Besides Iruka-sensei taught it to me when I was younger so it got built in, I just choose not to use it."

"Come on dudes," Kiba yelled happily. "Let's go enjoy the festival!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Iruka's blush wouldn't lessen no matter how many times he looked away from Kakashi's smiling face. He silently asked himself why he'd agreed to go out as Kakashi's official date. The raven haired teacher knew that there was a rumour of him and Kakashi dating and since it was true he sighed and tried to ignore it but now everyone would know.

"Hey pervert you better not hit on Iruka-sensei," said a familiar voice from behind them, Naruto stood with his hands on his hips glaring at Kakashi. "Upset him and I'll kill you, teacher or not."

"Well hello there Naruto-kun," Kakashi managed to smile even as the heat glare stayed on him.

"Why didn't you tell me you knew Kakashi?" Sasuke questioned standing beside Naruto, the gang scattered around with their own dates, it wasn't long before he had to meet them again. "I'm surprised you got someone to actually date you though," Sasuke said smirking.

"Same could be said for you Sasuke-chan," Kakashi replied smiling in his ever-teasing way. "I heard that your father found out about your relationship," he continued and Sasuke nodded, the raven was also now glaring at him.

"Naruto-kun you look nice as a fox," Iruka complimented tuning out his silver haired lover hoping Naruto's attention would switch to him, Naruto was quite protective.

"Thanks," Naruto muttered blushing a little; it was strange being complimented even by someone like Iruka-sensei. "Why aren't you dressed up as a dolphin?"

Iruka sighed; it was the exact same question Kakashi asked before they left their house. Their relationship was a lot more than just dating, they lived together, they'd been together for about five years but Iruka was still wary. "I didn't have anything that would suit," he repeated, it was his excuse for Kakashi as well.

"You could have had a tail," Kakashi said pretending to sob.

"Careful," Naruto warned eyeing Kakashi who grinned sheepishly. "Anyway baa-chan rang me the other day and asked if you wanted to bring Kakashi to dinner with everyone, even the Uchihas' are going."

"Oh, of course I will," Iruka said nodding. "Anyway we better get going, as teachers we need to keep an eye on the students," he explained waving as he took Kakashi away.

"Kakashi that means keep an eye on students not the students' teacher!" Sasuke yelled after them smirking as Kakashi threw him a glare. He and Naruto laughed a little before starting to walk again, Sasuke body warmed as Naruto linked his arm with Sasuke's. "You really do look good as a fox," Sasuke said quietly. "Gives me naughty images."

"I think you're a bigger pervert than Kakashi," Naruto replied nudging Sasuke in the ribs.

"Aw, I've been demoted," Sasuke teased. "There was once a time when you said I was worse than your Uncle."

"You want me to call you hermit then?" Naruto asked smiling up as Sasuke as they walked through the many people piling into different attractions. Naruto surveyed it all, booths upon booths covered the normal school yard and even some lay on the field. There were booths for games which they had lost Kiba and Hinata to, other booths about animals where Shino and Harena had vanished into, booths about landscapes of the world that Gaara and Neji had gone into and then there were some booths that held paintings and other souvenirs which Ino had dragged Shikamaru to. "Hey lets get some ramen," Naruto pleaded as he saw a solitary ramen stand.

"That stuff is bad for you," Sasuke argued but made the mistake of looking down at his pouting angel. He was dragged over to stand while Naruto ordered three bowls of ramen; Sasuke knew he was rich but three bowls? "How can you eat that stuff? It's gross."

Naruto almost fell off his chair. "DON'T INSULT MY RAMEN TEME!" he hollered thankfully shocking the raven into silence. "Ramen is the best thing in the world."

"Don't you think you're over-reacting?" Sasuke asked teasing Naruto yet again.

"I never over react when it comes to ramen, I love it," he answered laughing happily as he slurped up his first bowl at what seemed like warp speed. "Yum! Last time I had this I was with Neji," he hummed to himself as he began his next bowl.

"Well just hurry up dobe," Sasuke said smiling, it was time for him to take Naruto to the gift, the guys would already be with it. "We have to meet the guys now," he explained as Naruto started and finished his third bowl. "Jesus, you should have been a pig not a fox."

"Shut up!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I hope he likes it," Kiba said nervously, why he was nervous he had no idea.

"This is Naruto, he likes anything," Gaara replied, he'd been able to make a donation into this rather big surprise but after what Naruto had done for them all it was worth it. "Here they come."

"Why are we meeting in the car park?" Naruto asked as he walked up to the Sasuke's hand laced with his own. "There's still the fireworks to see," Naruto said, he knew the fireworks were due to start in about 30 minutes and didn't really want to miss it.

"Actually we have something to give you," Shino said smiling at the confused look he got from Naruto.

"Here," Shikamaru said throwing something that sparkled in the moonlight into Naruto's now waiting hands. He watched as Naruto's eyes widened when the blonde realised what he was holding.

"Consider this one of our ways of saying thank you," Neji continued as he and the guys stepped aside.

Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing; behind them rested the most perfect dirt bike he had ever seen. Its body was as dark as the night with wisps of silver placed around in swirls, much like the Uchiha motorbike he'd been using. He looked to Sasuke who nodded so he moved closer brushing he fingers along the seat as his eyes found some words painted on in silver. "Guardian angel…" he read aloud tears seeping into his eyes but he wouldn't let them fall, was this really a gift to him?

"Kind of fits you perfectly," Sasuke said coming up to him. "We all pooled together to get this for you, we know how much you liked that old dirt bike because your aunt and uncle got it for you so hopefully…" he words trailed, he didn't want to say replace it but more just let Naruto see he is loved by more than them now. "You like it?"

Naruto couldn't speak so he only nodded, he was too amazed by the gift that if he tried to speak he would probably only stutter out nonsense. He rested his sun-kissed hands flat on the leather seat not putting any pressure on believing that he would squash his dream. Even when he felt all eyes on him and a warm hand on his shoulder he still couldn't say a word, what do you say to a gift like this? "I…" he tried but failed thinking back to what Sasuke had just said. "I love it…" he whispered so softly that everyone had to strain to hear it but the words snapped him out of his silent appreciation. "Thank you," he said turning on the guys. "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome Naru-chan but I have a catch," Kiba replied a secondly later getting inquisitive looks from both his friends, dates and Naruto. He winked playfully, "you gotta teach me some cool moves," he grinned and Naruto returned it.

"If only you wouldn't break your neck," Shikamaru sighed as the gang broke into a short bout of laughter.

"I would not!" Kiba fumed.

"Don't mind trying to teach you as long as I'm not paying your hospital bills," Naruto responded beaming, his smile was so bright he seemed to make everyone else back down shielding their eyes. He looked down as Sasuke took his hand again; his ocean eyes swam up the length of Sasuke's arm, shoulder, neck until they reached the raven's face. Naruto wanted to gasp at the small tints of pink of Sasuke's cheeks, 'oh God, Sasuke's blushing!'

"We'll be back in a few," Gaara said taking lead, he knew Sasuke wanted to be alone with the angel now. "Talk to you in a bit Naru-chan, don't forget the fireworks start in about five minutes," he informed before everyone deserted the couple.

"You ok Sasuke?" Naruto inquired hoping that nothing would depress his love today, not when they had seemed so happy, not when Naruto truly wanted to share his joy with the teen. "You want to sit down?" he asked moving them over to the grassy back a little away from his newest treasure. "You ok?" he repeated.

"Yeah dobe," Sasuke mumbled looking up into worried orbs. "You aren't supposed to look worried when you've been given a gift that expensive," he joked poking Naruto's nose.

"I love the gift not because of its price tag idiot," Naruto replied smiling. "But no matter what I love you more so I want you to be happy," Naruto continued but looked away hoping to hide how bright his face was after such a corny line. "You being happy is the best present ever."

Sasuke fully smiled, how easy his little angel made his nerves was unbelievable, one minute he's panicking and now it's as though nothing bad can happen. 'May as well get this done now,' he told himself one hand sliding into his pocket. "I want to say something so just listen ok?" he asked glancing enough at Naruto to catch his nod. "What you just said, it made me calm so…" he sighed bringing out a velvet small box. "It's not exactly what you might think," he said keeping his eyes down.

Naruto's ears could barely hear above his racing blood yet again, his eyes landed on the box as Sasuke drew it from his pocket. His heartbeat seemed to beat faster than humanly possible, could this be anything like his thinking it is? Like he's hoping it is? Sasuke did just say that it wasn't what he was think. As promised he kept his mouth shut though a million questions were pouring into his mind with every passing second.

"We haven't known each other that long yet," Sasuke said snapping Naruto's attention back to him. "But I know that I…I never want to be apart from you, I always want you to be mine, not because you were bought into my family but because you want to be with me. I've spoken with my dad and had the contract you're under destroyed, you're free to move out if you want to," he sighed, he thoroughly hoped Naruto wouldn't leave but no matter how stone-age it seemed he wanted Naruto to have his freedom.

"I…" Naruto began but snapped his jaw shut quickly remembering that he would stay silent.

"Let me finish dobe," Sasuke chuckled knowing his nerves showed in that one sound. "Anyway," he paused and flipped open the small box revealing a silver ring with a blue diamond embedded into it. His thin fingers gracefully pulled the ring free and looked inside the band. "My guardian angel," he read from the underside, it had been his idea to have 'guardian angel' on the bike as well. "This ring is for you," he announced. "It's a promise ring, it means you promise to be with me and I promise to be with you," he explained carefully playing with it. "And it also promises that someday I'll marry you." Finally he looked over to Naruto as silent tears fell from such beautiful eyes; he brought his free hand up to wipe away the tears. "I love you more than I can ever tell you," he said bringing out Naruto's left hand. "Will you accept it? Accept me?"

Naruto threw his body over to his lover's warm, slightly trembling body and held to him tightly as he cried into his shoulder. "Yes," he choked out. "I accept, I accept you always," Naruto sobbed feeling all the pain he once felt break completely, yes others would see him and call him the fox and a demon but now he had something that would be with him. "I love you Sasuke," Naruto mumbled sitting back smiling as Sasuke took his left hand sliding the cool ring easily onto his wedding finger. "It's beautiful," Naruto sighed.

"Perfect for you," Sasuke replied letting Naruto lean over and yet again begin a heart soaring kiss just to pull away quickly as the first of the festival fireworks illuminated the dark sky. Both teens laughed a little before Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist pulling the golden angel on top of him while he lay down pulling the blonde's lips with him. Their kisses remained long neither flinching as the bright lights exploded in the sky above them, nor caring when their friends reappeared.

"Both of them deserve this," Neji said simply smiling at the scene before being pulled around the waist into Gaara's arms, in front if Hinata no less.

"I agree," Gaara stated joining his lips with Neji's before the teen had a can to argue, Gaara knew Hinata knew of their relationship, it was only Neji who didn't, most of his family knew actually.

Shikamaru observed this and shrugged turning the girl in front of him around to bring her into a blissful yet startled kiss. Shikamaru couldn't help smirking slightly, 'this is not very troublesome,' he said to himself devouring Ino's lips with his own.

"Hn," Shino sighed also circling Harena's waist with his arms pulling her body flush against his. It was a strange feeling for him as the last one to gain an actual crush but he had to admit, if someone like Sasuke could get a love so strong then anyone can, they just have to try. Harena was the one who closed the distance between their lips shocking the brunette but he didn't object in the slightest.

"If you can't bet 'em," Kiba said looking over to a blushing yet willing white eyes princess before bringing her to him. "Join them," he finished as her arms encircled his neck, he could feel her hot breath on his lips and couldn't hold himself back. 'So what if Neji kills me,' he informed himself closing the gap. 'He's busy anyway.'

"I think we're a bad example," Naruto giggled, he and Sasuke had just parted to see their friend initiate their own kisses with their dates.

"How so?" Sasuke asked brushing Naruto cheek lightly though inside he was happy for his friends but he just couldn't take his eyes off Naruto's.

"Starting all this," Naruto replied gazing back into Sasuke's dark yet light eyes, some how Naruto could see in those eyes how their love affect Sasuke's heart and he loved it. "We'll be together forever?"

"Longer," Sasuke smirked pulling on Naruto's shirt; Kiba was right with the 'if you can't beat them, join them' line after all. "Much longer."


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